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House KYA and House Setara War

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"Johnson, I have a plan that will end this enormous conflict." I said over the holographic mainframe.

"What is it sire?"

"I would like you to start developing ----------------- ----------- --------------- on -------------"

"Yes, sir. I can already see what you are up to with that."

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"Sire," Johnson said over the hologram. "Your new secret project will take considerable amounts of time."

"How long approximately?"

"About 3/5 the time for us to rebuild our fleet..."

"Hmm, that is okay. I want you to continue constructing living warships, as well as go down w/ the secret project."

"Then, the secret project will take as much time as it took for the fleet to be constructed."

"I understand. Continue with it."

"Will do, sire."

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"Sir, the traitors I told you of has downloaded the Sanitarium Plague 2.0 Cure file!", the officer reported.

Silence lasted for 3 seconds. Then loud laughter filled the room, everyone bringing tears with their laughs. The officer looked confused.

"Sir! Why are you laughing? Will this not turn the tables of the war?", the officer confusingly said.

The laughter died down.

"The file, Sanitarium Plague 2.0 Cure, was a text file with a message inside the file: 'Peek-a-boo!'. You see, there is no cure because there has been no time to even study it. This was going to be a practical joke on House Setara, but I guess the traitors got to it first! ", I said, trying to hold down the laughter but couldn't.

The whole room once again erupted in laughter and soon the officer joined in. Everyone left the room laughing their hearts out as they went to their quarters.

"Hahahaha!", I went, as I wiped the tear from my eye.

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our lunar base is now completely locked down and there is no entrance for a virus and also no one can find see it it is camoflaged and the..............is ........................in........................and..................


and now you shall tell............ ....... ......... the new project .can u make a bio shield like one theat frys stuff?

sir we can but it will take 2-3 days

I see can u do it it18 hours

if we cut men on.........and............ we can do it in 16 hours

good now send alex this trans in code ok? yes sir oiemroeo;redlenightb asdimlls lhhrwaqeqdcakjdldfgldfgy sdsasds sergpjncy !@#? transmition ended

-the summit should be held on aim on 9/15/01. ok? and at 7:30?

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I havent said anything about cyborgs, and they can "defect"

Talking about Star Trek remember some borg reprogamed by Lord, they have emotions and do what they like.

And you Moidib, you was going to sell a false cure to every houses? that is VERY DANGEROUS

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the following information can not be used it is only for the continuality of the story

Somewhere within the inner workings of the Guild. In a hugh council room the Elders of the Spacing Guild meet to discuss the recent events surrounding the failed Arrakis Summit.

"The Arrakis Summit has been marred by the assanation attempt on Caldron by House KYA parading around as so called "freedom fights". There was no justification in thier actions toward us. This so-called war has become a free for all and they are the biggest reason that it must be put to an end! There is also talk of some of the Houses using atomics this will not be tolerated! These Houses must be brought up on charges for going against the Great Convention on Atomics. Our security forces were hit hard at the Arrakis Summmit by House KYA during their attack. If we allow them to attack us what else will they dare to do! We have handled this matter with hope that it could be resolved peacefully but due to recent circumstances we need to reevaluate our position in the whole matter. I will also like to point out the fact that now House KYA has also destroyed IX is there no end to this useless destruction that they are being allowed to commit! We here of the Spacing Guild will have to make a decision about this matter at hand." says Telnox, one of the Elders of the Guild to his fellow Guild Elders.

"House Solicia, Picara, Akcriku and those terrorist KYA have all joined together against House Jones. The conflict is about House Jones use of bio-eng. weaponry. Apparently KYA felt threaten by House Jones build up of military forces. And in addition to that they have also attacked House Setara. As you can see House KYA must be dealt with soon! That will have to end!" Telnox tells the rest of the Guild memebers.

"So what would you have us to do then Telnox?" ask Zarus another Guild Elder. "We have the forces and the resources to take action if need be but we will need to go to the vote. All Guild members are asked to cast their vote now." Zarus tells the 5 Elder council.

"Telnox the vote is unaminious." As Zarus informs Telnox and the entire Elder council.

"Good then we must start the necessary actions now!" Telnox says with a smile luming on his face.

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(LoL who know we had humor eh klob? And Alex, I was only going to sell it to House Setara, because I am a humorous kind of cyborg...I guess? Anyways, it was a strategy foiled by traitors, however it might be good this way because there will be no hate between us and House Setara. Oh well, this is war)

(Fed, I, House Acriku, am not "necessarily" declaring war on House Jones, I'm just not going to fight him. I'm helping him, but no alliance. No alliance, no declaration of war, nice and sweet eh?)

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What percent of are fleet is there?? i ask captin sharpie

63% percent, my lord.

And his???

