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  1. That's what I'm hoping for too. I'm not particularly excited but I think that simply scaling up graphics alone like with StarCraft Remastered won't do the job. Also I'm a bit concerned that this entire thing came out of the blue, almost as if they jumped on the remakes bandwagon because it's trending now. I mean, StarCraft Remastered came out ahead of the celebration of the 20th anniversary, and Age of Empires Definitive Edition is made by people who are madly in love with the franchise and do stuff with it all the time. Yet C&C seems to have been collecting dust on EA's shelf for so long, and then they suddenly announce the remaster amid similar projects coming out from other quarters. Don't get me wrong, I'll be happy if everything goes well with it, and it's great that they have Frank K on board once again.
  2. MrFlibble

    [ADULT 18+] Behind The Dune by David Goujard

    Somehow I find it odd for this to be called ADULT 18+ while nothing could be more remote from a mature audience than this persistent obsession with exaggerated anatomy in the art style. However this might be a clever ploy to remake the game while avoiding a C&D order — nobody would take it serious! On yet another side I wonder if it is ethical to commercially exploit the entire thing via Patreon, I doubt the guy actually licensed anything from DeLaurentiis, the Herbert Estate or whoever owns rights to Dune at this point.
  3. MrFlibble

    List of Dune II Editing Tools

    Siberian_GRemlin's site is back online, probably was a temporary downtime.
  4. MrFlibble

    List of Dune II Editing Tools

    Big thanks for finding correct URLs, I just couldn't find the time to fix this -- the entire forum messed up after the upgrade, that was literally demoralising. I also fixed the download link for Siberian String Table Editor. Currently Siberian_GRemlin's site is down, not sure if permanently, but it's accessible via the Wayback Machine, and the files repository is so far online. Would be nice if you mirrored his editor if you haven't already. (I just force-saved it to the WM JIC.)
  5. MrFlibble

    The Search and Trying Continues

    Hey, sorry for a super late reply (I don't check back here often these days). You need DOSBox to see the CD by using the MOUNT command as described here, then run the installer (assuming that the CD has a DOS based installer routine).
  6. MrFlibble

    Map seeds

    Hi, sorry for a very belated reply! A while ago I created a set of (almost) 100% accurate seed maps using Stefan Hendriks' extractor and a modified Dune 2 EXE with MVC's sight range set to such a value that it would immediately reveal the whole map without having to scout, also allowing to save the game with no buildings before the defeat trigger would kick in. The file was attached to this post but after the forum software upgrade it is either lost completely or not retrievable (if you download it just like it is you get a file of 0 bytes in size). I think that maybe the maps from that pack were included in TCH's scenario editor, but at any rate they're obsolete now that the seed generation algorithm is known. I wonder why you'd want them though?
  7. MrFlibble

    List of Dune II Editing Tools

    Nyerguds' C&C64 File Converter now supports the Dune 2 SHP format and as such has been added to the list. Read more about this tool here. Thanks Nyerguds!
  8. MrFlibble

    Dune 2 with Gravis Ultrasound in DOSBox

    Just replace the SOUND.PAK file with the original unmodified one. Also please don't post links like this.
  9. MrFlibble

    List of Dune II clones and remakes

    Yes,anything Dune related is very certainly copyrighted, but I assume that if you change all names and create designs that are not similar to Dune II you might get away with it just fine. E.g. the fight over a rare resource doesn't have to happen on a desert planet, it could be a volcanic planet or an ice planet. For an example, here's a rather straightforward clone that is commercial: Battle of the Sands. At some point in development it even used modified sprites from Stefan's D2TM.
  10. Are you talking about the books or the games? Fremen aren't a "sub-house", which isn't even a term used in the books in the first place. There are Houses Major and Houses Minor, of the Landsraad. Houses Major Atreides and Harkonnen aren't "important" (I don't know what you mean by that), they are just the focus of the narrative (and the conflict). It is known from the books that House Harkonnen was way wealthier than House Atreides, but the Atreides had better military, and they were related to House Corrino which may or may not have played a role in the Atreides getting control of Arrakis (but of course the whole scheme was to take the Atreides down with the Emperor's approval). Factions interested in the conflict apart from those mentioned above were the Bene Gesserit and the Spacing Guild (obviously), CHOAM and possibly the smugglers. Houses Minor are mentioned briefly in the books but not specified. There were House Minor members present on Arrakis during the overthrow of Atreides rule, and the Baron ordered Rabban to take hostages from each such House so that they would not spread word of the events that would contradict the "official" version. What? Where?
  11. MrFlibble

