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  1. I live! Was worried I wouldn't be able to login to my old account for a while, took a day for the reset password email to send. I'm surprised this forum is still going strong, congrats to Gobalopper for keeping it up. I suppose it's been online about 15 years since westwood turned the forums over to gobalopper from emperor battle for dune? that's a long time. Nothing much new to report. Got a computer science degree. turned 30 recently (yeah, I was pretty young when I made a lot of posts a long time ago). Now I think about it probably everyone here that's been here a while is probably a lot older. These days I spend more time making games than playing them, and prepping for interviews a lot, trying to get out of the rat race like everyone else is I suppose. Enjoyed playing emperor with you guys back in the day and the discussions. I still remember reading some of the riddles from emprworm's old thread. It's good this site is still around.
  2. I live! wow, my last post was December 31 2006.. A whole lot's changed. Well, I'm into computer programming now much more than I was before, and I'll probably eventually get a job doing it. I'm a little bit older obviously.. em. Well, I'm really not sure what to say. Time sure goes fast. I still dabble in drawing characters occasionally for the fun of it, though just like before pretty rarely. I've thought of getting a website sometime soon and putting all of my writings/programs/projects on it, but we'll see how it goes. Anyway, just dropping by to say hello! I'm not even sure if many people remember me.. ___ By the way, not trying to go off topic, but if you guys want to look at an old interesting topic related somewhat to this thread, see "How long will you keep visiting fed2k" made in 2003 http://forum.dune2k.com/index.php?topic=8314.0 I think there were at least a few people who didn't post long afterward that said something there.
  3. Well, its 2006 here. My new years resolution was my high resolution moniter I got for Christmas!
  4. Boneland and graphics world are good links. I like the idea behind this thread. Everyone keep throwing stuff in! http://theimaginaryworld.com/ The imagineary world has stuff out of the 1960s. Such as cereal boxes and cartoons. http://www.ferryhalim.com/orisinal/ Best flash games on the net I've seen. www.howstuffworks.com Learn when your bored www.neopets.com A kids site, but still, they have some cool flash games.
  5. sneezer3

    A cool site

    Dude thats crazy! Whoever made that must have had a lot of time on there hands! (Reffering to gryphon's post)
  6. sneezer3

    A cool site

    While surfing the web on Google I ran across a site with links to freeware and stuff http://www.oolsi.com/
  7. "Anyway, dvorak seems to be proven to be more efficient then qwerty. So for the quick typers among us it could be a interesting thing. But for all us apes seeking every key before we type it, it wouldn't matter that much." Actually, it all kinda adds up. i am just getting started, and it takes a while to adjust. I used a black marker to write on my keybor and am havinf to hunt keys as I type even now. The truth is, I never leared to to type properly. Im an old pecker from way back.
  8. The thing about it is, most of the time your typeing near one row. The most critical keys are always closest, such as vowels. I read its actully easier to learn Dvorak than Qwerty, simpley because the letters are arranged better for the typist.
  9. Apparently the keyboard which became the standered in the end, isn't the most efficiant. It was designed to slow the typist down. You can "remap" your keyboard so you can type way faster. Though in some ways you would have to learn to type again. I'l let you read the rest. http://traevoli.com/dvorak.php 8)
  10. Just what the topic said. Go to www.dunecommand.com or goto www.bzuniverse.com and scrool down. And again, this isn't the full version. Its a demo to the mod!
  11. Like I said before. "its possable to cheat by moving the mouse real quick or right clicking. If I make another maze that won't be a problem." Basicly if I make another one i'm going to add some places in the maze that must be crossed. I'l pick a transparent color so nobody will be able to know where.. so you'l be best off just going through the whole thing before cheating. Anyway, I partly agree sheezyart is kinda messed up in some ways. Without getting to much off topic, how do you think so?
  12. haha yeah. Gotta watch out for that block that appears behind you when you get the pie to.
  13. Check this out guys. http://www.sheezyart.com/view/287615/ I made it myself.. Its a maze were you gotta keep the mouse within the lines and make it to the pie. Preety simple and its possable to cheat by moving the mouse real quick or right clicking. If I make another maze that won't be a problem. Post your thoughts!
  14. Why can't I quit laughing.. :( Their is no diffrance between the two. Its an exact copy to save file size. Probably done with symbols in flash. The other picture looks like its off the movie I seen near halloween. Their was an animation posted a while back with the same genius scare idea.. If your gonna laugh at somthing stupid then make sure its laughworthy.
  15. How is that book legal? :O
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