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House KYA and House Setara War


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From his chamber Caldron watches as Yavanis tries to reach the entrance. Knowing that most of his aides are dead Caldron decides to override the controls on the chamber.

As Caldron takes manual control of the gas chamber it causes it to launch forward as it does it rams the seven (7) invaders firing apon it. Three (3) of the invaders are able to get out of harms way. Three are killed instantly due to chest wounds, a fourth is thrown about ten feet into gas chamber equiptment which catches his body with a sickening sound of broken bones and a blood muffeled cry of pain. As the men at the entrance turn to face where the chamber is they turn their backs to where Yavanis is waiting for her chance to attack. Yavanis sees her opening and rushes from her place of conceal. She rushes out catching the nearest invader by the arm. He is caught by utter surprise before he knows what is happening Yavanis breaks his elbow at the joint. He starts to cry out in pain but Yavanis cut him short with a lighting quick right handed short chop to the throat that crushes his esophagus. He reaches for his throat and releases his weapon which Yavanis grabs and shoot him in the chest killing him and alerting the other three men. As the three men turn to see the comotion Yavanis open fires from behind the dead invader (who she is supporting) as cover hitting two in the chest and head killing them. The remaining invader attempts to retreat behind some equiptment Yavanis cuts short his attempt with a lasgun shot through the neck. She grabs another weapon off the dead invader and proceeds to help the sercurity force with the last invaders. The invaders are taken by suprise from behind without any cover they are slaughtered in the cross-fire between the sercurity force and Yavanis' rear attack. As the lasgun fire stops a unit sent as renforcement arrives.

"Secure this area and check for wounded our and theirs do it now!!!" barks the unit's commadering officer. "Get some navigator techs in here at once to help Caldron with his chamber!!!" he also orders.

The unit commader cross toward Rev. Mother Yavanis "Are you alright Rev. Mother? We got here as soon as possible but there was also another force outside we had to deal with before we could come to your aide." the unit commmader informs her.

"A alot of cuts and brusies but I will live. I must see if Caldron is injuried. Where is he Commander?" Yavanis asks.They both turn to see that Caldron's chamber has been badly damaged from the attack of the invading force.

As Yavanis starts to ask the question to herself the unit commander asks it out loud to her "Who was responsible for this attack?"

"Good question." Yavanis replys still thinking to herself about the attack.

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"Sire, we have just heard a big explosion!" yelled the first mate.

"Where? I inquired.

"I don't know."

"Oh well."

A hologram appeared. It was Newman.

"Sire, I have begun setting up a military academy which will provide formal training for our pirates/smugglers."

"Excellent. By the way, any news of Johnson and our new superior fleet?"

"Yes, I estimate they will be on Arrakis in approximately 17 hours."


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"Sir, we're recieving a message from a Reverend Mother Yavanis.  A failed attempt on Caldron's life was attempted," says an Officer at Communications.

"What else can go wrong," I muse out loud.

The bridge stays silent.  I go to the piloting station and take the No Ship down and land at the spaceport while my larger No Ship Warship stays in orbit.  I watch as Guild Reps direct where to unload the spice bribe.  Then I go to the hotel to wait until the Guild summons me.

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(Ordos you don't know I have atomics planted, how the hell could you know?! Stop saying you know about them!)

"Sir, House Setara has entered the galaxy. They have a HUGE load of atomics aimed at Arrakis!", the officer reported.

"That bastard! He will destroy the spice!", I yelled.

"Send 50 guided missiles at the Advanced No-Ship! Now!", I ordered.

"Yes, sir!", the officer said.

I watch through the window as 50 missiles fly towards the No-Ship as I put on my glasses on to protect my eyes from the explosion. I grin as a huge explosion is made on the other side of the galaxy.

"Status?", I ask.

"Target eliminated, sir!", the officer proudly said.

"Very nice! The spice will flow...", I said.

"Prepare to start telling what happened down on Arrakis as to the cause of the explosion. Tell everyone that House Setara has tried to blow the planet, but something malfunctioned and it was set off prematurely.", I ordered.

"Yes, sir!", the officer said.

