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  1. dune legacy

    I don't think the Kyrandia CD demo was ever distributed by any means other than physical releases of other Westwood games. I haven't checked out Dune Legacy in a while, doesn't it support its own sidebar style interface? That would circumvent the problem with missing interface graphics in the demo. As for scenarios, I did not suggest anything further than playing the demo scenario as it is.
  2. Hey, Sorry for a belated reply. At this point I've come to believe that the only way for the legacy of Dune II to continue is to create a derivative game that builds upon the original's mechanics and gameplay principles but is stripped of any proprietary content, copyrighted names and all the other stuff which makes Dune II unlikely to become a legally freeware game. Kind of like your Arrakis but entirely free of proprietary stuff. I suppose that your project could pretty much be such a game. You have demonstrated your coding ability countless times (how many builds and incarnations of D2TM alone have there been anyway?), so a good question here would be that of game mechanics. In what ways can we expand upon and improve the original Dune II experience? What can be borrowed from later titles? What lessons have we learned from the history of the genre? As for the asset basis of such a game, there are some libre graphics e.g. from BOS Wars, and there are resources at too (e.g. here).
  3. dune legacy

    Nice! Does it support running the demo version data?
  4. I just noticed that the GitHub page of the project has been updated into a small website complete with a dev blog.
  5. Actually most missions, even in v1.0, only have two worms from the start. The change in v1.07 simply makes sure that those few missions which still have three sandworms also get just two. On a side note, IIRC the original files have one Harkonnen mission that does not have sandworms at all.
  6. Dune 2

