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House KYA and House Setara War


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"Sire, our secret project has finally been completed!!!" yelled Johnson through the communication module.

"Excellent. Use cloak technology and INFEST the homeworld of House Solicia now!"

"I'm on it, sire."


The secret project is to bioengineer a voracious species of ameboid slime that is lithovoric. It also consumes buildings as well as organic materials. (Think Zerg from Starcraft, but replace claws with pseudopods and slime) It is also immune to the both versions of the Sanitarium Plague.


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11 hours later........

"Sire, the weapon has penetrated House Solicia's heavy planetary defenses, all thanks to bio-cloak."

"Excellent. Their planet should be soon infested with slime immediately............(basically what happens is now is what happened to Aiur in Starcraft after being invaded by the Zergs).

"There goes their economy, industry, and any R&D whatsoever."

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"Excellent. House Solicias will soon be destroyed, and whatever of their fleet shall have to seek asylum. Newman, send a facedancer-encoded message to the rest of our fleet:

... :) ;) ;) :) ;D :D ;D ;D 8) 8) 8) ??? ??? :-[ :-X :-X :-* ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) :'( :-* :-/ :-[ :P ::) ??? 8) 8) :o :( ;D :D ;) :-[ :P :-X :-/ ??? :o >:( :D :) :D...

"Ok, sire. I shall inform them of our next move."






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:P :P :Phow can the bio thing a ma giggers go though my plasma shields when they are on full and can't be destroyed unless a nuke or laser hits it from the planet which did not occur????? :P :P

sir our planet has been attacked by a plage!!!!

so? it means the planet may be destroyed ok that is nice is project alphonse, bio-fryer and lunar eclipse are complete good now open the hatches extend the thrusters and extend the bridge.

done good now lets jump and tell cima she is incharge if she is still alive and if not put ivellios he is in charge


sir yes cima is alive and she is here

ok put ivellios incharge of the planet and have all military bases load up and jump if not infected and open the shields in only 2 sectors(a sector is one square mile)now lets jump!

* I wasn't on my planet I was at my secret lunar base and the moon is no longer there ({near solace})  ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;) ;) :D :) :) :) :) ;) ;) :D :D ;D ;D 8) 8)

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They came by the billions.  Aliens in thousands of craft, half organic and half machine craft.   Their crafts are like giant cockroaches and a battleship combined, and they have landed on Arrakis.  The aliens are chameleon like in their abilities to turn themselves into the look of the background so no one knows what they look like.  And they have begun what can only be called worm extermination hunts.

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[glow=green,2,300]   Right ordos 45.  ::) [/glow]

I turn to Captin Sharpie.

Report. I ask him.

Sir. are fleet is massed at the rodenvue point waiting for more instructions.

And Mr. Jones?

75% of his fleet is waiting.

good tell them that we will move in for the dual at 23:000 hours.

Yes sir.

To Mr Jones.

Let me atack first but have your ships waiting. Ok?

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"Yavanis, I want you present at this meeting with the Setaraan Leader. You are to remain out of sight. A chamber has been prepared for this purpose. We want him to be calm and relaxed as possible. The Setaraan Leader is our honored guest but at the same time remember he does have an alliance with our enemies the Bene Gesserit and we need to find out about his alliance with them as much as possible. Is this understood Rev. Mother Yavanis?" Telnox asks Yanvanis as his image is displayed on the video monitor suspended high above her head.

"Yes, Telnox I understand very well the matter at hand. I will finish here with Caldron and report to the meeting as you instruct." Yavanis then turns from the monitor and proceeds to to the medical suspention chamber that houses Cladron's body.

"Old friend I know that you can not respond at this moment so do not attempt to it is not needed. There is treachery here among us, within the Guild. The attempt on your life was staged by those powers within the Guild. Everything is not clear Caldron but I have my people watching to provide assitance to you while you are healing from your injuries. Rest well my dear friend." Yavanis turns and walks away from the MSC to leave the room. Her black robe flowing with the motion of her stride across the room toward the enterance.

Caldron had been awake when Yavanis spoke and now as she was leaving the room Caldron could hear her footsteps moving toward the enterance. Yavanis' footsteps echoed within Caldron's head with hollow vibrations and distorted time. He wanted to respond but his body failed him as he slipped into a coma his body and mind exhausted.

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um u ex and me were allys and my whole planet was destroyed when my fricking plasma shields were up and cloak cant pen atrat it cus i stays on a long time and my base is far far away with my bio fryer a special wep that just sends electrons though space parilyzing stuff(it cant do stuff over7ft2

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Yavanis sets herself in the hidden chamber. The Elders prepare to meet the Satareen Leader. The navigator leads the Setareen Leader into the inclosed courtyard-like chamber. The navigator says nothing else to the Setareen Leader as he directs him his position where he can see the Guild Elders and leaves. The Sardukar take their places as they secure the room but not before he gives the Setareen Leader a grim smile. Doors can be heard opening and closing above in the upper part of the inclosed courtyard. The Elder named Telnox address the Setareen Leader.

