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House KYA and House Setara War


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One of my aids rushed in.

what is it. i ask

sir the setera fleet has jumped half back home and half to atack the telexu.

Dam send more planet buster ion cannon stats there, and are fleet on arakis,charge what sats we have there full charge ,as soon as they jump .fire, blow them out of the skie use evrething you got short of nova bombs.also send nemisis there.

We must stop this monster.

Yes sir. says the aid and walks off.

two hours later he returns.

sire are fleet just arived over stera.as well

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a bio ship has been created by house jones

I see since the summit isn't happening now, lets jump our ships back home and I want them fully re armed and armore

yes sir

sir we have news of an attack by ordos45 and exatriedes on mr. jones

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when are we going to have the summit? I think it should be next saturday at 8:30p.m. by aim. or yim and there should be some one who we tell about are saboutage and alliances so he can prove we did them and so other people wont know til it is too late

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(i cant the Saturday nor the Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday)

-Sir a lor of Houses are now ready for attack House jones, Jones has created a living warship with the tleilaxu tech, everybody wants destroy it.

-Sir Message from the Kya ".....Tell the other houses that we will atack the telexu ships. and that we request there asisistance......"

-We are still at war with kya, they rejected our peace treaty, if they want some help they must sign it.

-Sir the Setara House is going to Tleilaxu homeworld

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"House Jones", I say over the frequency, "I, Acriku, have certain information pertaining to the weakness of your living ships. If you do not want your entire organic fleet to be extinguished talk with me in a private meeting (with the instant messages, not aim or anything) and we will discuss a price to sell you the information."

"All Major Houses, this is Acriku, I have information dealing with the weakness of the organic fleet House Jones has made. The highest bidder will receive the information. If I suspect you let other Houses see the information, I will have to set off the atomics. Our spies have transported the atomics from House Setara's main ship, which has gone to Setara Prime, to very deep in the planet. I will eventually hold all of your planets hostage, so I would advise you to not try to trick me. I have spies everywhere, don't make me do what I don't want to. One last note, I will not set off the atomics without a reason, but if you give me one, you won't have a planet to go back to.", I announced over all the frequencies except House Jones'.

"Now we have them in our fist!", I exclaimed.

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-Sir the House Kya has accepted our treaty


-What shall we do now?

-Im thinking about it

-Sir the House Acriku has information about the living ships, they want to give it to the other houses........for prize

-Mmmmm this information could be useful, wait other houses reaction.

-Yes Sir

-Mmmmmm set course to Setara Prime.

-Yes Sir.

(The fleet jumps foldspace)

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"Ok, as of now, we have 3 houses that want us dead. House Setaras, House KYA, and House Picara. What shall we do sir?"

"Hmm, our fleet is permanently concealed using bio-camoflauge. We are guaranteed a first strike."

"Indeed, sire."

"Dispatch a message to Tleilaxu. Tell them to begin re-engineer the Sanitarium Plague. Tell them to upgrade it...secretly. Triple security on Tleilaxu. The new Sanitarium Plague ver. 2.0 will be even deadlier...However, dispatch a message to every other neutral house: We, the pirates of House Jones, will remain neutral if they do not get involved in this conflict. In addition, we will upgrade trade relations with them if they do not get involved."

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sir our allies have recieved the packages

good now send house jones some cargo ships(3) loaded with some nukes space mechs (20 mechs each and 4 nukes each)

yes sir

oh and has cima's men finished the surprise -yes sir- good


yes house jones request support

I'm sending him the ships ;)


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Declaration of War [/glow]

I Duke Alejandro II of House Picara, in name of The House Picara, The House Kya and The House Solacia formaly Declare the War against the House Jones for their crimes against our 3 Houses. The Men and Women of House Jones are now our enemies, Our men and Women shall find them in the battle field. For your actions and your crimes you must pay.

Fight and Die.

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-adamsky runs in the room in panic- sir  our cover is blow


house jones now know we are is enemies

sh!t  ok are th mechs home yet yes the just arrived

good now inspect them for saboutage

yes sir

oh and detonate the nukes we sent house jones!

yes sir







nukes detonated

[glow=red,2,300]house solicia derclares war on house jones[/glow]

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Interesting. 4 on 1 deal. That's real fair, but, I will stand steadfast and fight.

"Johnson, the gift from House Solicias, protect it while you put the cargo ship on autopilot and isolate it in deep space. I don't want anyone trying to attack it."

"Yes, sire."

The battle that will change the universe will soon ensue.

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(Jones, the information we have is all theoretical, courtesy of our scientists and strategists, but if you don't think it is valid, you can try us and risk your whole fleet.)

"Sir, our negotiator has negotiated with House Jones about the information. We offered the information for peace from his House and allies (whoever they may be) and also 25% of Tleilax. They have not yet responded.", the officer reported.

"Good. Let's wait for the response. And I see that everyone is against House Jones. How many units can we spare?", I ask.

"25% of our fleet sir, but no more.", the officer responded.

"Ok, good, have 15% of our fleet fight by House Jones' side - remember I don't like one House standing alone.", I ordered.

"Yes, sir!", the officer said.

"Also, sir, there is word that we have some traitors inside our House. They are believed to be programmed differently by the Official Programmer.", the officer reported.

"Damn! Have the Official Programmer interrogated. I want answers!", I said.

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oh yeah thanx for thr reminder ex

and I think the plane worked because they detonated but he says he moved the nukes far far away and asks were they went -

sir we dont have any info on the plans out come


we are exiting hyper space

good launch all space mecchs and set up the grl system

yes sir an d it will take 10 min. to activate sir


-alex and exatreides since are fleets are now togheter lets make a strike on jones fleet soon.

and jone my nuke did damage right?!

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One of my aids rushed in.

what i ask.

sir house setera has allied with mr.jones.

Damn do we still have th remote detenater for the nukes i n his core?(in one of the eariler posts one of my spies stole it).

yes sir. pull all the ships away from stera If he dose not pull his ships away from mr jones detenate.

Yess sir. said the aid and walked off

And yes you did

In the event of my troops not being able to hold off invaders I have several nuclear warheads strapped near the core of the planet and mass amounts of nerve gases near every town. More nukes in orbit of the planet moons would explode sending the moons slamming into the planet. Also in the event all else fails and the planet falls into enemy plans poisons stored in barrels at every water supply on the planet have independent generators set to rupture and poison the planet.

you also said on aim there not removable. except for the ones i shot down wene i invadded the first time.

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