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  1. Jeffry, I tried to convey as politely as I could that I'm not interested in a pointless and baseless (on both sides) argument with you. Ten years? I have played this game nearly every day, well, nearly every week anyway, since it first hit the shelves in 1998. My experience does not support your contention. In fact, directly refutes it. I regret mentioning your past comments on this issue, but I did so in good faith trying to give you some benefit of the doubt. What I was saying is that, yes, there does seem to be something capable of playing around with growth rates in the game. I had ho
  2. Respectfully, Jeffry, there are no "random" bugs - just bugs we don't understand the triggers for. My experience with 1.56 (compared against 1.57ddh) is the opposite of yours, so I don't see how you can state "the stunting of towns or econ areas is a bug in v1.56" as though fact. I'm not going to get into the weeds with you on this, because neither of us can thoroughly explain in detail why we've seen what we've seen. Bossatchal, what's your experience with growth on this map? And what .exe version are you using?
  3. With this map, my early priority has always been to grow another town or two or three to the 4-house size that will demand passengers, mail, goods, and food. Then the game really takes off. I've been playing it a lot lately and have encountered a situation that has been brought up on another thread or two in the past. It has to do with modifying maps to place more buildings on maps. Early on when I first began to play this map - gosh, that was 9 years ago! - I found myself restarting it over and over in search of a desirable supply and demand layout scenario. Most generated randomly were
  4. No, not completely. So, in that sense, I'm admittedly not ethically pure. I've never been a big meat eater, but I do enjoy pepperoni pizza, spaghetti w/meat sauce, and fast-food burgers and have all my life. That part hasn't changed, though I've given it some reflective thought. Those foods have been such an important part of my life that I guess I've sort of passively decided to forgive myself for continuing to enjoy them as long as I'm not part of the actual process that ends the animal's life. May sound silly, I know, but I just feel better without meat packing in my games. I don't hav
  5. No problem....and I want to thank you for redirecting my attention to this map. I hadn't played it for several years while I was working on breaking my records on the Heartland map. But I got back into it yesterday and am enjoying it just like I used to. I love its laid-back play style with no time-urgent goals. I play a version that I modified with two main objectives in mind. About 10 years ago an empathy for the plight of gentle and innocent animals that we slaughter for food evolved in me. I began to view them as there, but for the grace of God, go I. So I disabled cattle yards and me
  6. Thanks. I, too, can't imagine there's any problem with replacing a lost file, so here it is. Australia - 1850 WA.zip
  7. I have it....in uncompressed form, at 2742kb. If I just attach it to a subsequent post, will others be able to download it? Sorry, I've never done any uploading here so not sure of the best way to go about this.
  8. There is a separate maps section here and downloads still work from there, but this map is not there. I have the file, but am not sure about the ethics of redistribution since we don't know why the map is not listed in the maps section.
  9. Hmmmm.......seems to be gone. Perhaps Drewski removed it for some reason? You could try messaging him, but he hasn't posted in over 4 years.
  10. Update - started a new game with the 1.57ddh patch in place, but with no modification to the default port supply/demand setting. Upon the first delivery of autos to Toledo with its port, demand went to zero and stayed there - did not recover. Like it always used to be. Goods demand also went to zero on first delivery, but then recovered....slowly. That's not exactly as I remember it, but my memory could easily be off on that point. Goods demand going immediately to zero didn't seem quite right, but at least it was starting to recover. First to 1, then to 2. I didn't continue to play long after
  11. Ok, this morning I went into the editor as previously outlined, moved auto demand to the top, goods demand second, and rubber supply third. Started a new Heartland game and WOW! what a difference. Auto demand started at 7! in Gary, with its port. Small ported cities have always started with 4. Without a port, it would have no auto demand. So as play proceeded, demand dropped as expected after delivering autos, then recovered to 8 in my brief test. Fantastic! So.........it would seem that putting autos in the top spot in the editor does, indeed, make a big difference UNLESS the difference
  12. Yeah, I figured him for about my age or maybe just a bit older.....which would put him born in the 40s. But that was just a guess. I sent him a message yesterday - no reply yet. I looked again at the port demand situation and found that what I said previously needs qualification. Autos are the top demanded cargo, but above them in the editor is the supplied rubber. It occurred to me that, in the scenario you suggested, perhaps it would make a difference if I were to slide the rubber supply to the bottom of the list, moving the demanded autos to the top slot in the editor. I'll play aroun
  13. Thanks, Jeffry. I did see the Fix Your Ports thread - read it 3 or 4 times - and each time was more convinced that it was over my head. A man has to know his limitations. 😉 Looked at your workaround as that is something I've done and can definitely handle. But the map I'm playing is Heartland and it's top port trade is autos....and they've always gone to zero after the first delivery. Could it be the other way around? The second tier trade is goods and they recover. But I surmised that was probably due to the separate city demand. On a different note, has anyone heard from Gwizz lat
  14. I changed computers a while back and haven't visited this forum in quite some time. I stumbled upon a couple of emails that went to my spam folder and they brought me back. This is terrific - thank you so much! For all these years I've lived with these famous demand glitches, and I figured they were the way it would always be. I applied this update this morning and am already seeing the difference in tire demand at my auto plants. Not to get greedy here, but the same demand glitch exists with autos at port cities. Once you deliver the first load of autos, demand stays at 0. Any chan
  15. And you started in 1935? If so, that's amazing! I've never earned the secret gold, but got the regular gold several times years ago. Haven't tried for a while as I don't much enjoy playing the way you have to play to squeeze every last penny of revenue. I love micromanaging a few trains at the start of a game, but hate the drudgery it becomes with the dozens in play with a mature game. And I've never found a way to even approach gold level revenues without intense micromanagement. I'm sure I got the regular gold a time or two or three using the GG1. In fact, if I'm remembering correc
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