    А что конкретно непонятно? Какие-то вопросы по редактору? (I'm asking what needs to be clarified.)
  7. I'm sorry, I just noticed that the PDF zip is zero bytes in size. I'm not sure why you're not allowed to edit old posts. I'll forward this to the admins, hopefully they will fix that. As for YouTube videos, did you mean embedding external videos (which I think should be possible), or uploading them that the forums here host the video files?
  8. It appears that after the forum engine update, file attachments got disconnected from their respective posts and effectively lost. I remember Gobalopper mentioned something related to this in the admins forum, but I think this cannot be fixed (yet). Not sure though. Glad you re-uploaded the file.
  9. IIRC this was never fixed. In all English versions of the game, all mobile units are listed under as Vehicles. But technically it's not a bug, and it was never fixed anyway, so I did not mention it. I wish I remembered what topic that link referred to. Anyways, it's the OpenDUNE team guys who confirmed that the free Palace repairs are a bug. In v1.07, anything that costs > 500 credits to build results in zero repair cost. When reverse-engineering the code, they fixed this, so I guess the mobile port, Dune Dynasty and other derivatives based on OpenDUNE don't have the bug anymore. This is the first time I hear about the unit damage bug/feature. That, or it is so rare that I never encountered it (or forgot about it). I've played a lot of v1.0, and then some v1.07 (DuneX is based on v1.07). Don't remember anything like that happening a single time. From what you say, your version seems closer to v1.0 than to v1.07. Could there be an intermediate v1.03 no one else ever mentioned? There sure have been rumours of versions with some unorthodox features (like what is discussed here or here). I think this is worth investigating. Do you still have the floppies you mentioned? Hmm, maybe I knew about this feature of the Amiga version, but forgot about it. I definitely tried to fix this alleged bug a while ago using Segra's database. I managed to find (with or without external help, I'm not sure anymore) the code responsible for the Ordos Heavy Factory upgrade exception and tried to edit it so that the third upgrade would be available in mission 6. However, this somehow screwed something up in the game. I cannot recall the details but back then I preferred to convince myself that this was not a bug after all, rather than try to figure out the correct solution. I'm not sure what opinion the OpenDUNE guys held on this matter though.
  10. A while ago I compiled a version changelog which I mentioned in one of my posts above. I can't guarantee it's complete though. Most if not changes were documented based on observation, not executable analysis. (I don't think anyone ever completely decompiled the v1.0 executable to compare it to v1.07). As far as I know, no official Dune II release with the version number 1.03 has been found or documented yet. Considering you played it in 1997 as you say, it could pretty much be a hacked version which introduced the changes you're talking about. There are several third-party trainers for the game (some listed here), and I assume that someone could theoretically hack the executable to remove the unit limits. I'm not sure if any known trainer does that, but I vaguely remember something in the documentation. UPD: It's in the docs of this trainer: Which means that the original version of the trainer by the same author allowed to remove unit limits.
  11. Yes it is, because v1.0 (which has invisible Saboteurs BTW) limits them to three, and v1.07 reduces this to two. It is my understanding that the "hard" limits on units were introduced because of the tech limitations back then. You now, the same way as moving units that are off-screen are less frequently updated to reduce CPU load (and hence move more slowly). It doesn't make much sense to me if there are very strict limits in the original version (1.0) and in the final, most recent one (1.07), but somehow these limits were removed or vastly modified in some alleged intermediate version. I remember that when I was tinkering with the Super Dune 2 and Dune 2 eXtended I tried removing this feature that makes moving units slower if they're not displayed on the screen (there's a variable that can be modified via Nyer's editor which makes a unit exempt to this rule), and this resulted in severe performance degradation in DOSBox. Also some versions of eXtended featured "unlimited" Saboteurs (I simply "moved" the Saboteur to the regular unit index range), but some users reported unusual game behaviour when they built a lot of Saboteurs, so I removed that too just to be sure. All this suggests that the unit limits are closely related to game performance.
  12. From what I know, this just shouldn't be possible. Unless maybe you used some trainer/hack. Sure you didn't. Barracks cannot be captured. Are you absolutely sure that "your DOS version" was actually a legit version of Dune II and you're not confusing it with some kind of third party remake (e.g. Dune III)?
  13. Regarding the Carryalls in HK level 2, I think this is the "default" construction option when you have nothing else to build. Light infantry is simply disabled from the Harkonnen tech tree. There's nothing you can do to build light infantry, even if you have the Barracks. I believe this is why the Barracks are not allowed to be captured in the first place. In the absence of other construction options, the game picks the first buildable unit on the list, which happens to the the Carryall. I think that if you use Nyer's editor to remove all construction options from a barracks or factory type building, you'll get the same effect, i.e. you will still be able to produce Carryalls from such buildings. I haven't checked that so I may be wrong though. I don't know/remember what happens if a HK player captures an enemy Light Factory. I mean, if you are allowed to build Trikes. Theoretically, you should only build Quads, but I guess I never tried that out. That ain't no bug. We have discussed this previously, and there's a special exception for the Ordos that moves the availability of Siege Tanks (in fact, the third Heavy Factory upgrade) one level higher. It was almost certainly done on purpose. Remember we discussed how the Houses are actually difficulty levels (I think it was your idea/observation in the first place)? HK is Easy, AT is Normal and OR is Hard. I also believe that it is no coincidence that in HK mission 6, you play against the Ordos (IIRC), meaning that you have Siege Tanks and the enemy doesn't (except for reinforcements), making HK mission 6 much easier than for other Houses. This might be unique to this mobile version you're playing. I think that in vanilla Dune II you only need the Radar Facility to build the Barracks/House of WOR. Are you sure about the DOS version? According to the data from Nyer's editor, there's a "hard" limit of 10 air units per map, including Carryalls (but not counting the Frigate IIRC). However, you might have got the impression that you had a more powerful 'Thopter fleet if you played the DOS version 1.0. IIRC they changed the amount of hit points for 'Thopters from 10 to 5 in v1.07 (which the mobile version is likely based upon). Hence 'Thopters would survive somewhat longer in v1.0 against enemy Missile Turrets. Whoops, I got this entirely wrong. According to my own version changelog, the amount of 'Thopters' hit points was increased from 10 to 25 in v1.07.
  14. Dune 2

    IIRC this means if a projectile that hits sand will leave scorch marks on the sand. Nyer's editor certainly does not support any other versions than known DOS releases of the game. Nope, normally a carryall will not pick up repaired vehicles to bring them back to the battlefield. This only happens if you either use Minniatian's EMC hack or enclose the Repair Facility with walls so that all ground exits are blocked.
  15. Please do not cross-post identical topics in different sub-forums.