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House KYA and House Setara War


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-Sir our men are exhausted and our home planet has been destroyed by a virus that is a mutation of the common cold.

-Ok we need another home planet, go 3 more stars ahead an then turn left. Our sensors has detected one there.

-Yes sir.

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Sir. IT apears that Hosue setera has contackted the freman. he wants to harvest spice there.

Great bring me a freman to speke with.

yes sir

i waited the next 6 hours and a freman walked in.

I know you were contacted bye house stera. and that they wish for spice mining.

yes. he said.

i know you control dune. but as you can see the universe is in termoile. with the wars and the guild thing. do you know the history of house setera???

no.he said.

The ruler of hosue setera in ordos 45. he inplanetd bio-chips in there brain he could kill them in the flip of a switch. me and my house allies moved in and freed his people. he fled. he let him rule the population. and build an army but under the rules of are agrement he mat not atack this house.

you see we are not much from house atreides. except we invaded to free the people not to hunt them for sport.

His eyes seemed to widen a bit.

I will give my houses miltary asistance to the freman if they want it. Some houses such as the telexu have bene trying to create fake spice. for this information will you give us millitary asistance?? i finished

I will have to talk to Mau'dib aobut this. he said. he started walking out the door.

hey i yelled. he turned around. i spit on the floor. he did the same and walked off.

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"Sire it appears that Ex has contacted the Fremen. He knows about our spicce proposal to them," says a young officer.

"Great," I say sarcastically," leave me I must ponder this."

He left and a Bene Gesserit steps out of the shadows. She has an angry expression on her face.

"They know," is all she says.

"Yes Sister I realize that quite well," I say.

"We are beginning to train your troops in our ways of combat as asked."

"Thank you."

We both then stared at each other knowing that any move from now on would be dangerous.

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Planet Desesperacion, New home of the House Picara

-Sir this planet has a lot of resources but there is absolutely nothing more.

-Ok we still have the designs that we obtain for the other houses (a lot of replies ago)

we can use it.

-Yes Sir but we will need about a couple of centuries to obtain...

-Yes i know, but we could use the forbbiden designs that we dont destroy before the Buttlerian Jihad.

-Sir, that is completly forbbiden!!!!!!!!!!

-I Know, bla bla bla... dont... bla bla... machines.... bla bla bla think... bla bla..

completly idiot, was forbbiden too the use of atomics and bio-weapons and all the houses are using it.

-Yes but...

-Do it!!!!!! it only takes us 3 months, all the houses are following the old emperor's rules. (No settled territories and no rules of engagement).

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"Johnson, how is our fleet building again?" I asked again for the thousandth time.

"Sire, we are now at 72%. Sorry sir, but uhh, a large group of welders and nanotech constructors, they uh...they tripped and fell off one of the smaller ships as they were working on it." Johnson replied wearily.

"Dam. Hmm...when we they get back to work?"

"In about 3 1/2 week sir. No major injuries, just a bunch of sprained legs, ankles, and some broken arms and legs."

"Dam. Hmm...oh well, nothing we can do, just keep up progress. Oh, provide every worker with gifts appropriate according to Ixian culture. I don't want bad morale to get in the way."

"Will do, sir."

The elders of the spacing guild have not responded, but I guess I will calmly wait. As of now, I must seek protection at an unknown place. With only 3 mid-sized ships with outdated weapons, ahhh gotta hide! Can't wait when Ix finishes my new fleet.

I feel bad about Alex's planet being hit by the mutation of the cold virus right after the Sanitarium Plague's failure. Hmm, maybe I will utilize Tleilaxu biological technology to cure the newly established delirium, then maybe House Picara may resettle in Burlador.

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Jones, when i was talking about the cold virus, i was talking about your sanitarim virus, i was saying that the cold virus was manipulated by genetic engineering and becomes the sanitarium. And now you are going to destroy your own creation.

Some more replies that like today's and i will need the Tleilaxu technology to cure myself in a Madhouse

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"Sire, it has seem that House Setaras and House KYA are both on Arrakis in trying to become the main supplier of spice." said Newman.

