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Which moderator deleted my initial reply to the 'Independence Day' thread? Can't I just have some fun like all of you have when going off-topic in most threads? I didn't go off topic though. I wasn't even using any explicit language at all, dammit, and I wasn't even directing my post at Jack Leaf. >:( I have three moderators on my accused list.

Does that moderator have something against me or something? If so, I am sorry for what I have done to offend you, though I have no idea what I did wrong to you. :D

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When I go to send someone a message, after their name (or whoever you are sending it to text box) there is a link that says find members. I click there and I notice that it and the search page do not have the same theme as the rest of Fed2k forum.


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I mentioned one of these errors before somewhere.

In the FAQ/Rules

[size=10]10px[/size]	10px

Is incorrect. You need to have it like

[size=10px]10px[/size]	10px

For it to work. I tried without the px thinking it would work and the font was very big.


    * * regular
    * + square
    * o circle

The first example shown (regular) on the right side of the page is wrong. The unfilled circle should be filled. So it should have a * instead of a o in the coding.

And why is the Code code use $variable[0] = 324; as an example? it doesn't even disappear.

Maybe you should pick a forum code instead?

Those are the things that bother me most.

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