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  1. This fix does nothing in-game, it can be only used to fix the palette in screenshots that you take in DOSBox running Executor. The colours in the game are still all messed up. However, Executor is open source software and I really hope someone may eventually tweak the code to produce a version that will run the Mac versions of Warcraft without any errors like the wrong palette. BTW, you can use the Windows version of Executor for better performance but then you won't be able to take screenshots that can be corrected for the proper palette.
  2. Well, I think if your artists have time to maybe polish the existing unit sprites a bit that would be great. It's very noticeable that while the art for buildings and terrain is top notch, units just don't reach the level of quality that can be found in Warcraft II where units were pre-rendered. Don't get me wrong, I like the graphics in your game but there certainly is room for improvement. BTW, has the grand strategy mode been disabled? I think I missed that. Also, what's the difference between quests and scenarios? I have played The First Dwarves and I remember that in an earlier version (something around v1.9.5) this would be followed by the dungeon quest with the mead. Now this one is a separate quest, and The First Dwarves is not linked to any other campaign scenario. How does that work? Why were these scenarios separated?
  3. Yes, I was running fullscreen, this was a random map and after a while it started glitching like this. I turned OpenGL off and haven't tried to reproduce the bug further. However before that I had tried v2.5.3 (IIRC) and it glitched in a similar way right after the start of the first Dwarven dungeon quest. I wasn't aware of the OpenGL renderer back then because I didn't have the time to test that version properly. Good to know tree regrowth can be disabled I've asked this in the Stratagus forums (which are now hidden from users not logged in for some reason), is there any chance of making bigger unit sprites for Goblins and other small creatures? Goblins are sorta hard to tell apart because of their size and colour, especially at higher resolutions. I know it's extra work for the artists but I think it would be worth it.
  4. I've played the most recent version (v2.6.1). There's a lot of cool new features compared to the previous version I played, like temples and spells. However there are two things I need to note: 1. The OpenGL mode which is on by default causes graphical glitches for me (Windows 8), like this: I had to switch to the SDL mode which doesn't have any issues. 2. I found the regrowing forest feature very annoying. I would ask to at least make it optional like the day/night cycle. IMO it doesn't add anything to gameplay (workers seem to be unable to cut down trees faster than they regrow), and on some maps where building space is limited it outright interferes with the player's strategies.
  5. Hey, I'm sorry for not responding, I've been checking the forums here sporadically recently, and totally missed your posts on the subject. It's cool that you've made your own editor, considering that CTPAX-CHEATER's is not public (and IIRC some features are not fully implemented). [Edit] Added it to the list
  6. I think there are fixed time cycles between checks if the player has enough spice storage capacity, and if not, excess credits are removed, similar to how you "lose" credits due to power supply (as discovered by the OpenDUNE team), or buildings get damaged from low power and "hostile conditions" after fixed time periods. It's sorta hard to check how this works for the AI, but I vaguely remember refinery/silo stats showing excess spice compared to the max capacity. In Dune II, the terrain area outside the actual map is always (unless you count smaller maps from scenarios 1 and 2) a border that is one tile thick — enough to spawn units that come outside the map (Carryalls and Frigates). I've never tried putting a CY outside the map, theoretically it might work if you do this at the bottom border (I guess at the top, the lower two tiles of the CY will "stick out" into the map).
  7. I have never really investigated how credits worked for the AI, but IIRC in Dune 2, even the player won't immediately lose their credits if a silo is destroyed (but I may be wrong on that?). However I have always had the impression that the AI doesn't have any specific cheats compared to the player, except the ability to rebuild lost structures wherever they are standing and regardless of anything that may block them. There's also the issue of credits going into a negative vlaue for the player (there's a maximum of something like 216/2, after which you get negative credits that work like infinite credits IIRC). Perhaps the AI has reached this stage and has infinite credits? I think there are savegame editors that allow to check this.
  8. dune legacy

    It is my understanding bluehappybyte was asking about an official download site.
  9. dune legacy

    I don't think the Kyrandia CD demo was ever distributed by any means other than physical releases of other Westwood games. I haven't checked out Dune Legacy in a while, doesn't it support its own sidebar style interface? That would circumvent the problem with missing interface graphics in the demo. As for scenarios, I did not suggest anything further than playing the demo scenario as it is.
  10. Hey, Sorry for a belated reply. At this point I've come to believe that the only way for the legacy of Dune II to continue is to create a derivative game that builds upon the original's mechanics and gameplay principles but is stripped of any proprietary content, copyrighted names and all the other stuff which makes Dune II unlikely to become a legally freeware game. Kind of like your Arrakis but entirely free of proprietary stuff. I suppose that your project could pretty much be such a game. You have demonstrated your coding ability countless times (how many builds and incarnations of D2TM alone have there been anyway?), so a good question here would be that of game mechanics. In what ways can we expand upon and improve the original Dune II experience? What can be borrowed from later titles? What lessons have we learned from the history of the genre? As for the asset basis of such a game, there are some libre graphics e.g. from BOS Wars, and there are resources at too (e.g. here).
  11. dune legacy

    Nice! Does it support running the demo version data?
  12. I just noticed that the GitHub page of the project has been updated into a small website complete with a dev blog.
  13. Actually most missions, even in v1.0, only have two worms from the start. The change in v1.07 simply makes sure that those few missions which still have three sandworms also get just two. On a side note, IIRC the original files have one Harkonnen mission that does not have sandworms at all.
  14. Dune 2

    А что конкретно непонятно? Какие-то вопросы по редактору? (I'm asking what needs to be clarified.)
  15. I'm sorry, I just noticed that the PDF zip is zero bytes in size. I'm not sure why you're not allowed to edit old posts. I'll forward this to the admins, hopefully they will fix that. As for YouTube videos, did you mean embedding external videos (which I think should be possible), or uploading them that the forums here host the video files?