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Favorite game?

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Ooh, that's nice. So we should at least expect the same in-depth aming and world building from the first two games? SHould be interesting to see. I might grab my BG2 discs when I'm at my mother's house (which I shall soon own  8)) this weekend. Pity the computer she has there is a clapped-out piece of poo (it's my old computer, minus the RAM and the 3d video card)

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Deus Ex is , by far, the best game ever. That is my life.

Second place: StarCraft.

Third: Chrono Trigger.

Doom 3, Jedi Knight 1 + Dark Forces are cool. I like Unreal 1 and Unreal Tornament 1 too, UT2003 and 2004 is pretty cool too.

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I guess i did not post in this thread so I will post my favortive games.

GT3 ps2

Halo x box

C&C generals Zh(if i ever get it to work lol)

Joint ops PC(150ppl on one server w00t)

BF1942 with Desert combat.

HL team fortress(I have been playing with rigge6669)

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Chrono Trigger <3

I want that game for the PSx, solely for the Akira "DBZ" Toriyama storyboarded cutscenes. he did the original character design for the SNES 'Chrono Trigger', y'know.

And I can't wait for the new NWN and Baldur's Gate games.

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