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send our "client 1 of our 5 diamond fleets and also give him some atomics as a gift from us and is has the final emp drone stage complete?

yes sir our planet is full y protected


-suddenly adamsky rushes in the room- sir an attack has been made on the reverend mother and a navigator!

what? who would do such a thing at a time like this it could raise suspicions on me and my planets doings,  well I had noving to do with it and so I guess I'm fine. is cima at solace now?

yes sir


-adamsky leaves-

* when is the guild summit going to be held? I think mr. jones had a good idea do it on a IM because it would be in real time. and moidib those explosive you have planted will destroy us the guild the other house maybe u and the bene gesserit and maybe the worms and like someone said the spice must flo oh yeah and ordos45 u cant destroy dune because you would kill your allys if they are there and the guild :( :(*

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(trh the atomics are just enough to destroy the summit and everything in it - an implosion, I am not in it because no one said I was. There will be some worms dead from my setup but 3 to 4 max. And, the Guild and Bene Gesserit are casualties in the war, no one will know it was me who did it - and since Ordos tried to blow Arrakis with his atomics before I blew his atomics, they would think it was him. :) )

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(Well, you said "Now we begin the game of who pulls the trigger first." which implies you knew someone else had atomics, and the only other person is me...also, about the not wanting to destroy Arrakis, you said "Armed with enough atomics to destroy Arrakis and all oppostion.

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-How much time we need for the reconstruction?.

-With the AI help only 2 months


-Sir our intelligence service reports of intense military activity in Arrakis.

-Oohhh, a party without us? i dont like it.

-There is some information about: Atomics, Missiles launched against no-ships, Terrorist actions against the Guild...

-Well, our fleet is fully operational, our allies could request our help. Wait for further messages.  

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To the elders of the spacing guild,

I, Mr. Jones, declare the guild to raise the issue of atomics. I believe they are way too destructive, and should be banned.


                                        Mr. Jones

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I turn to one of my nearbye aids.

Is it done. i ask him?

No sir. the mercs were killed in the atack. he responds

Damn. i say to my self.

Send in 75 freman. and bring 75% of are fleet here.

yea sir.

also hack into the guild video feed i want to whgats hapening.

yes sir.

I wait for the next to hours. then  my personal veiw screens flash on.

Two guild gaurds walk back and forth acors the entrance. wene  they were grabbed by two freman who silinty slit there thorts. The freeman signal there comrads and they move in. they move into the on of the small coridors before they were sighted by 17 gaurds. they pulled out there knives and ran at the gaurds screeming freman battle cries. One of the gaurds hits a alarm. the freeman dont even flitch they keep charging at the gaurds. the gaurds dont even have time to pull out there weapons. the freeman slaughter them picking up there weapons. the freman proceded down the hall way to a weapons storage room whare they grabed las guns.

I pick up a radio. Denonate the expolsives i screem.

yes sir they respond.

Boom expolsions sound evre whare around the compond. braking class and killing failed navigaters.

The freman  fawlow the hallway finding a large wooden door to the left. they kicked the door in and rushed in  they were hit by las gun fire killing  of the freman. the freman duck back into the hallway.  the freman turn and fire, killing gaurds.

the gaurds starts runing  towords a large door  aposite side of the room. with there backs turned and no way of defeneding them selvs the freman fire at them. moing down  20 of the 55 that were running. the gaurds duck into the door turn and fire at the freman. the freman return fire. a brutal stailmate.

I pick up my radio

Reinforce the freman. get some ornithopter in there from my ships. the ones with the ion cannons. close all rear entrances.

Yes sir i hear.

Good. The guild are boxed in. no way in and no way out.

now we wait for the next part. I say to my self.

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"Sire, our fleet has finally arrived!"

"Excellent. Let's take us to the air and meet up with them."

Our shuttle ascended speedily, and I was surprised to see my new fleet. It was a design I have not seen before, even in my 20 year life experience of pirating.

"What is that thing?" I pointed at my soon-to-be flagship.

"I have no idea sire."

It was not like any other ship I have ever seen. It had tentacles, and the surface of this thing was dark and bluish, and it was moving and vibrating, like a heart muscle.

