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  1. Dune II played on a real MT-32

    I just found this video on YouTube. I think the real MT-32 music sounds pretty awesome. And nope, I have tried several ways of embedding the video but they don't work. Embedded videos were a big thing here a while ago, but the recent forum updates must have done away with 'em. UPD: Here's the entire soundtrack recorded with an MT-32.
  2. File Questions (a tour of Nyerguds' Dune II directory)

    Hi there 3371-Alpha, and welcome to the forums! Indeed there isn't a lot of activity here lately (sadly). We have accumulated quite a lot of info on Dune II over the years, I have tried to document this stuff in separate threads, but probably not in a format that makes everything immediately clear. The unofficial patch fixes many bugs and issues with v1.07, but doesn't incorporate some of the recently found fixes, including that for the bug which causes a unit to get deselected after you give it an order sometimes, or the Saboteur exploding upon reaching its destination. Some files were actually not meant for public use, or were only uploaded for current needs. It's been a long time since I messed with the GUS drivers, but I'm pretty sure you didn't need to put anything into the Dune II folder except the modified game data files, which already include the drivers that have been confirmed to work with the game and DOSBox.
  3. The Old Timers' Notice Board

    Hi there Caid, it's been a long time
  4. Dune II micro is balanced?

    Ruler of Arrakis is the highest rank in v1.0, with Emperor and some other rank (forgot which) having been added in v1.07 above it. I remember always getting the Ruler of Arrakis rank in the last mission no matter what in v1.0. I completed it several times with all Houses and never set the objective to get the highest score possible. I can't confirm this but I had the impression that Dune II actually sets a minimum rank for each mission so you probably get worse ranks only if you fared real bad in a mission. C&C is a lot more strict in this respect, lots of casualties will result in bad score.
  5. OpenFodder - Cannon Fodder opensource

    Yeah, the cursor thing, I do remember the C&C one is round when not corrected to 4:3. Come to think of it, there's plenty of inconsistency in some games, probably due to different ways in which some of the assets were created. Artists might have worked in programmes running in high resolution, and some stuff might have been scanned from drawings as discussed here. There's a couple of threads at VOGONS with discussions about such inconsistencies. Anyway, I suppose that it would be useful, as a rule of thumb, to think of the original release of a game as its proper presentation. Whatever Cannon Fodder looked on a real Amiga must be the "right" way because it was released and tested for that platform (surely if the developers or testers noticed something wrong with how the graphics looked they'd fix it before release). But then again this does not always work too, like the same release might be inconsistent internally, e.g. Abuse apparently had its graphics designed for a stretched 4:3 version (as suggested by the health counter on the bottom left that gets round when stretched), yet the built-in high-res mode simply re-uses the same non-stretched graphics to fill a 640x480 screen (as shown here). AFAIK this mode was later used as default for the Macintosh port and possibly some others. The protagonist's sprite seems to have been drawn with the 4:3 stretch in mind as well, at least, it appears "hunched" when uncorrected and seems to have "normal" proportions (for a humanoid figure) in corrected images (example 1, example 2). It's very easy to get used to the wrong ratio, I played C&C and Red Alert (Windows versions) most of the time in the built-in 640x480 mode (which is just the same 640x400 image with a letterboxed presentation), even though if you look closer it's quite noticeable that the sprites have a distorted perspective when not corrected, and infantry all look "hunched" too (not very noticeable because they're all so small, especially in C&C95).
  6. OpenFodder - Cannon Fodder opensource

    Thanks for the link to this article! The question sure is complicated due to the difference between PAL and NTSC screen sizes. I agree that the source port should give an option to display graphics as intended by the artists who were drawing for the Amiga. However DOS users back in the 90s probably had no way to avoid the 4:3 stretching unless they adjusted the shape of display on their monitors manually (provided that they knew beforehand that the graphics in the game were not displayed according to the artists' intention). Which means that a 320x200 image stretched to 640x480 is technically the "correct" way of rendering the DOS version because that is what the users saw (but not what the designers originally intended). Then again, the technicalities of the DOS version can probably be ignored as it is "non-original", i.e. secondary to the initial Amiga release.
  7. I just found several previews/reviews of the game available via the Wayback Machine with good quality pre-release screenshots (some in the GIF format): Computer Games Online news (16-01-1998) Computer Games Online first look (12-02-1998) Computer Games Online screenshots (16-05-1998) Computer Games Online preview (23-06-1998) Strategy Gaming Online review (15-10-1998)
  8. Thanks! Speaking of which, perhaps this would be useful to you too: http://www.mobygames.com/game/kings-bounty-2 (Technically the game's from Ukraine but it's in the Russian language)
  9. Sorry if sounded a bit harsh: I tend to be pedantic when it comes to details like this. Anyways, I have to say that you did a commendable job listing Dune related game projects at your site. I think you missed nothing except the turn-based Dune III (not related to a different game by the same title which is a precursor to Dune IV). You also have meticulously collected games related to other series as well, making your site a treasure trove of useful information. Thanks!
  10. I think I need to point out that this is a highly inaccurate statement at best. Dune Dynasty (which is the correct name of the project, not Dune 2 Dynasty) is directly based on reverse-engineered code of Dune 2, making it an almost 100% accurate recreation of the original game's code and, effectively, behaviour. Several new features are imposed over this (including a mroe challenging AI), but the core is, at least theoretically, nearly identical to Dune 2. Conversely, Dune Legacy (also please note that it is not called, and has never been called, Dune 2 Legacy) started as a game engine recreation which was based on observation only, without any reverse engineering. AFAIK more recent builds might have borrowed some code from OpenDUNE upon which Dune Dynasty is based, but the extent of these borrowings is unknown to me. I understand that from a user's standpoint these differences might be trivial but in fact they are very important because reverse-engineering (if done properly) inevitably yields a more accurate recreation of the source game.
  11. OpenDune

    BTW drnovice, do you think you could produce a binary specifically to run DuneX which would add the tech tree changes without scrapping the old units?
  12. Dune 2 eXtended Project

    Great, thanks a lot! ^_^ Wow, you have all the screenshots from the CnC Comm Centre Gallery, cool!
  13. Dune 2 eXtended Project

    The v1.29 download was apparently lost during forum updates, so I had to re-upload the file.
  14. Eador. Genesis

    Eador. Genesis is free on GOG.com for a limited time: https://www.gog.com/game/eador_genesis
  15. List of free closed source games

    This marks liberated games, as opposed to "pure" freeware: