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Well I liked it before it got all the yellow lines. Best update to the top bar was the 'Back to FED2k' link, not that I ever go there, but I know some people like that Duney stuff. You shudda left it at that!

I'm not gonna kick through walls about it. I do like what you've done with the Atreius theme, now that the grey border lines are grey, but this doesnt seem to apply to the main discussion index :(. I would use the theme but when there are new posts in each forum the title turns blue, the same blue as the other forum titles - can you change this? Generally the index itself seems a bit cramped and packed together. I remember there were greater gaps between lines and text before.

Also, why is it that the emotions bar on post reply/new IM doesn't contain all the emotions available as shown on the FAQ page? There only seem to be two missing, I'm sure if you included them people would appreciate the new emotion of afro and smug-look-type-thing.

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Looks terrible, the bar along the top which has our names and how many messages has been set to about 800 pixels, which now stands out soooo much. Was way better before. :-

I don't understand, 800 pixels wide??

It is the same as before. Except with the background color changed and the orange borders.

[attachment archived by Gobalopper]

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Sorry, you are right at the stage you are showing in your picture. I should have mentioned it only does that before logging in.

I hope it isnt only my computer/browser...then again I hope it is so I can reformat and fix it  :P

Also, while I am talking about it, as someone who logs in everytime he visits (deliberately) I used to click the New Replies link on the top right, and would then login and go straight to my New Replies. Now I have to click once extra !

There is no New Replies button before logging in.  :'( Silly and pathetic even, which is why I never mentioned it before...sort of combining moans, as it were...

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Btw, for those affected by the right-aligned IM prob on some browsers, you can just add {left} and {/left} (square brackets of course) to the beginning and end of your message respectively to force text to be left aligned for the reader. I plan to do this from now on. :P

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tyrant, check your IM inbox.

What's up with 'g0b'(replace 0 with o) being replaced with 'tyrant'? How can the captain and goalkeeper of my Fed2k FC team be a tyrant? We are a respectable football club! >:( Oh btw, I am back to try to raise Fed2k back from the dead. Like Leeds United, I'll try to drag you guys back up.
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I have an idea, which is from another forum..

On that forum you can give "recomendations" to a certain post.

So that you do not have to comment on a post: I TOTALLY AGREE WITH THAT.

But just click on "Recomendation" and then there is a 1 behind it.

And for each click a person makes there will be added a number.

(Each person can only recommend a message 1 time)

And on that forum when u keep you mouse over the persons name, you can see how much recomandations he got in total and how much he gave away...

See for example:


Here i got 5 "Aanbevelingen" (Recomendations) And when u hoover the mouse above my nick, you can see the totals...

Just an idea for here....

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