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  1. Neither do I actualy, because I started playing seriuosly since Champions of Kamigawa, been playing core game before that ;D. I know about those ninjas, there was an article at magicthegathering.com about the ramake of the precon Ninjutsu deck. And it did perform quite well, but it'd still face alot of rpoblems playing agains WW or Mono Black Control with a bunch of removal spells... :-
  2. I know there was a similar thread long long ago, but I decided not to dig it out but to start a fresh one. So do you guys play the game? If yes what's the archetype of your T2 deck? Extended? I myself play for already a year and I'm obsessed with it. I have assembled a full Mono Blue Control deck, and show up quite well in the tournaments 8)
  3. I like my original name, well and Ordos to make it more Dune'ish... ;)
  4. You're right guys, duniverse need something new, with all these cheap new Dune books. I mean a new guy to Dune would go to the store and buy the latest book and after reading MC he'd probably label Dune as another lousy SWMatrix clone so :'( The boards are dying because Gob isn't here... :-
  5. Hey what the hell, is fed2k dying? I mean after two months I log in and find mostly same topics and same news :-
  6. I personaly don't think so, if the director has good imagination, he can easily make a good movie out of the book, but if the director imagines olive skin, dark hair Atreides from a water world, with a lot of sun like the guy that's in the movie...what should we expect :-
  7. I have no doubt, R. Jordan never tried to copy anything from anyone, and I sure hope...to learn what are the philosophies of the green, blue, yellow, white and grey Ajah's ;)
  8. Do those guys ever think there might be Dune fans OUTSIDE USA :-?
  9. Indeed... That place where everyone's chanting Achilles! Achilles!..Mua'Dib!! *Offtopic* Troy is an awesome movie *Offtopic*
  10. I'm not in the mood to write a novel, of changes that need to be made to the movie, but... well in order to make the movie more "cool", the battle for Arrakeen could made at the scale of LOTR3 battle for Minas Tirith, I mean Arrakeen defended by a large force of Sardaukars (not just 3 unlucky guys standing @ the front door ;D ;D ). Include Fedaykeen VS Bashar SW Jedi style knife fights...hmm could be very cool ;)
  11. Dune is a mirror of our world. There's an article @ www.dunenovels.com , where FH gives some usefull info, I mean, for understanding the duniverse better ;)
  12. But there is one thing that's not as original as the rest of the world, the Aes Sedai are very, I mean very familiar to the Bene Gesserit. Only women, using powers that can be used only by women, manipulating the world's politics, every leader has an advisor from that organisation... ;)
  13. Historicaly accurate...well...there're alot of games actually Aoe2, Total War series, the games I mentioned before - they all have history accurate campaigns. And in Cossacks you can even play historical battles in multiplayer. And they are historicaly accurate. Simply, the army that historicaly lost the batttle has goals like "Hold that point for 5 min" etc...
  14. I usualy create my own world and put Forgotten Realms races in there....
  15. Well you were completely wrong, it isn't like any of the fantasy worlds I've read before. ;)
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