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  1. I was wondering... Once you complete the engine, would you consider making this into a completely new game with original art, sounds etc. instead of using Westwood's stuff? I mean, if you find the artists willing to make replacements for you.
  2. Recently I found, via the Wayback Machine, this little and apparently highly obscure gem: Future Conflict. It's a free (technically shareware) DOS RTS game, lovingly copied almost verbatim from Command & Conquer and Red Alert (and not in the least ashamed of that mind you!) by Chris Jones, better known for being the author of the Adventure Game Studio toolkit. If you look past the "programmer art" level graphics (that aren't very bad, actually), it's a fully-fledged game with a single-player campaign (only one side though), skirmish mode against up to three AI opponents, and functional multiplayer mode. There's even an equivalent of Red Alert's rules.ini. The author accepted registrations, which would endow the user with a mission builder, a unit editor and a campaign editor (no idea if anyone registered). But otherwise the unregistered game is fully featured and has no limitations. Oh, and it fits on a single 3.5" floppy disk too. It's a bit tricky to get it work with sounds in DOSBox though, but a pre-installed version is available here. Make sure you use the current SVN build of DOSBox, not the latest stable version (0.74-3) from the DOSBox website.
  3. It took almost two decades to happen but Daniel Cook's Hard Vacuum resources finally found their use in OpenHV - a project to (re)create this game based on the OpenRA engine. I have not tried it yet but it appears to play exceptionally well already.
  4. I'd love a completely libre, open source Master of Magic remake along the lines of Freeciv for Civilization.
  5. It's been a long time. The latest version publicly available from Siberian_GRemlin's site may in fact not be the latest version in existence -- I remember him sending me a build which I'm no longer sure if it was ever made public. On top of that, the latest build actually broke something while introducing some new features. I distinctly remember having to hex-edit the main string file (which contains stuff on the sidebar, unit names and commands etc.) every time I edited it with SSTE to fix it to work properly in Dune. One version of the editor very certainly works well with Dune II text compression, at least for game version 1.07, but I can't remember which one.
  6. Thanks! I've not been visiting here for ages so my functions as a moderator have had little impact on the forums. I wanted to suggest this demotion myself.
  7. Haha, I also paused the trailer to take a look at the script and had similar ideas. A few characters have a fleeting similarity to Devanagari signs though. Apparently that's a nod to a scene in Apocalypse Now, although I watched it so long ago I'd never recognise the reference had it not been pointed out by a reviewer.
  8. Apologies for the super belated reply. The missions have not been all thoroughly playtested, and most are indeed little more than playable place-holders. We intended to have much greater mission diversity but this has not materialised (yet). I'm afraid the project is on hold indefinitely at this moment, but scenario designers are welcome to try out something if they want. Dune II is definitely capable of clever missions beyond the original's scope of build up the base and wipe out the AI. A recent mission pack by a fellow Russian map maker proves this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=32EPgm0wePM
  9. I just posted an issue in the Executor 2000 bug tracker, let's see where this gets us.
  10. I didn't try. The only thing I can do is create an issue at GitHub's repo of Executor, and I hadn't gotten around to doing that yet.
  11. Hi! I don't check back here very often lately but glad you're continuing your updates of similar games. There are many seemingly good, innovative indie games based on classics these days apparently, but finding out about them is increasingly hard with so many titles (and frankly I've no idea how one can find something at the Steam Store unless you know what you're looking for).
  12. Hi Stefan, how're ya doin'?
  13. The site you've linked to was a German Emperor: Battle for Dune player's league that closed down quite a while ago (as far as I can tell). It is unrelated to Dune II. You can still access that site via the Wayback Machine. There were two fan games called Dune 3 based on Dune II, a turn-based strategy and a real-time one similar to StarCraft.
  14. I'm not sure if I mentioned Emperor of the Fading Suns before as having rather obvious Dune influences and themes, but apparently there was another game (which was sadly cancelled) that also went in a somewhat similar direction. The game was called Mech Wars and then Metal Lords, and only a handful of pre-release screenshots and a non-playable demo appear to have been preserved. Here's a video of the demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W5HpANBASHY The premise seems to have a feudal interstellar empire with noble Houses, but unlike Dune, war is waged with giant mecha robots. Recently I found several preview screenshots on the SCORE magazine coverdisk (issue No. 21, found here), and uploaded them: https://imgur.com/a/2IzGgMV The shots show characters from noble Houses named Paul Strader and Vladimir Sardonis, which I believe are pretty obvious references to Paul Atreides and Vladimir Harkonnen: Note how the two characters on the latter two screenshots (which are BTW not the characters mentioned by name in the respective images) also look very fitting for Dune character art. Another noble House is called Ordeus. The game was developed by SimTex, the team behind Master of Orion and Master of Magic.
  15. Well, you can't have everything at once Besides, usually you don't need the upscaled fonts anyway, not with the neural networks at least. Not sure if I got what you're saying here but if you mean to ask if I processed the entire set of Dune II graphics, no I did not, I just upscaled several screenshots from Westwood's preview. But it is certainly possible to do that. You can try out ESRGAN yourself, even if you don't have an NVIDIA card it can run on CPU, albeit much much slower. My NVIDIA card is too old for CUDA anyway so I had to use the CPU as well (duh!). There's a guide on how to set it up here. I think I forgot to mention what models I used to get the latest results. The two are rebout_interp and Spongebob v6 De-Quantize, both available from the Upscale Wiki. I interpolated these two models (with the net_interp.py that comes with ESRGAN) at alpha = 0.8 (meaning it's 80% SpongeBob and 20% Rebout). Note that these models are to be used with the "old architecture" ESRGAN, available here. Here are some more results I shared elsewhere (not from Dune II), with the same SpongeBob/Rebout interpolation. I really like how it processes images: https://imgsli.com/MTMzMjE https://imgsli.com/MTMzMjI https://imgsli.com/MTMzMjM https://imgsli.com/MTMzMjQ https://imgsli.com/MTMzMjU
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