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  1. Thats impressive, i cant believe ppl still play this :D
  2. The windows version is stated in my original post gryphon (windows xp pro). - cpu/fsb are stock speeds - I've tried 61.xx drivers, and the most recent WHQL certified drivers - Yes my graphics card is running at stock speeds as well (it is overclocked at the factory) Most recent of my futile efforts include: - swapping my video card with my old one (ti4200) and it didnt fix it, so i think we can rule out the video card now - tried switching pci slots for sound card - tried setting sound to 5.1 instead of headphones - reinstalled sound drivers - changed sata cable to 4th master instead of 3rd - changed ram slots - tried using only 1 DIMM - changed RAM voltage to 2.7v Im really lost as to what the problem could be guys... :( DxDiag attached: [attachment archived by Gobalopper]
  3. Ok so I got this new computer a couple months ago, and ever since I got it, it always locks up during graphically intense applications for about 10 seconds, then it will suddenly start working fine again. It does this pretty randomly - about every 1-30 minutes. It is a hard lockup, The sound will stop, or will loop, and u cant ctr-alt-del or anything. I've updated my graphics drivers to the most recent WHQL certified version, I've updated my mobo drivers, and flashed my mobo bios. After I flashed the BIOS, it seemed to work fine for a couple hours, so I thought it was fixed. Then the next day it started locking up again, so I'm assuming it was just a fluke. System info: Windows XP Professional Athlon 64 3200+ Socket 754 Asus K8N-E Deluxe WD Raptor SATA 74GB 10000rpm 4.5ms Seak 1GB OCZ DDR400 Dual Channel EL BFG Tech Geforce FX 6800 GT OC Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS Ok now my hypothesis was that it had something to do with the video card since it only happens during graphically intense apps. (ut2k4, world of warcraft, and half life 2 to be specific) I have also played some less demanding games such as warcraft 3 and it runs fine. Also no problems while surfing, downloading, watching movies, music etc. Only during newer games. I really have no clue what the problem could be, I'm guessing maybe video card, but I would have no clue what the problem is. I guess it could also be the sound card? Memory? or maybe motherboard/harddrive compatibility? Throw me a bone here guys, I need something to work with! ANY help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! UPDATE: Ok I have also tried: -forcing Serial ATA DMA mode, for the IDE controller. -Updating IDE controller drivers to most current version
  4. Well this weekend has come and gone, and I can easily say this is the worst professional tournament I have ever been to. I could go into details, but I dont think any of you really care to hear me rhyme off 100's of reasons of why it was very poorly ran. Anyways, I didn't make top two to go to the world finals, but my clan mate came second, which qualifies him for an all-expenses-paid trip to san francisco in october for the WCG international finals!!! I'm not really disappointed in not qualifying, the two guys who won are awesome and they really deserved it :) more information and results for tournaments will be posted at www.wcgcanada.ca soon, and international event information can be found at www.worldcybergames.com - raz (although I use the name sidefx now :D)
  5. I'll tell u all how i placed after the tournament :)
  6. Canadian files are next weekend! First place gets a $3000 Dell XPS system!!!! www.wcgcanada.com
  7. its an fps... you shoot guns. And im going to a military ex now so i wont bb till next sunday. tt you guys all later! :O (this should be interesting). Till next time~ Raz
  8. thx guys... i definitely will need luck on my side if i am to make top 3 for the nationals hehe. I'm really hoping to get at least top 5 though.
  9. Byorama, thx man :) Yah im in the Canadian Finals now. Playerap, not sure what you mean ???
  10. Well if you win the Canadian Nationals for WCG you get a free trip to the world championships in San Francisco, California, plus a $3000 computer. If you win in San Francisco, the grand prize is $25,000 USD.
  11. I qualified for the World Cyber Games Canadian finals in Unreal Tournament 2004!!!! :) You can check out the results here: (I am sidefx) http://www.wcgcanada.ca/F2F_WCG_Ontario_Qualifier.asp And you can check out the international WCG site here: http://www.worldcybergames.com/
  12. There is something called freedom of expression. You can discriminate all you want in a video game, as long as it doesnt sift over into the hate crimes category.
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