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  1. new map coming

    Well Gwizz, That 8 year gap surprised me, as I had posted a number of posts within 2 years. However, maybe it is 8 years as Ray of Sunshine, but the posts were as "Envelope", which would probably make the difference in time. And I have played your US History scenario a number of times. I was also a bit surprised that the rar download of the Hill's scenario would not list in my menu. But, it finally dawned on me, that it is a gm2 and has to be played in the RT2 system, and not the RT3, of which it was loaded. Just been too long since I had played RT2, so it takes a little time to get "back in the grove". And I see that there are some later "downloads" which I did download, so will be kept busy for a time. Am looking forward to future updates and stuff, after I get to be able to "manuver" in this system website.
  2. new map coming

    As you can see, it has been a time since my last post. Had some bad medical problems, so didn't do much with other than play my standard RT3 maps. But finally believed that I should catch up with "stuff" in the Terminal. So, I have downloaded the "Hill's" scenario to see if I remember how the system works, as well as get acquainted with the RT2 scenarios. I didn't check all the posts at this time, so with the "Hill's" being posted, I didn't check to see if there were any other "newly created" scenarios. Don't want to get too many projects going at one time. LOL Nice to be back with the "gang".
  3. Starvania Map

    Well Superchief, I find your scenario very interesting with a great terrain amount of features. The goals are to my liking for the industries which are imposed. Both the Sugar and Troops are functioning propery, But I have ran into a problem with the Bauxite and Aluminum goal. There were no accummulation credit in the ledger status. I even tried to make sure that the goal required BOTH bauxite AND aluminum at Kobah without any result. I know that the industry was getting credit, as I waited until both the Aluminum Factory and the Tool and Die industries were at Lucrative, before purchaseing them. If the triggers are working for you, I don't know the reason I am having the problem with this portion of the scenario. Ray of Sunshine
  4. New Map: Great Lakes

    Darth Veda, Seeing that there are so many viewers of this scenario with remarks, I must be missing the location for the download of your scenario. Although I may have it from another site. However, I was raised in the Upper Midwest around Lake Superior, and i enjoy playing scenarios in that area. Any direction would be appreciated. Ray of Sunshine ;)