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  1. TMA-1 you should know by now my titles are ment to be ambigious, cause forum riots and to make you popular with the females. Well maybe not the last one.
  2. @^^^^5 That would be Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie in Scotland.
  3. I will have to think about this last time I signed something I ended up with a stolen van and 35 immigrant workers needless to say the van was worthless.
  4. Ok does this include that damn hat Mahdi was suppose to get years ago. Oh and is this tax deductable
  5. what up Ex and Clemenza I have been traveling and working. I will stop in from time to time.
  6. Did you ever want to talk to someone in a thread in real time? Well here is the way my children type this "gabbly.com/" in front of any thread URL and you can talk to anyone who maybe posting in that thread. ~~disclaimer~~ Gob may get you beware of the Yeti!
  7. Purge when YOU comprehend what I am saying then YOU will understand why I said what I said.
  8. "Israeli resort to disproportionate force is predicated on a conception of "escalation dominance," a flawed notion that the massive force can reduce the motivation of its adversaries to attack Israeli targets. Israelis still subscribe to the notion that if a problem cannot be solved by force, it would be solved by applying greater force. The current conflict demonstrates again that the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) lost its capacity to stage surgical operations. It is covering for its incompetence in managing low-intensity warfare by applying massive area bombardments of questionable strategic value, and of unquestionably huge diplomatic damage. Israeli politicians are willing participants in this self-deception. But all these problems of military strategy pale in comparison to the fundamental weakness of Israel's foreign policy. Israel may have a well-established military policy, but it does not have a peace policy. This is why Israel so often shoots before it thinks, and why Israeli leaders so often succumb to the military establishment each time a crisis arises. If the current conflict escalates to a confrontation with Syria and Iran, it will be largely because of Israel's tendency to substitute military strategy for diplomacy. Instead of searching for a policy that explores ways to stabilize the Middle East and offer concrete peace proposals to its enemies, Israeli leaders are busy preparing military plans for every conceivable contingency. These plans are the first to be pulled out of the drawer whenever a crisis erupts, and are often applied without proper political consideration. A military policy cannot be a permanent substitute for diplomacy. The continued subjugation of diplomacy to security considerations and the domination of the Israeli security establishment on matters of foreign policy are bound to result in the failure of both military policy and of foreign policy."
  9. Brasil does not suck but they did not play the best futbol either. It will be interesting to see if Germany wins the cup this year.
  10. OMG Brazil played like crap what was that the World Cup from 1998.
  11. Battlezone with the tank and Tempest I ruled those games in the arcade.
  12. I have played the game and I own the game what is the difference that is not the issue. What influenced you to make such a statement? If we were talking about favorite colors and disagreed would you still have made a statememt about imagining killing me and my family (serious or whatever)? Could it be that your threat was just a part of your already apparent nature.
  13. Mr. Dozy I stated so much by telling you that I own this game we speak of so I am not talking about it from a indirect perspective. "But one question i must ask.... why is government censorship held in higher esteem rather than proper parenting?
  14. What a load or crap Apollinax just say you enjoy the game for it's exploitation and "smut film" feel not to mention it's almost sexual gratifacation of the murderous acts that you commit. If you own this game you know for a fact that it is the most explicit, macabre game to date. No matter what you say if the game had of been a movie no major studio would have released it without an M-17 rating if it was released at all. I am not saying that people will lose their minds but there should be a line that needs not to be crossed just for the sake of entertainment.
  15. Yes, I agree but the fact still remains that video games are powerful entertainment and can have an adverse effect on a percentage of the population.
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