75 my lord.

wene it reaches 90 begin operation Dance dance revelution Yes my lord.And also the guild seem to be taking up agression on us.

agresion huh? Tell them this. The universe no longer needs the guild. With no-ship tecnolegy they have become obsolite. if they would have picked up the sword as soon as they heard of no-ships they would still have the power. but with each passing day they grow weaker. Tell the guild to look into the future they will see me and the no-ships staring right back at them.

Yes my lord.

Home guard can handle them. thanks to the nemisis sistership Ageminon. Eitherway keep home guard on full alert.dont tell them that part though

yes my lord.

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sir due to recent complications the secret project code named bio fryer is going to be delayed 3-6 hours and thatr is only the research the rest may take longer the testing 8 hours the product desighn 12 and the installation and activation 5 hours so the system will be complete in 31 hours

that is to long but can you work on project alfonse instead?

yes but it will delay the other projects by 17 hours

oh well how long to complete alfonse

I estimate 4-5 days

damn that is too long!

but still work on it and now i have one more project............................................................................................................

that will take an extra 10 days with project alphonse!

I know but in the end it will workout for us.

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.[glow=blue,3,300]Two Guild Navigator's were in the Nexus the other day and they saw this sight.

"Look at the night horizon as it engulfs the sun. See that is how time slowly slips into the future." said the first navigator to the second.

"Yes, but what you truly should understand is this.....now watch as the sun rises to it's zenith to free itself of the horizon's grasp. When the seeds of the past are planted and nutured properly the future will be prosperous[/glow]

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Within the Guild Halls the Elders of the Spacing Guild speak of recent events.

Telnox sits at the huge octoganian table speaking to other Elders of the Guild.

"Do we have a report yet on our talks with House KYA?" asks Telnox to his aides.

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"Telnox the Leader of House Setara has arrived and is waiting for futher instructions aboard his vessel. What I'm I to tell House Setara?" asks a failed navigator.

"Instruct House Setara to dock with our orbiting Guild Station over the Western Hemisphere of this planet. Tell them that they are to leave their vessel at the docking station we will transport them to the surface of the planet. Make House Setara's Leader aware that he is to only bring his honor guard with him. Tell our security forces on the orbiting station to relay information to the surface about the amount of men in his guard." Telnox instructs the failed navigator. The navigator transmits the message to House Setara's vessel.

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ex wanted me to tell everyone that his keyboard is broken, and he will starting replying again when he fixes it (his g,h,t,y buttons dont work, and b and n are starting to fail also )

it is hard to understand person who cannot use g,h,t,y, and possibily b and n...

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Got it fixed guys. plugged in a 1986 keyboard. anyway

Captin Sharpie nocked at the door to my personal office. come in. i say.

The guild wish another meeting.

Yea. I say Sarcastily

THey with for you to bring only your personal ship and your honer guard.

Ok. but have my gaurd made intirly of freman from the atack on the guild. just beocuse we are friendly with them dose not mean we cant make them nervas. make that all freman but one. i wish you at my side Captine.

Yes my lord it would be a honer.

Ok. tell the freman, prepare my ship.

Yes my lord he said and walked off.

3 hours later i was on my personal ship to the guild meeting. On the way me and Captin Sharpie discoussed new weapons plans.Then we arived there. I walked up into the

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(Dear God EX! Get a fricking dictionary - I can't read half of what you are saying! And the other half I have to read aloud to find out what it means!)

"Sir, House Setara is going to meet The Guild.", the officer reported.

"Very well. Officer, I want to give you plans for Operation Resurrection. Be sure to follow the instructions precisely and I trust you officer.", I ordered.

"Yes, sir! I would do my best.", the officer said.

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(Operation Resurrection?  Please don't ressurect Shaddam if that's it, they did that on the Ordos campaign for Emperor...ghola actually.)

I dock my ship and point at two guards.  They follow me to the spot on the station where the Guild will transport us to the surface.

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"Come with me." says a navigator to the Setaraan Leader and his guards. The navigator leads them through the orbiting station to a waiting room while they prepare to be transported to the planet surface. An hour later a vessel arrives at the orbiting station and transports the Setaraan party to the surface of the planet. Guild security forces check the Setaraans for any hidden weapons. After they gain clearence the security forces escort the Setaraans towards the location within the Guild to meet with the Elders of the Guild. The Setaraans are lead down a huge hallway into what appaers to be a some type of inclosed courtyard with the Setaraans in the middle of the structure.

"Have a seat at these tables." pointing to the tables says the navigator to the Leader of the Setaraans. "The Elders know that you are here and will come shortly." Without any futher words the navigator leaves the inclosed courtyard through an exit guarded by Guild security.

The inclosed courtyard is enormous with high walls and five seats all around the top of the courtyard. The dome of the courtyard has the symbol of the Spacing Guild. Besides that the structure are typical of the Spacing Guild large and without indivdual artist expression. The Guild was one huge mind with the Elders of the Spacing Guild as the central thinking enity. "The Elders know we are here." thinks the Leader of House Setara. "The Guild always knows."

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