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Favorite game?

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Some time ago, it was C&C:Generals (including Zero Hour), but for some reason, I got bored of it and played something else...

And that 'something else' right now is "Lord of The Rings: The Return of The King".

Sure, it may be a movie-tie in, but you gotta love hacking and slashing Orcs/Uruks/Uruk-hai/Easterlings w/ your favorite Fellowship character (in my case, Aragorn, Gandalf, Legolas, Faramir) or just play some characters just for kicks (i.e. Gimli, the Hobbits).

BTW, there's some stuff in that game w/c is more closer to the books... ;)

And Starcraft is an old game indeed, but I'm sure people will come back to play it again years from now... Besides, the graphics are easy on the PC, they don't need high requirements, w/c may account for its playability.

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Well, the first one had a better athmosphere, but Fallout 2 was a lot longer, had more plot and revealed tons of neat stuff about the nuclear war.

In Fallout 1 North California was only a raped wasteland in war-torn world, which barely survived from day to day. There was only the poor, and some lucky and rich gun/food traders.

In Fallout 2 South California had already three classes of society: The poor, the average and the rich. People also thrived a lot better. The gap beetween the (athmosphere) conditions is HUGE, but it may be realistic, in 80 years lot can happen... Such cities (and nations) as New California Republic were founded, Redding mined gold and Broken Hills uranium (until they had mined it all :P).

I read the "offical" FAQs of Van Buren a.k.a Fallout 3, and if they ever get a chance to publish it, the game is gonna be neat. It's interesting to see what has happened to the wasteland in another 80 (or longer!) years...

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Yes, please do.

Now, about Deus Ex...

... Consider the title of the game; Deus Ex. The first two words of Deus Ex Machina, or, God From The Machine."

"Deus Ex Machina" is a play/movie device. In ancient greek plays, a manifiestation of one of the gods (who spontaneously decided to help or hinder the hero, as is the greek deites' main source of entertainment, it seems. "Oh look, there's a hero out to better humanity. I'm going to go kick him square in the balls/give him this nifty piece of magical equipment!") would be lowered into sight by mechanical rigging. The Romans named it "Deus Ex Machina" (god [came] from the machine), and it's still used in modern films. The cavalry saving the heros at the last moment in numerous cowboy movies, McCloud catching the Kurgan's sword with his own at the last moment, Trinity shooting the agent in the side of the head - they're all Deus Ex Machina. Or Saved by the Cavalry. ;)


Anyway... favourite games:

- Baldurs Gate II + Throne of Bhall expansion.

- TIE Fighter - Collector's CD-rom [the modern re-make with the newer engine and spankier graphics]

- Dune 2000 (C'mon, Hayt DeVries was great, and the Atriedes mentat was Arturo Gimli... uh... John Rhys Davies!!)

- Unreal Tournament

- Counterstrike

- Final Fantasy VII

- Metal Gear Solid

- Discworld I & II

- Red Alert + expansions

That's it I think... o_

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VIII is a good game... at first. I quickly lost interest during the who time fracture bit. I always get bored at the castle and stop playing. I loved the junctioning ability though.

And Baldurs Gate... got it, played it, almost completed it, fucked it up (I killed the bandit lieutenant who's supposed to give you the where-abouts of the bandit camp), retsarted, smashed disc 3 accidently, never got around to re-buying the game. But from what I played of BG1, I thought BGII  was a lot better. I prefered the Icewind Dale series over it also. Although I hate that point-allocation system they use in these 3rd-ed games! God bless Temple of Elemental Evil! Oh, and the SetSTR/DEX/CON/INT/WIS/CHA debuge commands in NWeverwinted Nights. "Yes, I'll have scores of 40 accross the board please 8)"

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I also like the rules in BG and BG2 more than the set used in NWN.  The Icewind series was fun, but too linear for me.  I prefer the Baldur's Gate freedom of choice.  You played to the castle and stopped??  That was almost the end (if you're talking about the castle I'm thinking of).  Did you kill either of the Weapons in VIII?

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i kill al the weapons in FF VIII but i dont kill all of then in FF VII

i think sephiroth is hard enougth and the weapons of the VII are near impossible :)

in VIII u become god like strong... squal and that blue mage quistis + any other mage = win

the only creature hard enouth to kill me 1 in 50 times on the level 100 is the evil marllboro

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i know on ruby you have to have the two flanking characters KO before you go into battle... and for emerald it's some form of materia junction that lets you twat it 15 times with KotR. And you're suppsoed to have something joint with counter, but i forget what it is. Ulrima? KotR again? bleh.

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I'd heard they were bringing out BG3 [spoiler!][hide] Probably from the give-up-godome ending.[/hide]. What edition ill they be using? The 2nd/3rd hybrid? 3rd? 3.5? Ah well. Matter to me not. And I hope NWN2 has a higher XP cap. I maxed out my character well before the final battle on NWN.

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3.5, I think.  Not a direct continuation, Throne of Bhaal was the ending to that storyline.  There was a BG3 in development at Black Isle a few years ago when Interplay lost its D&D lisence, so the game was scrapped.  Both NWN 2 and BG III are in their early stages, but one of them (can't remember, I'll have to check which) is headed by the same project leader as the old Baldur's Gate games, and they even reunited his old team.

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