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Favorite game?

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Well it was Command and Conquer Generals.......but since its out of commition and unrepairable.....my new favorite is Battlefield Vietnam.

Current favorits......

But If I had to choose a all time favorite that would take a bit more thought....

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I agree, Jack.  Fallout 2 is very good.  I really like the cold war theme it has to it, with Louis Armstrong's "A Kiss to Build a Dream On" playing in the intro music.  The game is very buggy though, unfortunately.

I think if I had to choose one single game above all else, it would be Harlan Ellison's I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream.  It had such a deep, horrific storyline to it, and played out really well.  Ellison himself, who wrote the short story on which it's based, personally had a large part in its creation, and even did voice acting as the voice of the mad supercomputer Am.

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Difficult question. I usually regard Command & Conquer: Red Alert as the best game ever. There are multiple that come close though:


Tiberian Sun

System Shock

Theme Hospital

Civilization II

And more.

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For me, there are many, many games that I could say as a favorite - or come close to it. But my top 5 list is:

1. Emperor: Battle for Dune- I have no words that could explain how awesome this game was. I remember waking up 3 hours before everyone else in my house to play, and playing it until the night fell. I loved this game.

2. StarCraft- This game is extremely old, been playing it for many, many years, although online NEVER gets old. Call of Duty and many more games that are extremely good are coming out, but I always come back to StarCraft.

3. Knight Online- Knight Online's atmosphere was really cool. 100+ weapons, same with Armor, jewelry, and everything else. Several places to go, different shops, and fighting other online players was just so fun. Besides that, the basic concoction for this game was the MMORPG interface it had.

4. Command & Conquer: Generals- Now this game, was really good. Very strategic and user-friendly. There was no such thing as not having fun on Generals.

--> Wanting to have fun --> Best way to have fun is win --> You win by Teamwork (If playing 2v2 or up) --> Teamwork is more important than the player. One more sidenote - EA, you ruined Generals by making Zero Hour.

5. Battlefield 1942 + Desert Combat, Road to Rome, Vietnam, Secret Weapons of World War 2- This game was really fun, the best FPS I have personally ever played. Many weapon choices, vehicles, so many maps, just plain fun. Once you go you can't stop.

Then of course after these 5, there are many other great games. Call of Duty, Halo, Mech Warrior, + many more.

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Nah ut2k3 is quite a bit different than ut99, especially the movement and weapon physics. Ut2k4 on the other hand is very similar to ut2k3, with quite a few minor modifications however (most of which i dont care for all too much) The vehicles are a cool addition, and onslaught mode can be fun, although it tends to cater to the noob community more than anything.

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