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  1. Nuvollari

    Starcraft 2

    Hello,just got back on this forum.I must say that I was really glad when I saw that they FINALLY announced Sc II.It looks nice but so far..I don't see too many new features in it.Maybe I am wrong;),but I am sure of one thing though, SC II is going to be a lot better than C&C 3 TW
  2. Ok i just bought an old comp for my oncle lol...It has like 800mhz Intel P3,256ram and a Riva TnT 2...Should I install Win2k Or Wxppro?thank you
  3. One year ago=means crappy BETA version.ive tested it too and and i know its crap even on 1024 ram.but the vista ultimate final version its smooth.i tested it on a 512 ram while media player was playing,windows messenger live,internet explorer opened,gadgets on,aero on,my picture and my music folder. Note:If you run games,there you will need at least 1gb.at least atm.
  4. I have Vista Ultimate.I tested on a 512ram and its smooth(loaded with over 1000 songs,1000 pictures,and some games,Aero ENABLED).then tried it on 1024 ram..and it works perfecly,its kinda stable.some small bugs though.So,get Vista even if you have 512 ram.
  5. Lol oops thois was meant to be in Emperor forums...because it has the same music as Emperor;) oops sorry:P
  6. I was just checking Audi cuz i love them and Look what I found =p http://microsites.audi.com/audir8/html/index.php?CampaignID=R8_microsite?AdvertiserID=brandportal_global?BannerID=R8_micro_link_com
  7. Hiya,yea guess I'll try it,and I'll tell you guys my experience with it.Hah scar I still have win2kpro on my old computer =P
  8. Hiya!So my comp specs are 1024 ram, AMD 64BIT 3200+ and nVidia Ge-Force(yes i have a genuine copy of XP pro).Btw the real reason I am installing it its because i just play rarely on te computer,and i play like CS source and starcraft. Windows Vista Ultimate.
  9. Must agree with you on that one ;D
  10. Hmmm..go in bios.and you gonna see there an option...Booting device default and you put the dvd rom as default.that should work.good luck
  11. Hello,sorry about the other topic...well..i m getting vista because my friend is lending me his dvd, and hes saying that it runs smooth on his computer.So far i see alot of negative reviews on this topic:P
  12. Hiya!I am planning to get it.Any thoughts about it?
  13. Yeap, I must agree with you.HL2=was crap
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