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  1. I've been trying to get emperor installed to play but for whatever reason I can't install. Put cd in. Autorun promts then I click install; then, nothing. From what I've heard there's a squad of about 8-12 people still playing.
  2. Just downloaded tunngle is that where people play out of?
  3. Was doing my annual run by of this game to see if it was still being played and came across this thread. My best experience during my run of my favorite rts was back in the old clan ladder days. I remember being so young then and having a blast with my clan the "dark" clan trying to make the top 5 every month. Those sneaky SKUM and FEW were always battling it out for the top 2 spots. Had some good times with those guys too great players in each clan but they were bitter rivals with one another. Being in a game with them filling in a spot you could cut the tension I loved it haha. Other best memory was playing constantly with zilents me being a hark rusher he taught me his ways of ordos rushing and his secret build order. bar fact ref 1 scout 4 gas 1 engi 6 gas then mortar/gas mix with 4 dusts and 1 lasers then 6 dusts. Worked every time.
  4. Its true you have to be careful. It happened to me back in the day lol
  5. Hey Doom! Welcome back, we've been playing on a lan based system that supports 4v4's now on hamanchi and tunngle. Glad to hear your back hope to see you out that.. Funny note... I still use one of your building orders from the old days once in a while haha. Dark
  6. Hey guys, I got it working and I'm ready for battle... Well almost just got my a-- handled to me by newlords haha but I'll get there... See you on arrackis. Dark
  7. So I've looked everywhere and can't fine my emp discs. Is there anywhere where I could find a copy cheap quickly without going through ebay. For a game over 10 years old its kinda price lol. Also if there is some alternative way post or shoot me a message please. Thanks, Dark
  8. I tried to get on a few weeks ago.... Couldn't find the discs :(
  9. HEY, who said you can name your alliance dark without my permission ?! ;)
  10. So people play on tuungle? I just bought a new laptop maybe it can run ebfd I'll see...
  11. Hey guys, If this ever happens, I'll come back through... Wouldn't might buzzsawing a few of you all. darkd3th
  12. what is this hamanchi thing? and asre there a lot of players on this server?
  13. two years later getting the last word in lol
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