"Interesting...spice. Perfect, I will go to Dune to meet my smuggler comrades, I think I will be safe there for the time being."

"Sire, you do realize we have an alternative to spice melange? Our Tleilaxu factories have biologically engineered a new substance as they isolated genes from both the sandworm and an ancient plant known as marijuana. They then chemically engineered this substance and bonded it with MDMA, also an ancient substance known as ecstasy."

"Whoa, I'm not sure our customers will be able to handle that, cerebrally speaking that is. Are you sure it's safe?"

"We are still running tests on it. It seems the elders of the spacing guild are interested in this alternative. However, we need to conduct more testing to find if there is any side effects."

"Maybe...it sounds extremely expensive to produce. But yeah, keep them working on it."

A new alternative to spice...mind-blowing...but still, I am uncertain. It is probably too expensive to produce. It will be a while until it becomes a profitable market.

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i may be a pirate, but im not that savage to annihilate an entire planet. that would not only be unethical, but also economically unpractical. thats like killing off an entire planet of customers and clients. i am a pirate, which means i smuggle/rob stuff and sell them.

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Ok Jones

Planet Desesperacion New Home of the House Picara.

-Hey guys, the Duke says that we can return burlador, the virus there is out of date.

-And what about we have constructed?

-Prepare the explosives


The fleet leaves Desesperacion and set course to Burlador.

Jones, is Marihuana, Maria for friends

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3 days later the freman came back.

Maud'dib has concidered your porpostion and agreed. you will have 4 legions of freman warriers at your command.

how about telxua??i ask

a raiding party has just hit there and destoryed there spice plant.



how soon can you bringe the freman here??

2 days.

good thank you. we spit on the floor and he walked off.

4 of my generals walked in.

yes?? i ask.

Sir house setera has allied with the beni gesseret.

beni gesseret huh?? intergalctic space whores. what are they for pleasing his men??

no sir. they are masters at a many diferent forms of of martial arts.

so. leave me i say. and they walk

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(Ex is Operation 32 or 82 or whatever still in operation...)

"Sir, we have reports that the virus has brought the fleet of Picara to a devastating low, but they are building more as we speak.", the officer reported.

"Ok. Good. Do you remember those units we sent to House Picara?", I asked.

"Yes, sir. House Picara greeted them with open arms.", the officer responded.

"Good, activate the spies. Have them do random sabotage, and also have them do their usual thing.", I ordered.

"Yes, sir!", the officer said as he ran off.

"Sir, we also have reports that House KYA and House Setara have been trying to get their hands on spice on Arrakis.", another officer reported.

"Did our fremen spies convince them to say no?", I asked.

"Yes, sir, but Muad'Dib has allowed House KYA to have...4 legions of Fremen warriors.", the officer said regrettably.

"FOUR LEGIONS?! What is House KYA trying to do?! We must turn the number of warriors down! Make sure some of our spies go with the legions, then make them kill as many as they can with no one noticing until it is too late!", I angrily ordered.

"Yes...sir.", the officer said as he backed away.

"That damned House KYA!", I exclaimed as I slammed my hand on the table, breaking it.

(There are only a few Bene Gesserit...don't get carried away Ordos.)

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Have the freman arived yet??? i asked

Yes sir. there just pulling into the space port now.

good good. the first thing i want you to do with them is to take them to are largest freshwater lake. dont alow them to see it untill they get there. prepare a ship i wish to go to.

Yes sir.

i watched the starport from a palace window. the freman walk out of the no-ship into the troop orntihoperts. with there windows coverd. i stepped out of the palace with my honer gaurd into a ornithopter. we flew for 1 hour before landing there. we landed and i looked at are worlds largest fresh water lake. and at the large skyscraper behind us.

the freman steeped out facing away from the water. i walked over to them and yelled at the top of my lungs

Gentalmen i gave you water!!!

the orinthopters behind them lifted.On evreone of the fremans face was a mix of joy ecstasy and shock.

