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  1. 8 player, 6 player, etc can do anything within the games limits (map size and 8 player max). I will take a more careful look at Fisher, the problem with creating a similar map is balancing asymmetrical maps sometimes requires playtesting, and distributing betas is tedious. Thats why the 4 player map design I put up (the colorful pic shows one corner) is uniform. Is an 8 player map required/desired (for random spawn positions?) or just the large map size?
  2. I live a bit south of SF like 25-30 mins on 280, yeah its intel, the parts all go together, Core 2 Duo, 2 GB RAM, and the motherboard, I dont have a spare chassis but theres some cheap (20-30-40$) on Newegg I'm sure. As for cost, negotiable, the parts are used, and obsolete. Figure out what you even need, then let me know. PS: why do none of you use this sites Live chat..
  3. You live in SF now Kindjal, no more Panama? Kindjal is within 30 miles of me, Right Now , what comp parts do you need, I have a spare motherboard, ram and Core 2 Duo sitting in my desk, I keep saying I'll make a backup computer with it but I've been saying that for about 2 years now..
  4. Edited prior post to have it but here again Link: http://s930.photobucket.com/albums/ad145/CthzrArma2/Emperor%20Battle%20For%20Dune/?action=view&current=MBD4PMazev1.jpg
  5. Finished installing/patching tunngle and EBfD! I know custom maps in the past were sometimes a hassel for some people, but I find them fun, and would love to make anything anyone wants to see. I still have my 6LI (needs balance since its not a symetrical map) and my Team Base map, however both are big maps and one is unbalanced, so I'm constructing midsize uniform maps right now. Started working on a design for a 4 player 2v2/FFA map, map is entirely uniform so all should be balanced. I took a screenshot of the design for peer review before taking the time in editor to make it. *Link Below* For now back to practice! Only shows one corner and minimap. Made in a simple map making program so only features layout, think of it as blueprints. ---->V Link: http://i930.photobuc...MBD4PMazev1.jpg Also, not too scale lol, platform will be big enough, but maybe not for FULL base, so use your space wisely.
  6. Long time no see, just randomly decided to log onto Dune2k today and am greeted by this lovely topic, will reinstall dune on my desktop and start practicing because I was always bad :P Yeah videos would be awesome, to bad causes lag and huge file size. There is still problems with desync with many players right? Does anyone use Skype? or how do we keep in contact these days, maybe just make this thread my Homepage.... Anyways, I'm always happy to make maps too btw!
  7. Calthazar


    I've been watching that too! They are pretty funny though at times I get annoyed at their characters. I also had the same thought though, I briefly explored a MP server and the things that are built as teams are the envy of my SP games, I've never managed to build anything monumental on my own but then again I remake my worlds all the time to explore new environments. I have yet to see the skeleton riding a spider unfortunately. Did a portal appear in your world?? I had to make mine! Alright following up on my post back in September, I've made a Server for SMP if anyone would like to join send me a PM
  8. Its been confirmed there will be dragons in Skyrim, also perks that used to be gained by reaching certain degrees in skill (Journeyman, Expert etc) will instead be given separately and chosen by the player, in a similar fashion to Fallouts perk system, its going to be a very different game, less a Morrowind Oblivion child as much as a Fallout Oblivion child. Hopefully the radiant quests and other new things things will make it as immersive feeling as Morrowind. Unfortunately they also further reduced the number of skills. I'm curious how you all feel about that, I always felt the continuous cut back starts to baby the player, making the difficult choice of choosing skills to pursue first much easier because there is less of them. Also I feel having more skills allows you to make more unique feeling characters. Dungeons are going to be tailored to an individual characters skill set as well apparently. One intriguing thing I also read is that creatures are going to be given more unique AI to their species, I think this will be a great feature. Most of this information is from a gaming magazine my roommate bought with a nice long Skyrim article. Oh and there will also be Draconic words of power u can use, u have to find them to use them, and they come in sets where each word you gather for a particular phrase increases the power of its effect. And also when you kill a dragon you absorb its soul, and there will be finishing moves that vary on what weapon your using and the species your killing. So they also put a little God of War in it. And this is a terribly written reply but I just kept thinking of stuff to tell you guys.
  9. Calthazar

    Starcraft 2

    The AI in Starcraft 2 cheats if its on Insane, just watch the recording or immediately end a game and wonder how they already have 5xs your resources. Anyways I enjoy the game and I enjoyed the original though I was never good at it. The one thing that I really hate is the region locking, I hate not being able to play people in other countries :/
  10. Calthazar = http://www.xfire.com/profile/calthazar/
  11. Calthazar


    Read about it on Rock Paper Shotgun and now I've been playing it addictively, so many hours of sleep missed.. I havent bought it yet but I definitely will pretty soon. I cant wait to try survival mode. Maybe we could set up a Fed2k server :] Its almost 7 in the morning here and I haven't slept thats how good it is.. and this is the 2nd night like this.
  12. I'm not familiar with the map packer as I almost never use it. The !05%thumb.tga is a file u have to manually make, it is the minimap u see ingame. In order to make it u need to take the default thats given to u in the mapeditor/Thumbnails folder and open it in a editing program, I personally use photoshop. when your viewing your map hit T and the program will put a file called mapdump in the mapeditor folder open this file in photoshop, resize it to be the same resolution as the !05%thumb.tga then change it its name from mapdump to !05%thumb and put into the appropriate map folder, now when u select that map ingame it should show the minimap u made. I'll try creating a visual aid if you have a hard time following my instructions.
  13. Well to start have you downloaded the map editor? http://dune2k.com/Downloads/7 (the Official Map Editor, 4th one down) after that you can either read the included document, it should answer alot of questions. Best thing to do is practice and view the map to see the result, then play on it to check out all your ramps. Useful tips: -Place spice mounds last because they are a pain to remove. -Build the map after you have placed zones and/or objects, but before you put tiles down (it will generate cliff and rock tiles for you so that u only need to place Ramps.) -When you paint a tile the editor will outline it, this shows which tiles you have manually placed vs the ones that are generated when u Build the map, to unhighlight tiles hold shift and paint over the tiles. Thats all I can think of right now, I need to reinstall my editor on this computer, fortunately I saved all my work. If you have a more specific question after reading the Map Editor Help document (not the Tutorial one) go ahead and ask.
  14. Whats with the active users list including "Google, Yahoo, MSN/Bing, Ask Jeeves" ??
  15. Sorry I havent been playing much, my laptop was being strange and lagged when the lines appeared from commanding troops to move and setting rally points, I think I fixed it I will try playing with you guys later this week.
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