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Your actors for Denis Villeneuve's new Dune film


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On the basis that he is recreating the original novel (I've not seen anything different?), who would be your actors? 

Is it wrong that I think Kyle Maclachan could play Leto? 

Jared Leto as Feyd Rautha? 

Tom Hardy as Duncan Idaho? 

Idris Elba as Gurney Halleck? 

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You know, I never visualised the faces of the characters, in the book, and hardly remember what it says about their appearance, except for some rare bits: Gurney Halleck is "a lump of a man", Chani has "elfin features", and the Count Fenring for some reason brings up the word "ferret" in my mind although the Baron called him an assassin with the manners of a rabbit.

I can only compare the portrayals in Lynch's film and the miniseries, although neither probably matches what I imagines in my head while reading. Leto from the film felt sorta off with the beard, I imagined him clean-shaven I guess to better emphasise the aquiline nose (does the book say that anywhere or am I making this up?). I liked the miniseries Dr. Kynes and not Max von Sudow's portrayal of the same in the film; Chani on the other hand is too bulky compared to Sean Young etc. I thought that Patrick Stewart could be a neat Duke (and he totally doesn't match anything about Gurney in the book).

I've heard the names of the actors you propose (and probably seen something they are involved with) but apart from Kyle Maclachlan (obviously) I hardly have an idea what they look like. I don't think he'd make a good Duke though, he'd probably fit more with Yueh (I'm using this photo for reference).


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Where did all this funding/expectations come from?

Is Villeneuve the God Emperor?

A possible 2 part movie for first book, then a tv show?

Or is it possible only the first movie will be made and it will move to a tv show format to tell the rest of the story/books?

Who will play Hwi Noree ?


Will this film force me to go to the theatres for first time in years?

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