GO DRINK. i yelled. evre one of the freman ran a fast as he could down a hill and into the lake.they drank as much as they could. and they were happy.

not bad huh? asked a near by officer

yes.........boom the ornithopters over head blew into recks of smoldering metal and crashed down in the lake naraly missing the freman by a half a mile. las gun bursts came from the nearbye skyscraper

Run!!! i screemed at my staff.

we slid down the hill into the sand by the lake. my honer gaurd started firing las gun birsts at the sky scraper. the freman ran out of he water and fell in the sand.

AIR STIKE!!!!!!!!! i screem

YES SIR. said a nearbye oficer.

5 minits later 20 ornithopters were in the sky. they flew closer to the skyscprapper las guns flashing on all sides.they fired there las gun bursts blowing large holes in the thing. but still they kept firing. one after another my orthithoperts fell out of the sky. un till the last ones retriede.

are we far enogh away that the ion cannons sats wont kill us??

Yes sir!!


the freman watched as huge las gun burst after las gun bursts hit the building till it was a smoldering wreke. then it fired a last time. The enitre skyscpraprer exploded killing the assasins in side.

we were soon in ornithopters on the way back to the palace.

Who were they??? i ask a nearby officer

Assins sir. some freman were killed by them on the no-ships. they thought they killed them all.

Who sent them???

dont know sir. we blew up the building there was no way of teling what from what. he said

I blame house picara. I said.

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"JEEZ...4 legions of Fremen. House KYA must really want to kill something..." I said.

"Well, Fremen are only good on Arrakis, and potentially other desert planets sire," commented Newman, "we are still heading towards Arrakis, sire?"

"Yes, indeed. We must greet our smuggler comrades there. Our visit to Gurney Halleck the III will strengthen our ties with the current Muad'dib, thus also with House KYA. We will certainly be safe there."

"I reckon, sire."

Our janky flotilla of 3 mid-sized cruisers continued towards Arrakis. It was a fearsome journey, as our fleet was quite weak, even compared to the band of striking space trash haulers.

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lord kerrek has now ordered our mechs to be re armed.


yep, he said the sound amps and missles wont do he wants them to have las gun and shield probes with some gattleing guns

Cima has reported no enemy activity


-I declare nuetral and am also allowind to be allied with whomever asks-

sir our spade fleet has now 12 pasedena class 45 solace class

102 neptune class and 24 mercuray class

good and my 2 secret bases on the moon?

ther defences at full


-moidib will you be one of my allys?

and ordos45?

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Message from *The Elders of the Spacing Guild

*To Caldron (TSGN)...(as he recieves it by T-P from the Elders of the Guild) House KYA is considered hostile the Fremen Leader MoiDib have agreeded to 4 legions at House KYA's assitance. MoiDib must speak with The Elders of the Guild our spice flow must be kept. House KYA is planning to kept us out. *This can not take place inform MoiDib that it is the Guild who helps protect the Fremen his leigons must be withdrawn. We will send (you) to speak with both MoiDib and the Leader of House KYA. Also be aware the Leader of House Jones is on the way to Arrakis.

House Picara......was located on Planet Desesperacion which has been destroyed. House Picara is using forbidden knowledge from the Butlertian Jihad the destruction to the planet was a cover-up that very fact. To what extend that they use this knowledge is unknown at the moment "too many lines in the future". Make preparations for a meeting with the Duke of House Picara.

These Leaders of these Houses will be told of a time and place where they will meet with the Elders of the Spacing Guild. ESG will decide the meeting place and the location. ESG will also provide transportion to and from the location of the meeting. Each Leader of the Houses is to bring only himself and (two carry on bags?) council members only (of course your own security althought that will be provided by the Sardukar. We want this known to the Leaders of these fore mentioned Houses to arrive on Dune wait and then you will transported to the chosen location by the Elders of the Guild.Caldron........be aware that House Setara is involed with the Bene Gesserit witches. Monitor them before and during their arrival we have provided a Fremen Rev. Mother to asssit you.