"Tleilaxu creation...dear God."

It was larger than any other ship, and from the looks of it, it resembled a large, fleshy, flying insect. Instead of cockpits, it had two large domes that resembled the eyes of a fly. It had giantic foot-like pods as landing gear, and its giantic tentacles from its back and its tail oscillated as the ship moved.

"What have I created here...?" I asked myself.

As we entered my seemingly organic warship, Johnson greeted me. I congratulated him, and he began explaining to me the mechanics of this beast.

"With the help of genetic and biotech, as well as Tleilaxuan technicians, we have created the first organic warship. It is essentially alive, except with the usage of a huge central computer and millions of nerve nodes we control the actions of these beast. Because it is alive, the Tleilaxus inputed genes of camoflauge of many other fearsome bioweaponry upon this ship."

"Woah...That is some crazy sh*t."

"That is not just all, Ixian weaponry also exists on this ship."


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However, as I explored the living warship even further, I discovered its most dangerous and terrifying capability: The ability to infest other ships...

"Johnson, classify living warship technology immediately. No one is have to the designs. Where is it right now?"

"In a heavily guarded underground R&D center in Tleilaxu? Why sir?

"Triple the guards, NOW."

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As I walked through the eerie decks of the living warship, I felt as if I was walking down somebody's throat. The living warship seems to be equipped with some sort of new synthetic muscle, that could compared to the strongest of ferrous fiber.

"Johnson, is every other ship in the fleet like this?"

"Yes, sire. Biological monsters under our control through millions of nerve nodes connected through a central computer station and the pilot's own brain."

I look our the window, and I see 3 titanic freighters that are almost as large as the living flagship.

"Johnson, what is that?"

"Oh, that is a part of our secret plan..."

"Oh I see. Good, I'm glad you remembered."

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"Sir, we have found that the Jones House has brought a Tleilaxu creation to life, a huge squid-like ship!", the officer said.

"Dear God, that could end most of the Houses.", I said.

"Yes, sir, and the leader of Jones House has already boarded the ship. Where he heads is not known yet.", the officer reported.

"If it is living, then it could be destroyed. Get our finest android scientists and strategists to find a way to kill it. Then, I will sell the way to defeat it to the highest bidder.", I said.

"Yes, sir!", the officer said.

"Our diversion of making them think atomics were actually on Arrakis has worked.", I said to another officer.

"Yes, sir, we let them find a small batch of atomics deep in the ground. Now they are fully convinced that someone wants to sabotage the meeting.", the officer said.

"Good, have the atomics on each House's main ship set with a detonator. I must be the one to detonate them.", I ordered, with a grin.

"Yes, sir!", the officer said.

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I activate the Fleet wide adress system to the Setara Battle Fleet," My fellow Setara.  We stand at the brink of annhialation.  Between the darkness and the light.  We will survive but we must attack the Tleilaxu and destroy the monstrosities they have created.  Since they first began experiments millenia ago everyone, whether they wanted to admit it or not, knew this day would come.  A day when the Tleilaxu would threaten all human life...including their own.  Now is the time when we must strike back, we fight not for just a victory, but to save our race from extinction.  The KYA Fleet has agreed to meet ours at the following location...being sent to you on a sub channel.  Good luck...oh and arm yourselves with atomics on the way to the fleet point."  I shut off the communicator.  And foldspace jump my no ship to the gathering point.

(KYA did agree to mass their fleet with mine on AIM.)

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"Sire, there are reports that House KYA will beginning new aggression against our fleet!!!"

"WHAT??? Impossible. We have an alliance with them. Bloody treachery!"

"It is even worse. House Setaras have sent half of their entire imperial fleet to seize Tleilaxu and are supposedly planning to set it up as a protectorate!"

"Dam. Treacherous! Johnson, dispatch half the living warship fleet to Setara immediately. I will show my full power of this fleet. The other half to Tleilaxu now. I will go with you to Tleilaxu. We must protect the living warship technology."

"Yes sire."

It was indeed a rush. I cannot believe the Setaran and KYA fleet has begun to mass against me. This is truly a time to fight...

"Commense hyperspace drive immediately..."

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