"House Setara let us get to the point. Your House is working very closely with the Bene Gessert yet you have shown good faith towards the Guild. Confusing indeed being that we consider the Bene Gessert our enemies. Do not pretend not to have an alliance with them you know that we already know of your alliance and we have known for some time now.  Being that you have come to this meeting we want to hear what you have to say in the matter." Telnox tells the Satereen Leader.

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I look up at Telnox.  

"I do not deny my alliance with the Sisterhood, nor do I deny I seek a peace treaty with the Guild.  I want a treaty with the Guild so I will not be at war with anyone.  I wish to offer you a gift of good faith that we can come to a mutual understanding."

I slide ridulan crystals containing all my information on no ships, my foldspace disrupter, and all the other houses (what I know about them),  across the table.

"I fear that if we do not work together the universe may end.  What would you say if I told you my scientists were working on a way to nullify any of your enemies no ships?"

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John the General walks into my office.

Good glad you could arive. I say to him.

Thank you sir he says and takes a seat.

I have read the latest reports i know that 75% of his fleet is at Teleixu. If this dual were to comence we would most likly lose. So we will win bye other ways.

I hand him a memo i made explainig what i plan to do. He takes it and begins reading it.

Can we do it? i ask him.

The great convention did not forbid this, they did not even think of it.

Then we shall do it. begin operation sun-burn A.S.A.P

9 hours later Jonh the General Summened me into my office.

Yes? i say to him.

My Lord it has bene done. He handed me the vid disc. i placed it in the disc thing.

One of the moniters came to life. It showed the Bio fleet of Mr. Jones waiting over orbit. Then 7 of my ships jumped out of foldspace. Mr. Jones entire fleet opened up on the 7 ships. they expolded withen seconds. The camera shifted veiw points. it showed Telexus sun. a large yellow sun. about the size of old earth's sun. The camera zoomed into the right hand corner of the sun. it showed all my fleet droping nova bombs into the sun. evre exposion was biger than the one before till it was large enough to cause to my fleet to fold space. the camera stayed on the sun. the small expolsions were now quite large. they kept expolding even after my fleet left they were begining there own fusion enige the expolsions would burn off all the fuel of the sun causing it to go nova. and thats what it did. the expolsions grew so large the whole sun  seemed to be expolding.

the camera switecd angles agine. It showed Mr. Jones fleet over telexu.The camera showed a large white light moveing towards the planet. 5 or six of the ships had folded space.the others apeared to be chargeing there engines for jump. but they were to late telexu was gone. completly uterly destoryed nothing left.even if they had folded space the shock wave would have uterly destoryed them.

i turn off the moniter. Send a copy of this disc to all the major houses.  

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Yavanis stops about two meters from the Setaraan entourage then coldly looks over the Setaraan retinue. "He was looking for me just as I thought. His Bene Gesserit afilliates do good work they know we were montioring the meeting but of course we would."Yavanis thinks to herself.

"I remember you from the Arrakis Summit. What is your name again it slips from me?" Yavanis asks the Setaraan Leader.

At the end of the hallway Sardukar guards round the corner and make there way to where Yanvais and the Setaraan Leader are standing.

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"Actually I tell no one including my closest advisors or allies," I say slightly grimacing at the thought of the Sisterhood," my true name.  You may call me Ordos45 though."

I smiles somewhat warmly.

"Do you know how interested the Bene Gesserit are in you and in what they could have me do to the Guild while I'm here," I ask retorically," quite a lot actually.  However I was hoping to find you here so I could give you something personally."

I hand her a ridulan crystal and eye the Sardaukar uneasily as my guards keep their hands near their weapons.

"I would advise you to view the contents in private," I say warily, with no slight bit of unnatural fear either.  Because the crystal contains the Sisterhood's complete breeding records, something the Guild may thank Yavanis for in the future.

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Yavanis looks the Setaraan Leader squarely in the eyes.

"The Bene Gesserit interested in me? Your arrogrance is amazing that you could come here and offer such things to me. I would have you killed where you stand if it was not for the fact that this may be of some use......some very good use." Yavanis takes the crystals and places it inside of her robe garments. Without any further words she leaves. As she walks away she entertains a few thoughts, "This game is begining to get very complex. The Bene Gesserit have been eyeing me but to what extent? What do they want with me, I will not be one of there breeders damn them. This Ordos 45 has more than ridulan crystals up his sleeve. I will watch him more carefully."

The Sardukar guards inform the Setaraans that they will be escorting them back their guest quarters until the Guild prepares to return them to their ship waiting in orbit.

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