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Bring it Back to Life!!!!


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how the hell does someone manage to post more than 3000 times in a day @.@?

Who has been posting 3000 times a day?

Anyways, that's no big feat, I could post 4000 times a day if I wanted.

I think there is a 30 (15?) second delay between posts allowed. So either 2880 posts or 5760 posts wold be max allowed if you posted every spam timeout.

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Fun :) But I've always thought that the intricate system of faufreluches and the balance between the Landsraad, CHOAM and the Emperor would normally make a Siridar's position at least relatively secure?

Um... do you remember the plot of Dune?

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Is there like a prize or discounted bandwidth cost (I know, that makes zero sense, yeehaw!) or some particular reason you're so obsessed with post counts?

(Kinda reminds me of a certain hack we all know, who's ALL about the numbers.... :P )

What am I missing?! :)

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