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  1. Haha, I also paused the trailer to take a look at the script and had similar ideas. A few characters have a fleeting similarity to Devanagari signs though. Apparently that's a nod to a scene in Apocalypse Now, although I watched it so long ago I'd never recognise the reference had it not been pointed out by a reviewer.
  2. Apologies for the super belated reply. The missions have not been all thoroughly playtested, and most are indeed little more than playable place-holders. We intended to have much greater mission diversity but this has not materialised (yet). I'm afraid the project is on hold indefinitely at this moment, but scenario designers are welcome to try out something if they want. Dune II is definitely capable of clever missions beyond the original's scope of build up the base and wipe out the AI. A recent mission pack by a fellow Russian map maker proves this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=32EP
  3. I just posted an issue in the Executor 2000 bug tracker, let's see where this gets us.
  4. I didn't try. The only thing I can do is create an issue at GitHub's repo of Executor, and I hadn't gotten around to doing that yet.
  5. Hi! I don't check back here very often lately but glad you're continuing your updates of similar games. There are many seemingly good, innovative indie games based on classics these days apparently, but finding out about them is increasingly hard with so many titles (and frankly I've no idea how one can find something at the Steam Store unless you know what you're looking for).
  6. Hi Stefan, how're ya doin'?
  7. The site you've linked to was a German Emperor: Battle for Dune player's league that closed down quite a while ago (as far as I can tell). It is unrelated to Dune II. You can still access that site via the Wayback Machine. There were two fan games called Dune 3 based on Dune II, a turn-based strategy and a real-time one similar to StarCraft.
  8. I'm not sure if I mentioned Emperor of the Fading Suns before as having rather obvious Dune influences and themes, but apparently there was another game (which was sadly cancelled) that also went in a somewhat similar direction. The game was called Mech Wars and then Metal Lords, and only a handful of pre-release screenshots and a non-playable demo appear to have been preserved. Here's a video of the demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W5HpANBASHY The premise seems to have a feudal interstellar empire with noble Houses, but unlike Dune, war is waged with giant mecha robots. Recentl
  9. Well, you can't have everything at once Besides, usually you don't need the upscaled fonts anyway, not with the neural networks at least. Not sure if I got what you're saying here but if you mean to ask if I processed the entire set of Dune II graphics, no I did not, I just upscaled several screenshots from Westwood's preview. But it is certainly possible to do that. You can try out ESRGAN yourself, even if you don't have an NVIDIA card it can run on CPU, albeit much much slower. My NVIDIA card is too old for CUDA anyway so I had to use the CPU as well (duh!). There's a guide on how t
  10. In the meantime, more advanced models have been trained for ESRGAN, here's a little sample: The only drawback is that is fades colours quite a bit, I had to brighten them up in GIMP.
  11. In the PC version of Dune II, both Sardaukar and Fremen Troopers are the same Trooper units as the regular heavy infantry that can be trained by Harkonnens and the Ordos. They don't seem to have any different stats. The scenario scripts that accounts for Sardaukar reinforcement drops in missions four and nine use the same Trooper entry as the regular Troopers. However the game data contains sidebar portraits for a single Sardaukar trooper, a single Fremen trooper and a group of Fremen, of which only the latter is used as the Atreides Palace weapon icon. It is plausible that these were intended
  12. I can only guess why these entries were removed, but IIRC they also purged the Frigate image from the updated MENTAT.PAK (unless I'm mixing it up with something else -- my memory is a bit fuzzy on this). Since the WSA image format is different between the two versions, there was no way to restore the Frigate image for v1.07 at the time of creating the fix.
  13. MrFlibble


    I wonder if the track titles are all original? The audio previews folder from Westwood FTP has a file called revenge2.wav but the same piece is titled Into the Heat on the site. It's not that Frank K's tracks never had alternate titles preserved in file names, like some of those in C&C and IIRC in RA1 too.
  14. Thanks for digging it up! ImageShack turned out to be a major letdown after all.
  15. I'm not sure but I think that when I originally compiled this list I excluded any third-party engine recreations for closed-source games (unless there's a free alternate set of game data that can be used instead of proprietary data, like with OpenTTD or M.A.X. Reloaded). So OpenRA does not qualify. (I also am personally not a fan of this project because it does not try to recreate game mechanics of C&C and instead does something of its own, just with C&C graphics).
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