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  1. The fact this website is still going is incredible, after 8 years or so. Especially with a lack of major new Dune material etc.
  2. Still alive, never post anymore and most of who i knew are gone.
  3. Ive played bass for 2+ years now
  4. *remembers the church attacking his belief of atheism as a child :O* Hmm, nothing what has happened in the reverse way
  5. AWACS

    Site Updates

    Site Updates Reply #3000 Useless, but important.
  6. The CHL on Sportsnet WHL: Regina @ Calgary apparently
  7. AWACS


    are you kidding? i found this one much more funny than any of the other jokes on this thread two words, pure genius
  8. To sacrifice his so called "position" for the common good of the rest of the members. For a better future for all, he will be better off without his corrupt title.
  9. Sounds like a plan, take the power out of the one man, while we're at it get rid of the corrupt "landsraad".
  10. Meh, didnt work on me, im sane! :D Anyway These two girls, are they doing anything specific? There are tons of girls in that picture
  11. Im DropZone formally AWACS, been here for 1 and a half years. I dont post that much, just read. I am always coming and going so i might as well state now. I used to be a fast regular but now i care less, moved on etc.
  12. It was the listening to the music that put me off them...
  13. 400w Bass amp er... that's it
  14. you are better off posting this in the emperor support forum also while you are there, search the forum for problems that sound simillar to yours
  15. someone kept writing "dune" so i tried to write "andrew is ...." didnt get too far though
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