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  1. I don''t know if I qualify as an "old timer" as per the 100 posts, but I am definitely an old timer at 86 years. Up until today, Aug 19, 2019, I didn't know that this tread existed, and considering that dates go back to 2005, I am a little short on keep up with the "news" category. My apology. During what ever time duration you want to put me, I have basically playing a considerable number of the RTII scenarios for a number of months, after playing a considerable number of RT3 prior. However, I have been absorbed with actual "model railroading" in both the N and G scales. Spending some time up upgrading my N-scale model train display. Then in some preparation of getting some progress in the determination of building platforms, as well as "home made" roadbeds, with aluminum strips for the track, to withstand weather elemints of the out of door eventual display. All these endeavors and agendas keep my busy, and just don't seem to have an adequate amount of time to get involved for any amount of time for all. But they are all hobbies, but am considering now, to give a little more time in the Terminal, to see what "has and will" happen. LOL
  2. It has been a time since I last either posted or viewed the forums, but will try to view some of the new entries. Now this rendition of subject matters are not necessarily in order of reality, but being shown as to the 'facts" of the happenings. Although I have titled it as "trivia" the book from which I obtained the "facts" would be "history". The book is titled "Empire Express", subtitled "Building the First Transcontinental Railroad". The Author compiling the story, or narrative of 711 pages is David Haward Bain. Presenters of the Ceremonial Spikes: W.H. Harkness - the inscribed Golden Spike, (The Last Spike) is 18 oz of pure gold, with names of Central Pacific Officers, dated May 8, 1869 (original scheduled date) and followed by" "May God continue the unity of our Country as this Railroad unites the two great Oceans of the World" >>>added note.(A rough nugget of gold had been affixed to one end, which later, Hewes would have broken off and melted down into finger rings, and presented to Standford , Oakes Ames, President Grant, Secy of State Seward, and the Reverend Dr. John Todd, who gave the opening invocation. The rings were inscribed, "The Mountain Wedding, May 10, 1869". Tritle of Nevada - voiced - "To the Iron of the East, and the Gold of the West, Nevada adds her link of Silver to span the Continent, and wed the Oceans." Governor Safford - Cantoned - "Ribbed with iron, clad in Silver, and crowned with gold, Arizona presents her offering to the enterprise that has banded the continent and dictated the pathway to commerce." There would be two other spikes, one of silver, forged with 100 men striking a blow. The other, had been forged of iron, silver, and gold, both sentimentally inscribed, but (no indication given as to that inscription). The ceremonial tie, donated by then a well-healed tie contractor, and prepared by the San Francisco billiard-table manufacturer, was cut from a California Laurel on Mount Mamalpais, sawed into an 8 foot length, e inches by eight, around and polished until it reflected light, and it bore a silver plate that indicated that ti was the "last tie" of the Pacific Railroad, followed by the name of directors and officers of the Central Pacific, and the presenter, West Evans. >>>added note.(Sacramento Union & San Francisco Alta California: May 11-12 1869: David Hewes, who donated 1 golden spike, later claimed that he donated the laurel tie as well, bit it was West Evens. Late in his life, Hewes made elaborate silver tipped canes from laurel wood, and presented them to his friends, with engravings purporting them to be "Made from the Tree of the Last Tie".)<<< >>>added note.( Union Pacific Magazine, May 5, 1926: The bona fide laurel tie, burned in the Southern Pacific office in 1906, after the San Francisco earthquake.)<<< >>>added note.(The laurel tie's last spike would be that of a businesslike iron, though fittingly, there would be the ceremonial spikes, which, because of their delicacy, would not stand up to pounding, gut would be dropped into pre-drilled holes.)<<< Between the 2 locomotives, the 2 ceremonial rails were laid down. Th Union Pacific gang of Irishmen, placing the one on the West side of the tracks, and the Central Pacific gang of Chinese, placing theirs on the East. I was agree, that Governor Safford would strike the first blow to the East spike, and Dr. Durant the second on the West spike. There was some talk, which originate by a tie freight driver, of the "first swings being missed". However, with some notables being as witness, it was just a "myth". Lengthy, but hope it was of some note worthy result which you can add to our memory of information.
