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  1. (big edit, hoping to make it fit better) ho noh... our universities will be filled with communists Hwi thinks she got there with serious work and studies some others didn't care for, Edric thinks he did just like many others. All are not born equal while all do not study equal either. Adam Smith, who was certainly gifted, also studied hard and himself gave much or most of his wealth to charity - he did not do things "equal" to others. If he built up his system from his own personal expectations that people look like that too (or become like this in his system), those not fitting this expectation are in a gap.* Edric, you seem to take the left side of this road. With the care for studying and a head that's helping with school, not to mention thinking about giving extra earnings, you might actually have more to agree than it looks with the marxists' steretypical nemesis. Adam Smith's system might share more than you think with your thinking - if you take into account the entirety of his writings.* This means Smith could actually agree with much of your principles (and by extension disagree with some who'd have claimed legitimacy from his heritage). Unvoluntarily, by some common principles, you might both defend the same thing except that in a group of 10 with a conflict you'd defend 5 of them and he'd defend the 5 others.** Overall, I think it makes that a part of what you bring, whatever the field, can work out fine with some calling themselves "right wing", libertarians, whatever. As long as it doesn't become just about politics I guess. It makes some place for agreement with "right-wing" people with different views if nuances are kept, as long as each takes care of his respective specialties. Ex: You and Hwi both want some integrity around which, from you, is useful to rulers and, from Hwi, is useful to people in need of honest information from lenders to make good economic decisions. * Note also that Adam Smith wrote about morality, ethics and such topics. This might tell how his economic system is counting on that part actually being there. Many present views arguably based on Smith are actually not agreing with Smith's grand view and could be cherry-picking. ** i.e. Like people defending freedom or else, just for different groups. They actually defend the same thing on some points, though their vocabulary does not explicitly say so.
  2. I'm not worried about these smokescreens and such. I disgress just a little. I don't think it's so much about if a specific move is gaining the public's trust and works. It's more of a whole package, some of it being there pretty much just because everyone is used to it even if it's not efficient. So one part might be just smoke and mirror, but it'll be about if the whole - including the social "symbolism" - works. Hope all you can :P
  3. Hey Gob, wouuuhouuuu! I sent an email at his FED2k address and I'm pretty sure he didn't receive it or he'd have answered. Any way to confirm? Random intercession seems his only way of communication.
  4. I like your comment. It is almost off-topic after the rest. I think Gob didn't like this to be on the main page heh
  5. Egeides


    Chinese tea? ;D
  6. Stillsuits come one step closer to reality., as shown here on model Minka Kelly: [img height=400 width=300]http://www.tvpredictions.com/hotminka502.jpg Minka Kelly
  7. Was it all EA's fault again?
  8. My impression is that Edric's point is pushed too far if it goes to the point of saying like Lenin that gold is worth nothing. The reason for this is that, in daily life, trust that it'll work is often worth more than the object by itself.
  9. Lenin said that gold was only worth paving public bathroom floors with. Do you imply something like that?
  10. The radical has spoken. Not a first time, but I really disagree. I want to know one thing Edric: once you are in power, what would lead you to consider someone else's opinions if those are "compromises" stated here?
  11. Probably interesting but more film-related. The parts I added were directly related to Dune works.
  12. Egeides


    Of course.... But as good the teacher was when it came to teaching, he was hilariously bad when he graded. I got bored arguing in circles and thereafter got that in more subtle ways in the following evaluations. I see this as a life lesson for cheap.
  13. Egeides


    Oh come on... :D I don't remember the exact question since it's years ago, but the test was covering Greeks and Romans and whoever around. I checked after and my "wrong" answer was written elsewhere in the same textbook
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