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  1. Hey everyone! It's been a while but I've finally come to grips with the fact that I don't have any extra time to dedicate to D2K+. I love the site to death and will continue hosting it until the day I die but I need someone who can actively triage the submitted content. This would include: Downloading the content and verifying it is formatted correctly (has a readme explaining how to install, includes proper game files etc etc) Scanning the link with virus total. Giving the upload a brief write up for the front page where it is featured after being published. Actively responding to email questions and uploading submitted content. If you are interested, please PM me. I'd love to see al the submitted mods finally go up on the site and have them actively archived like they deserve.
  2. Sorry for the late reply, try settings the game language to English from the launcher settings after installing the cutscenes.
  3. Sorry guys, it's not that I don't want to work on this stuff, its simply that I have so little free time that when I do sit down and work on it, I have no idea where to start. With @Cm_blast I had intended to stagger the releases but unfortunately I lost a lot of time I planned to use on it. If anyone is willing to update me on what tools are outdated and where I can find the new versions I would be more then harpy to overhaul things.
  4. That's bizzare, maybe @FunkyFr3sh can shed some light.
  5. I'd recommend against that as it's pretty out of date at this point in terms of compatibility fixes.
  6. The old version doesn't include support for the High res patch so it's either one or the other sadly.
  7. Have you tried using the GruntMods edition? That seems to have worked for the person who made the original post. https://gruntmods.com/dune_2000_gruntmods_edition/
  8. https://forum.dune2k.com/topic/28321-d2k-news-new-mod-aerial-nightmare-by-cm_blast/ The "View the full article" link is broken.
  9. A new mission was released by Cm_Blast, “Aerial Nightmare”. This mod focuses on the use of the Atreides “Airstrike” against the player. Click here to view the page Discuss this on the forum Posted by: gruntlord6 View the full article
  10. No problem, I'm just glad to have the updated copy on the site.
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