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  1. The Old Timers' Notice Board

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all !
  2. The Old Timers' Notice Board

    Hello all , well it's been more than a few months
  3. Happy Christmas

    Just popped in to wish you all a very Happy Christmas !
  4. The Old Timers' Notice Board

    My God your all still here :) I've been playing Planetside Aftershock now for nearly 4 years, have my own outfit , the biggest on the European server :) Is it still possible to play Emp BFD ? is a server still up and running ? Nice to hear from you all again. My Emp char was Atomic245 if anyone remembers me ?
  5. Leaving soon, goodbye to all!

    Hope to see your posts eventually again Mahdi, after all Australia does have access to the net too you know :) Have fun drinking all those new types of beer and chatting up the Sheila's.
  6. Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!

    Merry Christmas, hope you all enjoy your Turkey's :)
  7. Vanguard: SoH

    You guys need to check out SoE's Planetside Aftershock, a little known game but fantsatic it's an MMOFPS There are 3 Empires to choose from and it has quite a steep learning curve, I have been playing it for over 2 years ! The graphics are awesome, but be warned it is totally addictive.
  8. saddest songs

    Mine is " Emotions" from Samantha Sang.
  9. Notice to Gob

    Hats ! lol how about some Sun Tan lotion :)
  10. all players

    I just had a Anterior Cervical Disectomy in C5/6 on my neck so I will have alot of time soon, I was operated on on Tuesday last , so It will take me a few more days to be able to set it up, but then I will, if anyone can give me details of how to set up the server etc, and what I need to get it all working again ? that would be great.
  11. thanks for the discs

    I still have some original copies of EMP BFD, I bought them as safety copies :)
  12. all players

    OMG, are you still playing Empy .lol it would take me ages to get it set up again I fear :) Thought I would say hi to you all, someone might remember me Atomic245
  13. A girl that was about to be my girlfriend,

    Women are like betting , you have a 50-50 chance of winning her over. She can either say yes or no, basically everything is down to mathematics. Make em laugh, that has always worked for me,the more they laugh the easier it is to get them to drop their panties. :P :-[ ;D Plus a wise man once told me that for every pot there is a lid that fits, life is just a search for that lid.
  14. Happy thanksgiving!

    Happy Christmas :P