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  1. OK anyone reading this must immediatly do after you read this ------------------------------------------------------------- My goal is to bring FED2k back to life by asking everyone to come on every day checking messages posting on a random topic, start a new topic and maybe make a new competetion for dune2 dune 2000 or battle for dune. All I am asking you all to do is bring this site back to life, talk about it on a frequently used forum you go onto, spread the word, make this site become a real community site where everyone will enjoy Sincerely, Weeman06
  2. umm maybe something like if u destroy something u get more cash idk
  3. OnAmission try to check out my guide Cheap Way Sucks it might work but i can't guarantee that
  4. Nice i just plainly suck the best ill do is get 1k but that was way back then
  5. if ur stuck on a mission like AI 8 all u need to do is do the expensive way not the cheap way the ordos have all there units ready they just let us have time to build so build ur stuff like heavy refinerie stuff for Rocket Turrets once u got dat build concrete around ur important stuff now build r turrets as fast as u can but if u lose ur harvester just build another one. Now once u build enough turrets to last u a while build starport then once u get dat build another refinery and order 3 harvesters get around 10k now build order as much as u can then build the ultamite defence I will list rules for tough missions 1.Always be Defense! 2.Build a huge army for defence then once its big enough save and attack 3.if u lose just load the game u had before or use ur r-turrets for defence and build from there 4.Always keep atleast 10k if ur plannin on wantin a huge offence or defense 5.Have fun with buildin ur army!dont just use the best u can buy or just use ur deathhand missile or airstrike 6.Don't stress if they own u in da beggining just recognize there patterns of where they first attack 7.If u get pretty far in a game save it Hopefully this will help u guys out and dont be sayin i suck at this game cause this is my first game guide/mission guide ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
  6. my high score is only 977 lol but i had some of the weirdest scores like 666 and 777
  7. do u have windows xp? cause windows xp screws it up so it wont work if other reasons its such an old game that westwoods probably found out about it so they deleted it
  8. well i may not have killed a worm but i do no in Emperor:Battle for Dune u do have to destroy a worm in a mission i believe But i believe u may be able to kill a worm but itll take 100 troopers and 100 r-turrets to kill it or u could just get 1mil devastators and commit suicide for all of em ;)
  9. READ THIS FOR ANY MISSION TRUST ME IT WORKS ok this whatcha do even tho im not up to this mission yet but I do this all the time Here what u do 1.if you are familiar where the units attack first and u fail restart 2.Since u know where they attack put ur best units where they attack first 3.Now build near your units if u stray to far u may not notice that ur base is under attacl 4.Build a Refinery and Heavy Factory and build 1 more harvester so u get 1.4k easy 5.Now save the mission unless if they attacked u and destroyed u again just keep on tryin ull recognize the patterns that they attack 6.build up a strong defence(remember defence is better cause its ur home turf) but if u got a good defence try to go to another decent peice of land to build on 7.Once you got dat land build a bunch of windtraps for power(ur gonna need it) 8.Build my bestest friend named R-Turret and i mean alot ur gonna protect ur windtraps because if there destroyed i believe slower building 9.Build and order seige tanks missile launchers devastators combat tanks the whole 9 yards(except for quads and trikes cause theyll die fast at this point unless u need em) 10.get ur def for windtraps and mega offense u made(not r-turrets ur missiles siegers devas ect) and combine them trust me ull own once they get to eachother attack...attack like ur life depended on it ohh and dont let them all attack for there own units make them all attack 1 units trust me its efficient and better to not lose units If u run outta cash but u have a decent defense dont worry about the windtraps or ur defense for em just build a starport and order harvesters or just build em if u only have 1.5k
  10. Im really flustered now ive been past some tough missions from ai 1-8 and now im tryin to get harkonnen to get up to equal harkonnen cause i dont wanna just stick to atreides Ok to the mission problem 1.The sardukar are bein real jerks and takin to much time to kill 2.The sonic and seige tanks are killin my combat tanks and they destroy my harvester 3.Building is so friggin slow and i cant upgrade because i only upgrade when i got around 30 seige or combat tanks and around 7k solaris 4.The start is useless and destroying the units there takes my units health away so i have to be fast 5.The friggin airstrike! Always half-killing my units destroyin windtraps and whatnot Ok so does anyone hae any hints for this
  11. ok i got utorrent idk what to do next tho
  12. i tried to download its screwed up and if i do get it whats the best house or secondary?
  13. idk which mission it is tho but ill give u a disccription of the objective Objective: Destroy the Atriedes High tech factory or somethin like that Well the problem is that i cant build fast enough and i cant build enough combat tanks without the rest bein destroyed and the atreides wipe me out with there air strike and the imperial are bein jacked up by keepin on sendin over sardukar to kill my windtrap(right next to the dune) ive tried to control all of them at once and attack one so they die faster and go to the next one faster but when i go to kill sonic tanks and siege tanks here come the little girls in there purple Any Hints for this
  14. could soemone tell me how this works because i dont wanna end up wit a virus
  15. if it was could ya get me a url for it cause im like desperate for something else then dune 2k
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