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  1. Hehe, I have the same problem to be honest. I have never bothered to look for an answer though. Will see if I can dig something up :)
  2. lol, I love the one wtih Obama and Clinton :P
  3. heavy snowfall predicted. It'll start tonight and won't stop untill tomorrow afternoon. For your sake I hope trains remain scheduled as they are :)
  4. Well, you have memories or you don't :)
  5. Well I lack the knowledge to state the exact effect, but it ain't good to not have an Ozone layer :)
  6. Yup :) I do have more though, the above list is one cd I made. On my iPhone I have anothe rplaylist, which includes: Jimmy Bo Honre - Spank (12" version) Sylvester - You make me feel mighty real Rufus & Chaka Kahn - Ain't nobody Cheap Trick - I want you to want me Jimmy Bo Honre - Dance across the floor Leila K - Open Sesame Fine Young Canibals - She drives me crazy DJ Jean - The Launch Rihanna - Don't stop the music Eurythmics - Sweet dreams Prince - Let's go Crazy Phil Colins - In the air tonight The Nylons - The lion sleeps tonight Sniff 'n' the tears - Drivers seat :P
  7. Should be okay, though there will be flight delays. I did read some troubling stories regarding the weather over the weekend here in The Netherlands, though not as bad as it's in the UK at the moment. Save travel :)
  8. Humm, listening to my iPhone at work, made me a playlist: Boogie Pimps - Somebody to love Savage Garden - Truly, Madly, Deeply Run DMC/Aerosmith - Walk this way Robert Palmer - Addicted to love Meatlove - You took the words right out of my mouth Mando diou - Dance with somebody Lady Gaga - Bad Romance Pitbull - Hotel Room Service DJ Rene - Do you wanna dance Def Lepard - Pour some sugar on me Livin' Joy - Dreamer Lady Gaga - Poker face Bryan Adams - Summer of 69 Kiss - I was made for loving you Rockers Revenge vs Alice DJ - Walking on sunshine There :P
  9. You do realize Dec 2012 is wrongly calculated right ? ;)
  10. I left the office at 16:11 yesterday. I arrived home at 23:20. Normally speaking, it would only take me approx. 30 minutes. All because of a bit of snow (10 - 15 cm's) and icy roads.
  11. If we see it go supernova, would mean that it already happened 3,260 years ago.. Would be interesting to see a calculation from time of going Supernova, when radiation would hit Earth :) (or an estimate at least). I believe matter in such cases will travel at 370.000km per second.
  12. Could you capture the exact error message and provide some detail as to when it happens ?
  13. If you get the issue in what ever boot sequence (including save mode), save to say it's not a driver issue. I'm suprised it the BSOD doesn't provide more detail in regards to the issue though. It usually states what the issue may be. You state no recent hardware changes, but what about software changes ? Do you have any software installed from Trend Micro (anti virus) ? If so, try uninstalling it. 1) Click Start , and then click Control Panel. 2) Double-click Add or Remove Programs. 3) Click PC
  14. Found this article. Might intrest some of you :)
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