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Bring it Back to Life!!!!


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Dunenewt's next post will be his 10,000th. Since it's inevitable, I suppose I might as well give him an opportunity to do it and celebrate here, rather than marking the occasion with yet another mindless appeal to the gods of spam.

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Well, as Dante wants to make a big fuss over me, why not?

First of all, I'd like to thank all the people here at Fed2k!  That's going right back to the beginning, with namp (or Feyd-Rautha as he was known back then), ex, EdricO, Mahdi, Gob, and Nema, as well as all the others who were all around back when I started.  Then we had andrewabc, Dust Scout, Khan, and the others who arrived a while back as well, during the hey days of Fed2k, as well as to the old Dune Editing crew, such as Frodo, DukeLeto, and Inoculator9, and finally all you guys who have joined subsequently!

Highlight of it all has to be meeting Edric and Khan in London!

*sacrifices Dante to the Spam Gods*

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I always was partial to spam fritters and cheese!  Although I wouldn't say I'm a big part of why Fed2k is still running!  Andrew has just about as many posts as me, and in a shorter time scale, and anything I have done pales into significance when compared to the work of the Staff here, but every time I get a cheery response from Dante, I know my time here has been worthwhile.

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