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  1. Timenn



    This is a modswapper for Emperor. It allows you to easily install and remove mods. Only 1 mod at the time. You can also decide to reset Emperor to the way it was, before mods were placed.
  2. Version 1.1


    For three years the Great Landsraad House Atreides was growing weary of the feuding on Arrakis. Finally after a succession of horrible defeats at the hands of their enemies the Atreides have sounded the retreat and are now departing the warring planet of Arrakis for their homes on Caladan. The Atreides diplomats called an emergency session of the Landsraad Council and began negotiating with their enemies, in an effort for a final peace for the honorable house. The Atreides Duke approved many concessions and compromises, and spent fully a third of his house's outside resources buying peace for
  3. 108 downloads

    Defines and lists all of the uses of all of the texture files in Emperor: Battle for Dune.
  4. Timenn

    Mass Effect 2

    Doesn't your job involve denying any bug exists in the first place? Haven't found any troublesome "bugs" so far. If you ask me I would blame the Xbox 360 console. It's always safe to blame that one. I like the game, it's engaging and the action has improved over Mass Effect 1. The thing I missed most, I think, are the strange planets you could visit. Not that I didn't feel sorry you didn't have to visit the same hideout layouts over and over again, but there is something very cool about driving around under a red giant. The new upgrade system worked for me. I never mind large inventories with
  5. Can agree with grypon about Death at a Funeral, wonderful film. The fact that is remade so soon into what seems like only a mere American version disturbs me somewhat. There are a couple of films I'd like to see, but the ones I'm most curious about are Ridley Scott's Robin Hood, and Harry Potter 7 (hoping for an equal improvement as with part 6 to part 5).
  6. Timenn


    Bah, again something typical for them people south of the rivers...
  7. Yes, you should stay away! Bloody tourists complaining about tourists, that's our job! I have to agree with namp about Rome, though I must add Paris to the list (beneath Rome though). And there's Troms
  8. Still, it's worth considering he hasn't left you in all these years.
  9. I'm still interested. I have been on vacation the past three weeks, though it seems nothing much happened around here anyway.
  10. Sorry, I feel the poll is a bit skewed. Members, who are allowed to vote, will see the message board more often than the front page, meaning that they are likely to see the new posts in FED2k News first. The anonymous visitor is more likely to see the site itself, and the news presented there, and they can't vote!
  11. I've asked around a bit, and it seems like Vista is rejected by both regular consumers as well as system operators. It's heavy, it has alot of useless "features" and it doesn't really add anything important that wasn't already in XP (or NT, for that matter).
  12. If I recall it correctly, an old Westwood employee commented on it here. He said that it was possible to use the units online, but they were only available for building to people who pre-ordered.
  13. That sort of settings is probably found in the Wiki/Site stylesheet as well. There is a way to make links a different color by using <span style="color: #000000;">link</span>. But this is a very bad idea, because it has to be done manually for every link, and leaves very redundant info.
  14. Timenn

    The Book Thread

    I'm re-reading The Wheel of Time series (by Robert Jordan) at the moment. Book Five (Fires of Heaven) to be precise. Series is very in-depth fantasy, that will end with the 12th book. Sadly the author has died before finishing the final novel. An author has been selected to finish the series, and I hope (and suspect) he will do a good job on it.
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