    Dune II micro is balanced?

    You got it all wrong. All tests were run on mission 1. Updated numbers only show what I added to the post, in case someone read it while I was making updates. However you can perfectly get 100% efficiency in any "mission with harvesters". You only need to have at least as much credits as when you started. The dumbest way to do that is to sell your buildings just before you end the mission.
  12. MrFlibble

    Dune II micro is balanced?

    I know we're going off-topic here but since my previous post I ran a few more tests, but so far can only confirm that apparently the game does not take into account what kind of units you lose for calculating leadership for GDI (as opposed to some games where each unit is assigned a score which is added or subtracted when tallying the ending total). UPD: For GDI mission 1, losing one unit results in 95% leadership and 4 points off your score. The Leadership percentage seems to be counted towards your starting number of units, as it didn't change when I produced some additional Minigunners. UPD2: I also squandered all credits available (lotsa power plants on that Baltic coast) and ended up with 0% efficiency but it only "cost" me 28 score points as the ending score was 172. I wonder how this is calculated after all. UPD3: Lost 2 infantry men and leadership went down to 90% and score to 192 (with 100% efficiency), which means 4 points get knocked off for any unit lost, at least in GDI mission 1. The mission gives you ten Minigunners and two Hummvees plus the boat and the MCV (not sure if the latter two count though), so theoretically one unit should be more than 5%. I'm starting to think that maybe this is all simpler, let's say the developers created a table of some sort with predefined percentages, like if you lose 1-5 units leadership goes 5% down for each, if 10-15 it's 3% down (I'm assuming they don't want it to go into the negative with too many losses). At least, this would be much easier to implement than to count the proportion of losses to the number of starting units, especially since any more units produced apparently are not tallied. Same with score points, they'd start with max score and subtract points for losses and spent money.
  13. MrFlibble

    Dune II micro is balanced?

    I ran some quick tests with the DOS C&C demo, and checked some external sources (YouTube videos). It appears that the max score is indeed 200x the mission number, but when Leadership and/or Efficiency are below 100% it doesn't directly translate into the amount of points awarded. I completed the first demo mission with keeping all units alive and spending no money, and got 200 points, 100% Leadership and Efficiency. After that I re-played the mission and deliberately lost one unit and spent 900 credits out of 2,000 provided at the start. This resulted in 95% leadership and 55% efficiency, but the total score was 182 and not 150 as could be expected if the formula were simply Leadership% x n + Efficiency% x n where n is the mission number. YouTube videos and screenshots from others playing show similar results for other missions too, i.e. there's no direct translation from L + E into points, these variables seem to have different weights. Finally I played the mission so as to use only one Hummvee, and did not select any other units at all. This did not yield any extra bonus for me, the score was still 200 points.
  14. MrFlibble

    Dune II micro is balanced?

    Actually I remember that the maximum score totals up to 200x the mission number. You get a max 100x points for "Leadership", which is how many/few casualties you got, and up to another 100x for "Economy" - I think Nyerguds explained to me that it's calculated based on how much money you had at the end of the mission versus the starting amount. Both can be shamelessly manipulated, e.g. if you sell all your base buildings prior to completing the mission both your funds and the number of men will go up, and IIRC the leadership thing is calculated as the percentage of units lost to the number of units at mission end. Hence as you get infantry emerging from sold buildings, the casualty ratio will go down if only just a bit.