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  1. They always say that owners look like their dogs.... So i can't blame your dog for looking like that Schorpie ;D
  2. Ok, i am back ;) As this is a public board and children are comming here to watch to i can"t eleborate about it.... But you might have noticed i did not play Dune anymore for some time ;)
  3. Marcel71


    Indeed it was a very freshly taken pic ;) I put the tattoo on my right hip, so it is not just all the time visible. Just for the people i want it to see ;) So if i would ever "regret" it, it is not on a visible place. The design i took was off-course my Dune nickname ::)
  4. Marcel71


    Last friday i got a tattoo, and as i am proud on it, i would like to share it with all u guys and grls.... Does anybody else here have a tattoo? (pictures please...) [attachment archived by Gobalopper]
  5. Do any of you guys go to chat sometimes? What are your experiences? Do you also do cam? Did you do erotik chat? Did you ever meet somebody in real life? If so, how was that? This evening i am going off to meet somebody from chat. It feels kinda strange though...
  6. I P-R-E-F-E-R T-O P-L-A-Y W-I-T-H H-I-S S-I-S-T-E-R
  7. No, i prefer his sister comes to play the real game and he can stay with his sports... ;D
  8. I would not change a single thing. It's perfect (or close to it) how it is now!
  9. You are right Erjin. Especially not IFRAMES ;) But hey, i did not design the page, i just checked the problem..
  10. special for Erjin.. Change the following: <TD width=190><IFRAME align=left
  11. Did not check it out last evening :-[ I'll try to do it this evening ;) You can gimme your e-mail adres, so not everything has to go over the forum...
  12. Hi xBow, I will check it out this evening. I think it looks cool ;)
  13. Not mandatory no... It is also like some anonymety: Like you say: I think emperor sucks. And if i agree with it, but don't want anybody to know that i agree with it, i can just give you a 'recomendation' and nobody knows it was me who gave the recomendation, but to eveybody it is noticable that some people agree with you :)
  14. Heej, I know this girl, she's my ex. I dumped her because i found her to squary
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