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  1. came across my old dune2k disc, which of course is scratched to the point of being unusable, then thought of you guys and how long its been, came across this thread, and took me till around page 5 before i noticed they were posted in 2007, heh. its been a while since ive come here, and i think i liked the old forum aesthetics better. but on another note, how has everyone been?
  2. had a nostalgia moment, and was wondering if anyone is still alive around these parts
  3. i would want pure white ones lol i remember seeing someone with those, i looked at them and then looked back where i was walking then loked back and jumped like 2 feet in the air, and the hair on the back of my neck stood straight out it freaked me out lol i wanna do that to people
  4. lol@ lowzeewee didnt you get multiple bans? and after you got unbanned werent you pretty much banned again?
  5. the golden 6 adn i think maybe a few others
  6. lol cant when was it started anyways?
  7. yeah but still i dunno i miss dune2k alot lol
  8. lol true but still 7 years? lol hehe
  9. lol i never noticed there was a wow thread lol i remember makign a comment about it a while ago, and in a bad way lol saying i would never pay $15 a month just to play a game after buying it, well here i am, with a lvl 68 dwarven pally, 39 draenei mage, and numerous other toons lol this game you need to play till lvl 30 b4 you really start seeing the content i think 1-10 is amost irritating and basic, but after that it starts to improve, you really learn this when you start a new character lol but anyways i reccomend just DLing the trial, and playing it for a while, 1-10 you should be able to do in an hour, and just keep going. believe me it gets even better lol Realm - Muradin Bubblemeplz 68 dwarven pally Esquared 39 draenei mage Staub 23 nightelf hunter exbubblebank 1 human lock (bank alt)
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