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Bring it Back to Life!!!!


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Can other people start crypto-proselytization threads, too? I seem to remember Edric telling me once that you could post anything you want here as long as you truly believe in it. Is that accurate?

Oh, by the way, is $picy really in Cairo? I feel kinda bad if he is, 'cause all this time I've been thinking he was just this obnoxious American gamer kid too stupid to even write English correctly. Changes things if he's not a native speaker. (Well, rather, it explains but doesn't excuse them, seeing how many non-natives here have a much better control of the language.) Just wondering if I should update the ole mental database to read "obnoxious Egyptian gamer kid."

Have you thought of counting verbiage rather than just pure post count? ;)

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I must have missed that, or not gotten the reference.

Do you mean current, active accounts? Or sequential ones, like that South African kid who keeps losing his account info and making new (or "absorbed"?) ones?

(By the way, was quite shocked just now when I hit Unread Posts and saw there were new replies in only three threads. Whoa ... where have all the gamers gone?!)

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I think it was on DN, I can't remember, was a long time ago, and I don't really visit DN anymore.  Although if I choose to post again, I still have the option... :P

Yes, the gamers have just disappeared these past few weeks.

Yes again, he has sequential accounts.

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Actually, I'm the one who works from home.

Maybe you should have a desktop with large monitor rather than laptop? Or is portability necessary?

I still can't wrap my head around why people (2 I know of out of say 6) get laptops and then leave on a desk 365 days a year. Spend more money on something that is easier to break and slower than desktop version, to essentially do exact same thing a desktop does. No one bothers asking me what to buy, but when they buy something and start complaining about it, argh.

Working from home is nice. Less car expenses at least.

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On a completely unrelated note, I may have found Navaros!

darwinists think playing dungeons and dragons is cool. In fact, they often plagiarize dungeons and dragons by stating that there are multiple universes and this is just one of billions of universes, therefore that is how darwinism can be true.

Yes, although it's just nonsense fantasy in dungeons and dragons, darwinists have taken that and turned it into a crackpot idea that they actually, truly believe is part of real-life.

I can't even begin to tell you how many dozens of times I've seen darwinists advocating that crackpot, dungeons and dragons plagiarized idea on the Expelled board.

Just goes to show once again that darwinists are batty.

Navaros, IMDB 102 Comments [9/2/2009 10:27:13 AM]

Emphasis mine.

I suppose he had to go somewhere.

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