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  1. Just doing a small check in. Started posting here as a child in the year 2002 - was roughly 8 years old. Played E:BFD mostly. 27 years old now and a high school teacher. Still love playing video games as well. Glad to still see lots of familiar names around. Think the last time I postd in this thread was the year 2012 or something.
  2. Greetings Dune2k! I highly doubt most of you would remember me; I was not an active member of this forum for a prolonged amount of time. I was one of those people that came in for a few years and accumulated about 2k posts then went on my way. I joined this forum when I was ten years old in 2002 - I am now 19 years old and a sophomore at university. I'm glad to see that this place is still getting some occasional posts :) I'll never forget about this place as my first internet hangout. I hope you all (some I may know, most I may not) are doing well and keep doing well. Best regards, Bryan
  3. I don't post here anymore but stumbled on the site in my favorites. Thought I would share a couple facts with you guys. I played E:BFD online in 2001 when I was approximately 8 years old. I joined this forum a year later in 2002. It is now 2009 and I just turned 16 on July 9th. Time flies.
  4. This is the first post here in a LONG time but.. Easiest: Any boss that just takes a systematic approach. Hardest: I'd say one of the hardest bosses I can remember was learning and stratting against C'Thun in AQ40 (WoW). There are others up there though. Most annoying award: Any boss with any kind of "random" attribute.
  5. I did turn 15 (hehe) on July 9th but I haven't been here until now to post. I'm on vacation in the western US as well and got to go to a rodeo for my birthday.
  6. There hasn't been a post in this thread in a long time. I guess I'll be the first to restart it. I currently play: Call of Duty 2 I currently can play: BF 2142 Guild Wars (all expansions as well) Many, many other games. Ask me. I'll play one of these and restart my account if someone starts something big: Vanguard: Saga of Heroes WoW (and TBC) EQ2
  7. I doubt anyone remembers me, but good for you if you do. I've been getting on with life. This is probably the first time I looked here for a few months. Brings back the memories of good old Emp. :) T'was the game that got me into gaming and the internet. Anywho: Hello new people, hello to the old people as well. Until next time, Bryo =]
  8. I lol'd. Having played the real WoW for about 2 years, then playing on a private server and getting to level 200 in about a day, then playing a 'blizzard-like' private server, its safe to say private servers lack what majorly makes up WoW: community, population, and ..people. Even though alot of WoW is chalk-full of immature people, that immature person is the one you just killed while roaming around Searing Gorge.
  9. Who is in your opinion the best emperor player ever? Sardcore, Doom,, Brennq, Harkdawg The coolest player u've ever met? Darkdeth, Darkruler, Mst9999 Your best teammate?? Mst9999, Doom, Slaphapy, Sycplayer the biggest noob? Don't remember. And the best players of the last few months/years? Haven't played. the best person that you won from (while he was playing serious) ? omg 2v2'd doom once. rofl. the stupiest emperor player ?? Nav biggest cheater/whiner.. ? Nav *Please note most of these are from 6ish years ago, when I actually played.
  10. bryorama

    Battlefield 2

    Hey, I know I've talked to you about this before Guns and Company, but I have Battlefield 2 (no special forces), and I'd be extremely interested in having a squad with you guys. (If thats what you guys do in-game while on TS.) I played about 2 weeks, had about rank 3 or 4. I liked medic. I haven't played in a long time, though.
  11. LOL. Yeah, I liked mobbing bosses spamming sinister strike, too.* /yawn *For the record, I played a 6/8 BF, 2/5 DD combat swords rogue.
  12. bryorama

    Vanguard: SoH

    Correct. Different servers with different rulesets.
  13. It's still quite the funny thing, though.
  14. bryorama

    Vanguard: SoH

    You got me wrong, man. I meant that there is supposed to be PvP, and very good PvP, its mechanics and rulesets aren't implemented yet.
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