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House KYA and House Setara War


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"WHAT," I scream.

"It seems the palace is destroyed," said the courrier.

"Great now this is gonna go really bad."

I turn to an officer and say,"Put our forces on high alert."

"Yes my lord," syas the officer.

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(Ex it seems everyone forgot about the report incident)

"Sire she is here as you requested," says a nervous assistant.

"Send her in. We wouldn't want the Mother Superior of the Bene Gesserit to have to wait," I say smiling.

"Yes Sire."

The assistant walks out and the Bene Gesserit Mother Superior walks in, leaving her guards at the door. She just stares before speaking.

"I take it your trip here was uneventful," I ask her.

"For the most part, you are lucky I was able to come with the death of the Emperor. The Imperium is in chaos. Now what do you want?"

"Blunt, I appreciate that. I want a secret alliance with the Sisterhood, I supply you with a No Ship, in secret since the Guild still trusts all of you, and you occasionally supply me with information."

"It is a good bargain, we accept and will take the No Ship back to our teaching school."

"Thank you."

Shakes hands with the Mother Superior and she leaves with her guards. They are walked to their new No Ship and are given the manual. They take off and once in space they fold space back to their teaching planet.

"That went well," says my assistant as he walks in.

"Yes it did, but we must be weary. The witches are never what they seem."

"Yes sire."

"Leave me and send an envoy to House Picara giving them reports that we think pirates or House Jones was responisible for the Kaitain incident."

"Yes Sire."

I look over some blueprints after my assistant leaves. Blueprints to build trpas outside my Palace...never gonna let another invasion get me.

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Reviews reports on the defense being set up. I look out the window at the Air defense Platforms overhead, the las turrets being set up on the ground, more shield generators being installed, and the big Guild vessels hovering in the atmosphere weapons charged.

I sieze control of firing controls for las and missile turrets. Aims them skyward and fires...destroying the Guild Vessel.

"Someone will pay for it breaching the atmosphere," I swear.

Meanwhile in the House Setara shipyards... the new prototype warship is being installed with the latest weaponry. Las guns, missiles, atomics just in case the convention is null and void, ion cannons left behind from the KYA invasion, some stupid idea of phase explosives, and etc.

I walk out of the castle without my guards and into the woods barefoot. I feel the dirt and the grass in between my toes. I touch the trees and listen to the far off sounds of a gurgling streams, and I watch the fish swim through it. Then I lift my eyes to watch different birds and members of the rodent family scurry and fly through the branches. Feeling the ind blow against me like a comforting touch of a parent saying everything will be alright. I've been stressed lately with the battles and assassinations and needed to come here to my spot to get in touch with my planet. As crazy as that may sound.

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"Report.", I told the officer.

"Sir, House Jones has sent a suicidal ship to crash into the Imperial Palace.", the officer responded.

"Casualties?", I asked.

"Emperor Shaddam IV has been found dead, as was anyone else in the area - 421 casualties to be exact, Sir.", he responded.

"This is bad for the Setara House.", I said while giving respects to the now-dead.

"My lord, spies have told us that House Setara has allied with those witches, the Bene Gesserit.", the officer informed.

"This is interesting. House Setara is becoming desperate, send out a scout to find House KYA's leader, and inform him of the news. We must make things fair.", I ordered.

"As you wish, sir!", the officer said.

"Such ignorance House Setara doesn't accept my offer!", I exclaimed as I slammed my hand on the table.

"Officer, any news on the new prototype?", I asked.

"Sir, we have tested it thoroughly and it simply isn't stable enough. We must have more time!", he responded.

"There isn't more time! You must stabilize it before Operation 32!", I ordered.

"Yes, sir.", the officer responded trying to hold the anger.

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(Thanks for the translation Alex and I agree with it. Though I think we all are wanting his "I came, I saw, I conquered. MoiDib I now have 2 AIM accounts. Llama26301 and Galaxy PAIV)

I keep feeling the planet under and around me and sighs. I get up and head for the palace.

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(I think Spanish Conquistadors named them Llamas when they encountered llamas.)

Walks into the castle and goes straight to the abandoned war room. Programs all the known locations of Guild vessels in quickly. Types in where all houses that have ships have them, that I know of. Now programs in my own ship locations and activates the tracking program and walks out of the room. Now I just walk up to my office and sit.

