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  1. OpenRA is a completly different game engine, thats why it doesn't work with the original missions. Everything in that version of the game is recreated from scratch to work in the new game engine as far as I am aware.
  2. Not too sure, maybe @dato 2000 can help troubleshoot?
  3. It doesn't end, there was plans to make different versions of the map but I lost track of the mission script. If I ever finish Rise of the Mercenaries this would be my next project.
  4. I do plan on releasing the third mission at some point, I had a working blueprint a few years ago but had to figure out some mission logic and lost the files in a computer move. I've still got it all in memory though so when I eventually get the chance I will finish it.
  5. Finally updated the page, should be all good to go: https://d2kplus.com/map-and-mission-editor/
  6. Klofkac has released an update for his Map and Mission Editor, this time reaching version 2.0 Here is list of changes done since the last release (pre-release 5): Added: When you attempt to save over original game file (map, *.bin etc.) editor will show a warning and let you choose not to save Added: When you have configured Campaign and Mods folder on your mission and attempt to save changes in structures or tileatr editor, editor will automatically save the files into Mods folder (and automatically create Campaign and Mods folder if it did not exist) Added: Structures editor will save only those files (*.bin, data.r16, sound.rs) where any modifications were made. That does not apply to Templates.bin, Armour.bin, Builexp.bin, those will be always saved regardless if modified or not. Changed: Renamed “firing flash” to “muzzle flash” Added: More “Save and test” options in Structures editor (i.e. launching a game without launching any mission) Added: In Structures editor you can view images in raw mode, as well as in player colors of any of 8 players. You can also view image palette. Added: Export and Import images in structures editor. You can import a 256-color paletted bmp image and you can import your custom palette this way. You can import building/unit icon by clicking on that icon. You can edit image’s frame size and offsets. Added: You can edit Samples.uib entries in structures editor and rename sounds in Sound.rs. Added: Export and import unit voice data. It will import samples.uib entries as well as .wav files into sound.rs automatically. Added: Manuals (mapping manual, event and condition manual…) are stored in “doc” folder and are accessible from Help in main menu Fixed: Finite spice blooms now have proper names (number of respawns) in misc. object list Added: Mission launcher feature (replacing game files with files from mods folder). If you set the config “CleanUpExtraModFilesAfterLaunch” in D2kEditor.ini to true, it will automatically clean up all extra files after the game ends, so it will leave your Dune2000 folder clean and in same state as before launch. Changed: Simplified “Launch with settings” dialog Fixed: Worm spawner is now treated as a normal unit and is counted in map statistics, which now give the exact proper number of total structures in a map. Added: Crate counter (to be used when static crates are supported) Added: Automatic “Apply changes” in Events and Conditions window. You no longer need to click Apply changes button or press Enter every time you do a change in a mission or event. Your changes are automatically applied when you switch to a different event/condition, on closing window and on saving a map. Added: In structures mode you can erase structures when right button is held and mouse is moved Click here to view the page Discuss this on the forum Posted by: gruntlord6 View the full article
  7. What kind of Operating system and computer are you using? I tried a fresh install on a Windows 11 laptop and everything worked out of the box. Hopefully with more information we can resolve the issue.
  8. What mission are you trying to launch?
  9. That's very odd, does everything else work in borderless?
  10. I have updated the installer and had a user complain about not getting audio in windowed mode (other then for cutscenes), any idea what it could be?
  11. You shouldn't need to use it anymore, most versions of the game use @FunkyFr3sh launcher which has the patch built in.
  12. Anyone who is having issues should try the newest version of the installer released today, @FunkyFr3sh added some updates to the configuration program and wrapper that should help significantly. https://gruntmods.com/download-gruntmods-edition-1-6-2-6/
  13. Would you be ok with me uploading the new version to the D2K+ site? I think we have a pretty old version there at the moment.
  14. What do you mean when you say resolution selection was not respected?
  15. What functionality are you trying to get from the trainers? I don't think many of them work with modern operating systems or updated versions of the game.
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