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  1. Wow... is that why everything's so fast now?! :) This is my first login since... who knows when! ... and the site load time is BLAZING now compared to what it was back then. Good job! Now if there was just something interesting to read and reply to! About Dune, I mean. ;)
  2. Dispersed flaming gives more opportunities to exercise control. Control is everything, after all. LOL. Later!
  3. Japan's doing quite well, thank you very much. Don't believe everything you hear or read. What was the stuff about a volcano?
  4. Oh, no, Mahdi, this isn't the OLD cold fusion stuff! This is a new cold fusion method, brought to us by our alien friends to promote peace and equality on Earth, just like they did in Atlantis. (snicker) You gotta love pseudo-science and the idiots that fall for it. Nanu-nanu! :)
  5. Congratulations to Dante once again! His entry (#7) in the McDune Parody Contest, "Nouns of Dune", won Third Place. Entry thread on Jacurutu: http://www.jacurutu.com/viewtopic.php?f=37&t=2699
  6. No, it wasn't you, because you're not an idiot, and this person clearly was. And was advocating the intentional creation of an intellectually inferior subrace of humans who would be smart enough to follow orders but not smart enough to realize how they were being abused or to do anything about it. And I don't remember Edric being involved: I don't think there weren't any posts deleted.
  7. I take it you're not familiar then with the amateur Dune film that was being created by a group of Spanish fans a few years back? That the Herbert parasites squashed because it came to light around the time they were negotiating with Paramount over the rights for this PoS project, that has now met its proper end. I'm quite pleased with this news. :) Screw KJA and screw the Herbert/Merritts. And Rubinstein and his little dog Toto, too.
  8. But don't you remember that there was someone here a couple of years back who quite seriously suggested that we engineer an intellectually inferior, subservient race or class of humans (=subhumans) to do menial labor, instead of developing more intelligent machines and robots? I found that quite repugnant and offensive, personally. As a joke & spoof, this is pretty funny, though.
  9. I finally broke down and ordered an iPad using my research budget. (I got the WiFi/non-G3 version so it would fall under the limit of what's considered "disposable goods" vs "permanent uni equipment", meaning it's basically mine to keep.) So far I've just been using it to do a little Web surfing and reading Kindle book samples from Amazon. At this point it's still just a novelty for me. FWIW.
  10. Yeah, I'm hearing that more and more. Oh well.
  11. It had been demonstrated! Oh Irulan! OH THE HUMANITY! There's also a narrated version "someone" did:
  12. Nah, I'm tired of clicking "View it anyway?" today and getting so very little out of the effort. Make like the wind beneath my wings already.
  13. As in "I hate to suffer fools even a little, and never ever gladly"?
  14. I'm thinking of a five-letter English word, derived from Greek. Starts and ends with nasal sounds. Liquid in the middle, same round vowel on either side. Got it?
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