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  1. Writing a dissertation
  2. Why thank you! I have actually been lurking since the NS post, reading the Golden Dawn topic with great interest. (Funny enough, I turned down an invitation to a conference in Athens the other day due to concerns about the political situation there...and the fact I'm still a poor graduate student and the Republicans have been slashing my travel budget.) Anyhow, to be on topic, Pandora's Legend of Zelda station, where it's playing something from Pokémon's soundtrack.
  3. Oy...Edric good sir, I feel old now that the thread was 11.5 years ago! Then again, I felt old when you pointed out our nations on NS are more than a decade old. Please give me a moment to go review at least some of my thread posts before I answer your question, as I'm sure a great deal has changed, not only with maturity, but also given the fact I am no longer a Baptist. Edit: I think I need a drink, after my atrocious typing at the time. Though I think I've grown a bit less "attack dog" over time. Also, deeply appreciate Timenn being so level headed. However, I'm amazed at just how
  4. So much snow...and the week before Finals no less.
  5. I saw the other guy's avatar and went "I could've sworn I only commented on this on Facebook!" Anyhow, as I said over there, good work standing up for the homeless guy. And also, terribly unimpressed with law enforcement's lack of reaction, yet completely unsurprised. (I do get to say that as a Criminology PhD student, right?)
  6. Brilliant...I'll go check and see how the Sandworms are coming along then... :)
  7. I'm alive still, it's just been a busy past few months to half year. I finished up my thesis and received my Masters in Criminal Justice, then I moved and started my PhD in Criminology.
  8. Should it be allowed? We have a longstanding tradition in this nation of the separation of church and state, which isn't always followed to the best of either side's abilities, yet, it remains nonetheless. If it is built, I agree that the people who build it should know that it will be vandalized, because a lot of individuals will not want to think of a difference between a Mainstream Muslim, and what the media has taken to calling "Islamofascists" and "Islamic Extremists". Furthermore, those who worship there and visit, should know that there will most likely be some group harassing them
  9. Point taken Edric. It really is, as you put it, Schrodinger's God in a way. He exists, yet He doesn't. Because if one or the other was proven the Cat may or may not be dead--erm...God may or may not be real. Not only that, but in the Bible, God levels a threat against any who would dare try to kill Cain. Genesis 4:14 Every time GDI kills Kane, we get a sequel where things became all the worse for them. ;) Even in Tiberium Wars we see "All is calm, the world is slowly getting better...OH MAN THE PHILADELPHIA JUST BLEW UP, GDI'S BEEN DECAPITATED". And then the Scrin invasion wrecking
  10. http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=6076576914 The Facebook Group. I'm embarassed to say I've been a member for years and forgot. ;D
  11. And suddenly the Facebook status makes sense...
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