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    Tileset » Arrakis Release » 2003-06-10 Players » Eight Map Size » 256 * 256 Additional Info » In honour of such a great game, I decided to create a map to pay tribute to Emperor Battle for Dune. All players start on their own rock on the sides of the map, with plenty of space to build. There are three ways to get onto each of the rock platforms. Towards the centre, you will find four circular rock plateaus with a Guild Mega Cannon on each, which may be worth capturing, although defending them should prove to be somewhat of a challenge. These four circular rock plateaus must be accessed to reach the central rock platform, on which the palaces of the Atreides, Harkonnen, Ordos, and Guild are waiting to be captured. Ordos will be able to reach this area more easily than the other two houses, as they do not need to access the four circular rock plateaus to reach the centre. Infantry rock and trenches scattered throughout the map should aid in the defense of important locations and routes. When designing this map, the focus was on creativity, and to make the map as interesting as possible. This is the end result, and I hope you enjoy playing on this map as much as I enjoyed creating it.
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    Tileset » Giedi Prime Release » 2002-09-13 Players » Eight Map Size » 256 * 256 Additional Info » A large network of bridges and causeways connects eight buildable areas to a central bridge network that gives access to all other areas. There are several places where people have been fastened to poles or hung on gallows, and then left to rot over raging infernos. I recommend that you have a fairly fast computer when playing on this map, since the fire effects, various structures, objects, and bridges put a pretty high demand on resources.
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    Tileset » Draconis Release » 2002-12-26 Players » Eight Map Size » 256 * 256 Additional Info » This is a large eight player Draconis map, with plenty of space to build on each of the eight ice platforms off to the sides. There is only one way into each of the separate areas for ground units, some areas are marginally harder to access than others. All ground units must enter the central area to access enemy bases, unless they are being transported via Advanced Carryalls. In the centre you will find various Ordos installations, don't expect them to last very long as battles rage among them. If you do plan on taking one or more of these structures for your own use, you had better be prepared to defend them against attacks from all directions.
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    Tileset » Caladan Release » 2002-11-17 Players » Six Map Size » 256 * 256 Additional Info » This is probably the most basic map I've made to date. I tried to get the top and bottom of the map to be exactly the same so they are a mirror image of each other, although the central parts of the map will have noticeable differences. You will also notice areas on the platforms where there are dark patches. Unfortunately, I could not find a way to fix this, so the patches may make the sides of the buildable platforms look somewhat unappealing. There is plenty of space to build a base on all six buildable areas, and due to this, ground access will be limited. Defending against ground assaults should be fairly easy, but engineer drops can be very effective on this map. This map emphasizes the use of infantry in battle, as there are many places where infantry can defend choke points around the map, like bridges. A good map for people that like infantry wars or like to build large bases with multiple production facilities of the same type. Note: You should preferably set the AI to 'Attacker' when playing skirmishes against the computer, since the two other AI modes like to build lots of walls in their bases, and if there are too many units and/or structures on the map you might not be able to build anymore until some units/buildings are destroyed. You might notice this if you have four or more AI playing on this map.
  5. 55 downloads

    Tileset » Arrakis Release » 2002-08-20 Players » Four Map Size » 256 * 256 Additional Info » This is the first map I ever created for any game. The map is a large map for four players. I deliberately designed the map to force players to be efficient in the construction of their bases. This map is also a good map to utilize dust bowls and infantry rock/cover to their fullest benefit. I tried to make the map as interesting as possible, while still offering good performance to people with lower end computers. The four rock plateaus at each corner of the map vary in how difficult they are to defend, so exploit terrain features when you can. Expect the AI to be a bitch. :)
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    This small 'patch' will change the icons that Emperor Battle for Dune displays during gameplay. IT WILL NOT CHANGE THE GAMEPLAY IN ANY WAY, so it will not cause games to go out of sync when playing online or what not. ALL icons, including both structures and units will be affected. The original icon files will not be altered, they will just be ignored by the game, and no longer used.
  7. Hello everyone. I'm glad to see this historic place has been well kept. The forums seem to have changed a little. The Hunter Seeker that used to be under my name has somehow vanished. : ) Is there a 'like' button for everything now? *tilts head* I'd just like to let anyone who may be interested know that I'm still alive and doing okay. I hope life is being kind to you all, and if things aren't going too well for you right now, then may things turn out better for you soon. I'm looking forward to the apocalypse. Hopefully it won't be a huge disappointment like the millenium bug, eh? ; ) Take care of yourselves. -IxianMace-
  8. I've played the co-op campaign with someone online several months ago. Unless the technical details have changed or something, I don't see why it wouldn't still be possible. Here's a thread with some previous discussion on how to do it.
  9. Has anyone successfully hosted and played an EBFD co-op campaign recently? If so, which setup/server did you use? I'd love to get back on Emp to play some co-op, but I'm only aware of co-op campaign functioning correctly in the old days of WOL.
  10. I've just discovered Synaesthete, a free game which combines elements of rhythm/music/beat based games and shooters.
  11. I'm currently fiddling around with Mabinogi. There's no emphasis on the traditional 'grinding' for experience. You basically go wherever and do whatever you want. It's like a simulation of life or a Massively Multiplayer Online sandbox. It's very in depth. There's almost too much choice in this game.
  12. Total Annihilation Dune 2000 The Moon Project
  13. This is true for units but not the case for structures. The game will only realize that prerequisites for structures are missing if you lose your Construction Yard and then rebuild it. Example: Your build an Ix Research Center which enables further construction options like the Palace, the Missile Tank, Sonic Tank, Devastator, and Deviator. The Ix Research Center is destroyed/sold. You will still be able to build the Palace even though you can no longer build Missile Tanks/Sonic Tanks/Devastators/Deviators from the Heavy Factory. In order for the game to realize that the Palace can no longer be built, the Construction Yard must be destroyed/sold and then rebuilt. The vehicles that required the Ix Research Center will however, disappear from the unit build list.
  14. I've just tried out this modified .exe for about ten minutes. The game ran very slowly. I've attached a .zip file containing a large .txt file and a .gif file so you can see what I had when I quit. By the way, I quit and restarted skirmish once because I didn't like the position I was in when the game started. Dune2klog.zip
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