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"Dam." I said to myself. KYA was not framed, and now House Jones is on the spotlight. "No matter, sire, with Ixian and Tleilaxuan material on our hands, it is virtually impossible for these petty houses to stop us," said Johnson. "Indeed," I replied.

"Yes, I've got it." my mentat spoke out.

"What have you got, Teek?" I asked.


"Scatter our fleet and rendezvous at this destination, Johnson. Our fleet must not be found..."

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"Hello Mr Jones, how are you doing today?" inquired the Ixian representative.

"Just fine. Have you heard the news?" I replied.

"Yes, indeed. Indeed. There is great chaos coming, thus, a boost in weaponry sales and development." said the Ixian.

"Exactly, you have read my mind. Now, since I own 51% of your stock, as well as your Tleilaxuan counterpart, I order you to cut off all relations with the rest of the Houses, and raise weaponry prices by 500%."

"Very well, I will proceed."

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"Ahh excellent, it appears the entirely of the Picaran fleet have gone in pursuit of our "pirate fleet." where only 10 of ships remain. Hahahahahahahahahahaha. Now where's that ganja dammit?!" said Johnson.

House Jones's giantic pirate fleet approached the orbit of planet Burlador. No Picaran ships were there to stop them, since they were all sent to the pirate fleet's last known location.

"Began orbital bombardment!" yelled Johnson.

Immediately, the pirate fleet launched a new weapon which the universe has never seen.

From the Ixian labs and the Tleilaxuan flesh vats, in combination with nanotechnology, came something so seemingly benign yet so TERRIFYING.

It was the release of the newly engineered bacteria the Sanituarium Plague!

The Sanitarium virus strikes its victim quickly, and gets into the bloodstream of the victim's lungs. Thus, whenever the victim exhales, he will spread the virus. The virus will act as a chemical and cross the blood-brain barrier, and cause the victim to become ultra-euphoric, yet letharigic at the same time. The result is that the victim will become lazy, yet complacent. Observers can expect the victim to be lying on the couch, and chuckle once every 2 or 3 seconds.

"Soon, the entire Picaran economy will collapse, and its military gone. Hahahahahahahaha!" I said, as I watched from the pirate flagship.

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After the death of the emperor i went home.

and over saw prduction of are new fleet of ships.

i was siting at my large desk wene one of my captins walked in with news.

yes captin?

sir ix and telexua have have risine the price on weapons 500 %.

contact are allies.

we must stop these damn space pirits. tell them to prepare the ion ships were going pirite hunting.

two hours later the ships were in orbit. i watched from my ship.

tell the ships to.......

phhhh phhhhh 6 pirit ships jumped into orbit.there shileds powerd up


screch the ion cannons turned from orbit at the pirite ships and fired.

the prits ships shileds glimerd then under the extremly focused ion beem. then colapsed .


my ships and satilites open fire on the pirits shilds gone they quickly explode. one pirit ships fires and hits one our ships the shild las gun interation causes the ship to explode.

Dam those pirites!!!!!!

hold the fleet from jumping. DAm those pirits!!!!!!!!

we must do something. contack the prites tell them i wish to talk. i said looking at a nearby oficer.

yes sir. he said and walked off.

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Breaking News -

Today, several space trash haulers were attacked near the planet Burlaton. Fortunately, they were not destroyed. However, the Space Trash Haulers Union has declared to strike due to the increased risk in the galaxy. According to their statement, they will no longer haul trash for any Houses engaged in warfare. This is quite disturbing. Who will handle our trash problem now? What will be the reprecussions of this incident?

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(yes, i finally got an account)

"Dam," I said, "Another incident to jack my shit up. Johnson, how did you approach these space trash haulers?"

"Uhhh, as fast as possible, we had to release the Sanitarium Plague and leave as soon as possible," Johnson said over the microphone.

"Dam, now the Space Trash Haulers are striking because of us, and you were only supposed to sell the freaking ganja!"

"My apologies sire. We could always sell them to some others."

"Indeed. Over and out."

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"Who be this?"

"This is Mr. Jones, may I speak to your representative?"

"This is the Guild, what do you want?"

"I am Mr. Jones, do you know who I am?"

"Yes, obviously. I see you have wreaked euphoric chaos on Burlador. How may I help you?"

"Yo, I wanna sell you some high quality KYA-cut ganja. Almost better than spice itself. Yeah, its da shit."

"I'll get back to you on that."

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