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  1. great work, would you consider submitting the new version to D2K+?
  2. Have you tried changing the graphics settings? Is anyone still getting tileset errors?
  3. Glad to hear after all this time people use the debug menu still Glad your issue was resolved.
  4. Can you screenshot the error?
  5. Try selecting your language from the configure settings option in the launcher.
  6. You may have thought I died, but I'm still alive and kicking! (Just very tied down by real life.) There is a new version of the game installer available. The changes include: Support for installing the cutscenes in the additional languages of French, German and Italian Support for installing when the existing version is already installed (Although it is highly recommended you uninstall any existing versions) Fixed the issue with the English cutscenes not downloading correctly Please note, the launcher has not been updated as I’m still working on reprogramming it with lots of new features. As such the update functionality will not work at this time. If you want to install this version please use the full installer. You can download the installer form the download page: https://gruntmods.com/dune_2000_gruntmods_edition/
  7. Recently we completed a move to a dedicated server. Rather than sharing a virtual server (VPS) with other users, this allows us to have consistently fast connections and full access to the CPU and RAM (with copious amounts to spare). gruntmods.com has also been moved to the dedicated server, however, the downloads are still served from a separate VPS to ensure optimal download performance. If you experience any issues with the site, please let us know. View the full article
  8. I Don't usually visit that forum, but I do check in here every once and a while. The video files are a separate download, you can either choose to download them as part of the installer or separately from here: https://www.gruntmods.com/cutscenes-and-extra-content/
  9. A new mission was released by Cm_Blast, “No More Spice”. This mod explores the interesting scenario where Sandworms no longer generate spice. Click here to view the page Discuss this on the forum Posted by: gruntlord6 View the full article
  10. Hey everyone, just wanted to make a post to let everyone know that I am in fact still alive and kicking. Not much to post, just that we made some more back end improvements, including a more streamlined approach to me uploading your mod submissions to the site, which should lead to faster turn around times and more frequent posts. Speaking of which, two new mods were added to the site: Dune 2 Campaigns for Dune 2000, and IX Masters of Technology. Both mods were released by Cm_Blast. The first is a recreation of the classic Dune 2 Campaign using the Dune 2000 game engine, the second being a new take on both Dune 2000 and the fan favorite Ixian faction. Be sure to check them out! There was also an update to the download page for Tleilaxu Plague, as there was a minor bug with the original mission scenario where the AI would not get replacement harvesters. Click here to view the Dune 2 Campaigns page Click here to view the IX Masters of Technology page Discuss this on the forum Posted by: gruntlord6 View the full article
  11. I'll add it to the list, will be fixed with the next update.
  12. I didn't feel it was my place to rename the submission, if Cm_blast wants me to change it I will.
  13. Hey everyone, we have some updates to the site that we are excited to mention. The first change is that there is now the ability to view all mods made by a particular author. This is useful if you like a certain author and want to play more of their work. You can view this menu at the top of the page as well as in the bottom left hand of the side menu. We are trying both locations to see which one works the best. Our next change is the revamped contact and mod submission forms, these have been updated to look better on more devices and to flow smoother during and after form submission. Finally, we have optimized the site performance and upgraded the server it is hosted on. Page load and download times should be blazing fast as a result. We are always looking to improve the site, if you have any ideas or content to submit, please let us know! Posted by: gruntlord6 View the full article
  14. A new mission was released by Cm_Blast, “Ordo’s Tactics”. This mod is an alternative take on the official Ordos campaign. Click here to view the page Posted by: gruntlord6 View the full article
  15. sure, just PM me the newest version of the CnCNet tools (config tool etc), I'll push an update soon.
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