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Leaving soon, goodbye to all!

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Soon enough I will be travelling down under, and I doubt I'll have much time to visit here (not that I've managed to come aroudn all too often lately).  I thought I'd come by and say goodbye to ya'll, just in case my plane, oh, crashes and I die a horrible, horrible death.  Or in case I don't get an internet connection before our server lease runs out. 

Adios my loyal Fremen.

(spits on the ground)

We really need a spits ont eh ground emoticon....

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Do I get your red hat if your plane crashes?

Have some great travelling Mahdi. I dunno really what you're going to do there, but do buy some "maple whiskey" as the airport to promote Quebec pride to Aussies ;D

Travel well and send pictures :)

[me=Egeides]spits in the air hoping to catch it back[/me]

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Welcome, dear smuggler. From the polar caps and into the desert! We travel irregular steps in single file.

Learn to lick your salty sweat and savour each last moment of it. Learn the sweet song of bird and lizard and insect, and to know what each one heralds. Learn to know the age of each season by the angle of each branch of each tree you encounter. Learn the value of water, the vast danger of fire, the treasure of humour and the value of mates. You will make them for life if you're all right. Savor no comforts and you will want for none. Befriend a dog. It could save your life. Respect distance and it will shield you from idiots. Learn to cook from a hotplate. Learn the magick of gross understatement. Every word wastes water.


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Why not?  Claire and that Canadian chick are really hot....

until she starts speaking... (Claire)

by the way 1: do all australians have such an annoying accent or is it just her?

by the way 2: the plane flight was from sydney to l.a. - not TO australia ;)

actual message:

good bye, enjoy it and just try to come around from time to time  :)

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Hah, it's funny watching people reply to this thread. It just confirms that the rest of the world seems to think Australia is some sort of backwater (oh no, it's 15 hours from LA).  :D

Yeah I guess you're all right, unless it's locally produced, we're usually the last to get the movies, music, and technology. Movies are 'coming soon' to a cinema down here while they're already 4-6 months old in the United States, and we most likely have the worse pings in the world (probably due to a combination of our geographical location and our networks).

Anyway, I know this comes late, but have a safe trip, and hopefully enjoy your stay down here. We're approaching the middle of Summer now, and the extended drought hasn't been helping our water crisis (at least in Victoria), now that the bushfire season is in full swing.

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