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  1. That is true, but there would have been a Dune 7 by Frank Herbert anyway, so the couple also needed to have some real function in the storyline. If it was the last book in the series I'd agree, but there has to have been more to them than that.
  2. You could try. Or call the guy and speak really really loud.
  3. By chance I came across this advert; someone is selling a 1978 Dune Calendar on the Dutch site Marktplaats, and while I'm not really interested in it myself (I think it's kind of ugly, except one or two pages), I thought maybe someone else here was interested. The advert was placed only an hour ago so if you're quick you might grab it first. Since on this site it's usually not about bidding but more about calling/mailing the seller and making him an offer, it's kind of hard for non-Dutch speaking people to contact the author I'm afraid. You could try calling him and ask if he's willing to ship it internationally though. http://koopjes.marktplaats.nl/boeken_en_tijdschriften/science_fiction_en_fantasie/46615900.html This site http://encyklopedie.dune.cz/Duneart/js/cal0.htm has all the pages listed.
  4. Kari Wuhrer...ugh. I don't think she's that hot, and Tanya from Red Alert 1 was much better looking :) Concerning the movie, the discovery of Tiberium and the First Tiberium War could make a decent movie if done right.
  5. I'll read it once my local library has it, but I'm not buying it.
  6. I have those words underlined as well, so it'in the .pdf itself. No idea why they did it, it would make sense to make Ithaca cursive, for example, but underlining it is weird. Anyway, I don't really see why a Reverend Mother would allow herself to be needlessly tortured; they could stop their own hearts after all.
  7. Okay, but still, there's no reason why a heighliner would not be in space except for construction and maybe maintenance.
  8. Why would a heighliner not be in space? Except for construction on Ix.
  9. Wouldn't it be possible for a BG to gain a Letoworm's Other Memories the same way BG's can share memories? Like Taraza and Odrade. I guess it's difficult when the other doesn't cooperate though.
  10. The originals said quite clearly that Leto II's consciousness was in a sort of dream-like state, I didn't take it as a metaphor myself.
  11. Chapter four is up as well: http://www.dunenovels.com/dune7blog/chapters/Hunters-Chapter04.pdf It's an okay read, and seems to hint at a possible re-awakening of Leto II.
  12. I thought the writing was OK until the Oracle of Time came out of ****ing nowhere. Seriously, what?
  13. I wrote a very small article on gholas. I don't own the books, so it's from my head only. I figured that once there is something in place it will probably get expanded or corrected faster than someone writing a complete article from scratch.
  14. And the Honored Matres, I suppose.
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