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  1. Ok send your picture

  2. alejandro

    Euro 2004

    "And so, the euro 2004 falls into crazyness, with all the "strong" teams eliminated, with everybody losing their bets and with all the remaining teams without a favorite one" PD: If Netherlands is eliminated too this will be the most strange euro i ever seen.
  3. The ship is also outdated, remove it and put an Airbus. ::)
  4. alejandro

    Euro 2004

    Earth to Spectral Paladin: WE conceded the goal in the defense only mistake. There was no greek players in Spanish field in all the second half. But as i said, we both must wait to the last game. :-
  5. alejandro

    Euro 2004

    Game Over. Greece 1 Spain 1. Nothing clear in group A before last match.
  6. alejandro

    Euro 2004

    Mid time Greece 0 Spain 1 PD: They cant dunenewt, no more good luck in reserve. Begim praying for a draw in Russia vs Portugal, Spectral Paladin. ;D;D;D;D;D;D;D;D;D;D;D
  7. alejandro

    Euro 2004

    !!!!!!!!!!PLAY TIME
  8. alejandro

    Euro 2004

    "Last Year" sounds very far, its time to see if the players are still alive. ;D
  9. alejandro

    Euro 2004

    NEXT WEDNESDAY, 17:00 HOURS(in Portugal) GREECE vs SPAIN (or Spectral Paladin vs Alex, as you wish) THE ULTIMATE CHALLENGE(because second challenge sounds terrible) OF GROUP A. ;D
  10. alejandro

    Euro 2004

    NO, IT ISN'T. The second will be taken by Portugal, and the first by Spain.
  11. I reclaim my old House Picara, rescued from the forgotten Kya vs setara war. ;D
  12. alejandro

    Euro 2004

    The group stage winners: Group A: Spain and Portugal Group B: France and England(or could be Croatia?) Group C: Italy and Denmark Group D: Netherland and Germany
  13. alejandro

    Euro 2004

    Spain to win, second france. ;D
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