  3. In a "time of thought", I was wondering the reason for not getting a GOLD. Here are a couple of ideas, of which might be the challenge. As I only played "1 side" of the scenario, there were "pop ups" on the opposite side of the scenario, for bonus amounts for the connection to different cities. In "thinking", it is possible that a player has to play "both" sides of the scenario, to get GOLD. Hence I took the challenge, but was unable to an "operative" access. I could merge, but not able to lay track. and if I changed the consists already initiated, it would hang up any further play of that opposing side of the scenario. Then, when I tried to get the access, of which a player has to attain the "authority authorized", that became a problem. The initial requirement was that of "Fair", but when I was finally able to get "my side" to attain that request, the opposite side had then increased the requirement to that of "normal". And then I found the same for that requirement. Each time I was able to achieve the requirement, I was confronted with a new increase of rating. And during this time, I was aggresively initiating play. So, there you have the problems encountered in trying to "maybe" the reason for not getting GOLD. Hence the challenge. You "top" Tycoon, see if this is a challenge, or just your "normal" was of playing, for the GOLD.
  4. Well, after a some lengthy time, I finally let the RT3 scenarios cool, and know that the RT2 scenarios would fill in some enjoyable time, which I have found to be a factor in the past. This is an old scenario, but as I am playing through these RT2 scenarios, I find the Grand Prix to be a considerably interesting challenge. The scenario has 9 different territories, of which a player much complete some "task", in order to advance into each territory. It may sound easy as the start, but a player will be surprised at the difficulty levels. Don't try completing it in a setting, unless you don't want to get any sleep or eaten meals for days. LOL I do believe that a player will find it a worthwhile endeavor. The time duration is that of 75 years, Even after an "aggressive" attempt in the Expert, and finishing it in 60 years, I was only able to get the "Silver Medal", even though I thought I would be able to get the Gold, having completed the challenges in what I believed an adequate duration of time. ???? But it was the enjoyment of the challenge. Good Luck in your attempts.
  5. Well Gwizz, That 8 year gap surprised me, as I had posted a number of posts within 2 years. However, maybe it is 8 years as Ray of Sunshine, but the posts were as "Envelope", which would probably make the difference in time. And I have played your US History scenario a number of times. I was also a bit surprised that the rar download of the Hill's scenario would not list in my menu. But, it finally dawned on me, that it is a gm2 and has to be played in the RT2 system, and not the RT3, of which it was loaded. Just been too long since I had played RT2, so it takes a little time to get "back in the grove". And I see that there are some later "downloads" which I did download, so will be kept busy for a time. Am looking forward to future updates and stuff, after I get to be able to "manuver" in this system website.
  6. As you can see, it has been a time since my last post. Had some bad medical problems, so didn't do much with other than play my standard RT3 maps. But finally believed that I should catch up with "stuff" in the Terminal. So, I have downloaded the "Hill's" scenario to see if I remember how the system works, as well as get acquainted with the RT2 scenarios. I didn't check all the posts at this time, so with the "Hill's" being posted, I didn't check to see if there were any other "newly created" scenarios. Don't want to get too many projects going at one time. LOL Nice to be back with the "gang".
  7. Well Superchief, I find your scenario very interesting with a great terrain amount of features. The goals are to my liking for the industries which are imposed. Both the Sugar and Troops are functioning propery, But I have ran into a problem with the Bauxite and Aluminum goal. There were no accummulation credit in the ledger status. I even tried to make sure that the goal required BOTH bauxite AND aluminum at Kobah without any result. I know that the industry was getting credit, as I waited until both the Aluminum Factory and the Tool and Die industries were at Lucrative, before purchaseing them. If the triggers are working for you, I don't know the reason I am having the problem with this portion of the scenario. Ray of Sunshine
  8. Darth Veda, Seeing that there are so many viewers of this scenario with remarks, I must be missing the location for the download of your scenario. Although I may have it from another site. However, I was raised in the Upper Midwest around Lake Superior, and i enjoy playing scenarios in that area. Any direction would be appreciated. Ray of Sunshine ;)
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