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  1. What about the file errors that you now get when you try to play skirmish mode? Are those being looked at? I know made it so that if you tried to play skirmish, the game would never work again unless reinstalled.
  2. No, no ramps up to the platforms. Closest thing are the ruined ramps from the XMAS tileset.
  3. I re-installed OpenRA and popped this "map" out. They only have stairs for rock-to-rock. Didn't even see anything for a top to bottom movement. Or even going left to right, etc. But, I too would love to see these back-ported. They also made a decent platform tile. The biggest issue though is that we're stuck with a bunch of similar tilesets that have a few unique features on them. OpenRA compiles all of the tilesets into one big tileset; so they never have to worry about picking the right one for a map. Which sucks for us, since we have to keep in mind the limits of the tileset. But I guess t
  4. Long ago, someone managed to get a working Unit Queing system up and running. but it only worked for one version of the game. Even at the time of its release, it was for an outdated version of the game. My question is this; is it possible to add production queing into the game?
  5. Basically, anything new would require room that is probably taken up by something else? What if, its something that, in theory, "exists," but not actually a thing? Like a proper Combat Tank for Mercenaries or Fremen? How does the Grenadier or the Stealth Raider work? My physical copy of the games doesn't have those. But online versions do. Were they patched in or are they from some mod? Also, if someone were to add new units, as in brand-new, how many slots or how much space do they have to work with?
  6. Same here. No idea what causes it. Have to re-install everytime it does happen. From what I have seen, its whenever you use CnCNet. It dosen't matter if its multiplayer, skirmish or LAN, the game will either not launch or it pops the "Access violation," error. Haven't tried the earlier versions to see if this happens.
  7. Recently I've been messing around with some C&C mods and I figured that it is entirely possible to add Dune 2K assets to other C&C games. I've had this idea for sometime, even though its been shot-down. Still I would at least like to attempt it. Aside from basic AI scripting, there is only one problem. As you could guess from the title, the color palette used by Dune 2K is in a completely different format than other C&C color palettes. Most other C&C games use a .PAL format for their color palettes while Dune 2K uses .RES. Currently, there is no known method or software to conv
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