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  1. Thanks Timenn. I have been slowly working on it, School is starting back up so I do not have as much time as I hoped for. It may be a few months before a working version is out. =(
  2. haha. People are already playing it, and like it.... Also, it is free. And I am not making it purely just so people play it, i am making it to help me learn the programing language and develop my skills at programing.
  3. Well, you can attack AI, and you get money each time you attack them, when you kill them you get extra money... I am also thinking about making it so that you can trade CP (or spice) for money.
  4. ahhaahhaa, thats actually an option for the admin. The admin can choose to allow a certain amount of money to be awarded per word or post, or chose to not allow that at all. There are other ways to make money in the game.
  5. desert_storm


    Does anyone still play this game? If you do, hit me up in the game. My char name is Desert Storms... I just started to play again.
  6. any other thoughts? Would this be worth the effort?
  7. It is real time, but there is a method of keeping everyone in check and preventing people from just wondering around and killing everyone while they are afk. 1, you go back to your HQ, nothing can attack you when you are at your HQ. 2, there is a system called "AP" (action points). You can have a max of 15 action points and you gain one ever 15min. But whenever you do something (move, attack, capture, heal, rest...) you lose an AP. when you are out of AP you can't do anything... at all.
  8. I am the developer of a little game that is not even finished yet. The game is called Zombie Nations. The game is programed in PHP and MySQL, and designed to be a package plugin for the SMF forum software (the forum software that is used here). To tell the truth this is the first game I have ever developed, and my fist time with this programing language... In this game you create a character, choose your side (zombie or human), your class, (Medic, Assassin, Thief...) and then you travel around a city, capture areas for your side and pillage the residential areas for CP (command Points).
  9. desert_storm


    we need more people to join... then we could have a clan.. or something. can we even have a clan in this game?
  10. desert_storm


    omnitek or... omitech.. something like that.
  11. desert_storm


    I honestly dont know what the best class would be.. I have only been playing the game for less then a month. I am a nanotech/nanomage and I am with the rebels... but i dont think they are called rebels... I think they are the "clans".
  12. desert_storm


    nick: desertstormq server: I am on Rubi-Ka 2
  13. desert_storm


    Has anyone playes Anarchy Online? Its a great game. Its basicly a MMORPG set in the future, so it is sci-fi. best thing is: its free! Well, atleast the classic edition is. http://www.anarchy-online.com/free/ad_campaigns/freecampaign
  14. desert_storm


    i played it, it was great... I did a 7 day free trial thingy... i dont have the money to pay for it though...
  15. huh, well, i tryed everything. I ended up having to install 1.0.7 then installing 1.5 again. odd.... now it works....
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