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Edric O

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 I remembered my fondness for this forum and had to see it again. Great job Gob keeping it going all these years! Every other forum I have been a member of back in the early 2000's has pretty much disappeared.


Happy super belated birthday(s) to Edric O



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5 hours ago, Spectral Paladin said:

Just ran it through an emboss filter because I had grown tired of its color :P

Sure am, of course. Could likely do a far better job with your ideas nowadays too ;)

But first things first: the screenie is viewing a xbf file from E:BFD, a job which the community never finished. A 15-year itch :D


Maybe you can apply some funky colours instead :D

I wonder if any one on this forum would like to be updated about my idea's. It's ehm... different these days with the rules. I did some "study" on game mechanics.

A 15 year itch? I thought that my 5 year itch was long.

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I live! Was worried I wouldn't be able to login to my old account for a while, took a day for the reset password email to send.

I'm surprised this forum is still going strong, congrats to Gobalopper for keeping it up. I suppose it's been online about 15 years since westwood turned the forums over to gobalopper from emperor battle for dune? that's a long time.

Nothing much new to report. Got a computer science degree. turned 30 recently (yeah, I was pretty young when I made a lot of posts a long time ago). Now I think about it probably everyone here that's been here a while is probably a lot older.

These days I spend more time making games than playing them, and prepping for interviews a lot, trying to get out of the rat race like everyone else is I suppose.

Enjoyed playing emperor with you guys back in the day and the discussions. I still remember reading some of the riddles from emprworm's old thread. It's good this site is still around.

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On 2/25/2019 at 7:41 PM, Gobalopper said:

I'm curious what you mentioned about the forum?

I basically just mentioned it in passing when I was talking about how I got into Dune and started playing Dune 2000. I didn't mention all of the fan fic and screaming matches in politics, haha!

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