Elders of the Spacing Guildguild_L.gif

*guys I am an Elder of the Guild and I am a Fremen and Caldron(TSGN) that is how I'm playing your game.:)

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Somewhere within the Guild........<p>

Failed navigator to Caldron(TSGN)- "Sir Duke Alejandro II of House Picara has contacted us regarding the meeeting with The Elders of the Guild. The Duke wants to know what he is do?"

Caldron's reply- "Tell Duke Alejandro II he is go to Arrakis and wait for a Rep. of the Guild to contact him, also give him the information regarding his political advisors. make this understood by the Duke we do not want any misunderstanding in this matter."<p>Caldron's aide leaves to transmit the message to house Picara. So many things are at stake with this meeting. The thought that really bothers Caldron is why would MoiDib allow House KYA 4 legions of Fremen? The Guild has always treated the Fremen just with the spice even blocked out satellite transmitions being broadcast so the Fremen could live and be themselves. The Fremen also supplied the Guild with unknown things that no one in the universe even knew about not the Fremen themselves knew this the Guild came across these things by accident. The Guild had been around since the infancy of space travel and nothing was about to change that not now that they were so close to having the ultimate Guild Navigators. Caldron swam through the orange gas with little else thoughts than the meeting at hand. To see the future is to see that which may not be only what could be. Caldron submerged into the orange gasious vapor into the web of the Nexus.

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"Go ahead and walk into a trap," says Sister Karla of the Bene Gesserit.

"Its not a trap, if the Guild wants to meet with the warring houses then so be it," I say exasperated," besides you and your fellow dozen or so sisters who are training my men must not slack off to tell me the obvious."

"Very well," says Sister Karla as she left the room.

"We must remain as nuetral as possible...contact KYA and tell them that Operation: Donald Duck is still in progress at this end," I say to Quatrain in the shadows," and make sure to send portions of our forces to the rendevous point."

"Yes Master," He says.

I leave the room and board a No Ship. I set course for Arrakis and begin the foldspace jump. Meanwhile nearly a fifth of my fleet foldspace jumped beside Ex's at the rendevous point to join them for Operation: Donald Duck.

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Sir a the guild want a meeting on arakis. it concernes your 4 legions of freman you received as a gift. they want the back to on arrakis. said a nearbye aid.

I recived the freman as a gift from Maud'dib. they can not take them away from me. only maud'dib him self can do that. untill I hear from maud'dib him self i will not give them up. But I will go to arakis. perpare my honer gaurd. I state.

Yes sir.

anything else?

they clame that the guild have bene around since the birth days of space travel they say they will not disapear. and the no-ships from house setera have arived at the rodevu point. he stated

"Times change if the guild would have changed with it, picked up a sword wene they first heard of no-ships they would still have a monaply. but they chose the safe course. they clamed that no-ships would never replace them. yet whole armys are being moved with them. pitty the poor guild say will soon become obsolite." I say.

i step on my personal ships escorted by a freman Kya mixed boddy gaurd and two no-ship crusiers. i take a look at my home world and give the order to take off.i arived in arackes two days later. arived in the palace checked in withthe guild then checked into a loacal hotel. i sit there waiting for the other reps

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"Sir, we have just came out of hyperspace, we will be on Arrakis in approximately 50 minutes." said Newman.

"Good," I said, "any other news?"

"Yes, sire. About all of the other major houses have arrived on Arrakis as well. The elders of the spacing guild has included them in the upcoming summit."

"Interesting. I wonder what the elders of the spacing guild has to say to all of them..."

50 minutes later...

"Newman, we shall stay on board until the location of the summit is announced. In the meantime, signal our smugglers that we are onplanet, and tell them we will rendezvous with them at the smuggler camps."

"Yes, sir."

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just for your information im going to start a new thread like this one but with a different atmosphere and scenario.

i dunno about everyone but im starting to get kinda bored with being a house with immense productive resources in terms of firepower. the one im starting will have a stronger limit to power thus power will be more balanced in the new one. nonetheless, there will still be a lot of choices and options pending on ur imagination.

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