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Favorite game?

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Diablo 2: lord of destruction (still play it)

star craft (because of its constant replayability with moded maps)



any Mario game(you can tell i was a nintendo child)

i have no idea what my favorite game of all time would be...

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since everyone is putting manny games on the list i will give some to

this games i realy love

resident evil code veronica (dreamcast)

final fantasy 7 , 8 and tactics (playstation)

metal gear solid (playstation)

golden axe (arcade)

elevator action (arcade)

moom patrol (arcade)

galaga (arcade)

robotron (arcade)

black and withe (pc)

sacrifice (pc)

freelancer (pc)

emperor batle for dune (pc)

ferrari f355 chalenge (dreamcast) & (arcade)

dune 2000 (pc)

far cry (pc)

super metroid (super nintendo)

metroid II (game boy)

metroid (nes)

about something:

the gba metroids are cool to but after playng zero mission and fusion i realise that they are tooo eazy and metroid is good because is hard... in the super nes version wen u are near the end u see a scarry world but samus in this level is well armed so u feel good enouth to take all the risks... in fusion near the end the world is easy and samus are crappy weack...

final fantasy 9 is cool to. but only for the strategy involved in make your characters strong... the storyline grafics and inspiration are gone

final fantasy tactics for the gba is a piece of %

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I just beat Deus Ex. Great game.

I noticed a ton of smiliarties between Deus Ex and Metal Gear Solid 2, though. Secret Societies, massive AIs that can control the Internet, the Internet playing a huge role in the plot. Raidain/Snake/JC also think and act much in the same way, and gameplay is also similar, with an emphasis on stealth over run-and-gun. However, in Deus Ex, there's a good deal more gunning -- and freedom of choice in how you want to play the game. Multiple endings are nice, too.

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All three... the Helios ending seemed to have the best result, but Tracer Tong's was cool, too. The Everett ending is cool/badass.

Oh, what's the deal with all the space aliens running around?

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Necroticon, please use the [ hide ] [ /hide ] tags when creating posts like that.

[hide]I liked the Illuminati ending the best.  I really liked the whole Illuminati/Knights Templar/Majestic 12 aspect of the game.  Plus, as I recall, the Illuminati ending had the best music.

The Helios Ending was pretty neat, too.  One thing I really liked about the game was the political philosophy involved.  JC often had some pretty interesting arguments with Jock, Dowd, Tong, or the Hong Kong bartender (who really reminds me of Ratz from Neuromancer).  The Helios aspect touches on the 'Enlightened Despot/Philosopher King' idea.

I thought the Tong ending was a bit weak.  It was fun, and interesting, but it really made no sense.  I mean, an urban society wouldn't easily just revert to living in villages if the phones went dead.

And the Greys were clones of the one found at Roswell, New Mexico in 1947 (surely you've heard of the Roswell incident?).  Because they were simply clones, they have no knowledge of their homeworld, spaceship, or its technology.  As one of the A51 workers said, they're merely "monkeys".  Grey, hairless, bubble-eyed, radioactive, psionic monkeys.[/hide]

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Yes, please do.

Now, about Deus Ex...

[hide]I liked the secret society aspect a whole lot, too, reminded of Metal Gear Solid II. The AIs, Icarus, Daedalus, and Helios, also added some interesting aspects to the game.

About the Greys... I'm not sure if they really are from the Roswell crash. Even though the technician says that they might be from the crash, he says it sarcastically, and that for all he knows, the Greys might just be monkeys without hair. If you read datacubes and books in Area 51, you see references to "the monkeys" and other "transgenics." Now, a transgenic is something with mixed DNA or genes. The Greys, if they truly are transgenics, aren't necessarily clones, but engineered beings in the first place. Also, if you hack the computer in Sector 3, you learn in an email from Lucius DeBeers to Bob Page that there was interest in "recreating" the Grey liform. Implying either that the Greys were created in the first place by Bob Page, or that they were clones of the crash. To me, that means the Greys could either be transgenics created by the demented mind of Bob Page as some sort of joke, or that they really could be clones of an alien species. I prefer to think the former, because introducing aliens into the storyline of Deus Ex not only complicates it, but makes it too much like other dime-a-dozen storylines. Also, if we're talking aliens, how come no one seems especially concerned about them? Not Bob Page, not DeBeers, not anyone who knows. In fact, in the DeBeers email, Lucius is telling Page that the augmentation technology should take precedent above the Grey lifeform's recreation.

I liked the idea of the Tong ending the best, but I think humanity could easily bounce back to where it was. All you do by destroying Area 51 is destroy the Internet. Phones will soon be introduced, as will Network-capable computers, and things will go back to the way they were. The same holds true for the Illuminati ending -- you might as well play the game over again, replace MJ12 with Illuminati, and call it Deus Ex 2.

The Helios ending, of all of them, seems to be the "main" ending. Consider the title of the game; Deus Ex. The first two words of Deus Ex Machina, or, God From The Machine. Consider the quote for the Helios ending; "If there were no God, it would be necessary to create him." Helios/Denton acts very much in this capacity. Besides, this whole ending is predicted by the Morpheus AI, who says that "God is a dream of good government," etc. All in all, you joining with Helios really fits with the theme of the game.[/hide]

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