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  1. yep but i think lord of the rings will be better
  2. kloball4100


    lol i was just about to answer that
  3. yes i concur. maybe there will learn their lesson and fix the problems, and come out w/ emperor ii
  4. kloball4100


    dune 2 is a classic
  5. no way. liberals and progressives rule. moderates are ok.
  6. this sure has lasted a long time tho. after college applications are done with i will probably make a return................................................................................................................ 8)
  7. we should still try to colonize mars or something. too much overpopulation on Earth. first world governments HAVE TO START ADVOCATING BIRTH CONTROL. ::)
  8. :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O wohoa
  9. hey i just wanna see people's opinions on this. ex and i were talking about it. do you guys think killing bin laden would cause an overall positive effect or negative effect? i think it might be positive domestically, since most americans will be like "tight he is dead" but i thought it will only infuriate the extremist muslims even more, which will lead to even more attacks on the u.s., since they will think bin laden died a martyr. ex thinks if bin laden dies, all the islamic extremists will be disenchanted and go home. kinda like how all the nazis gave up after hitler shot himself. what do you thinK?
  10. i think this is the start of the trend of world destabilization...riots everywhere, destabilization of governments in the CIS (former soviet union republics) as well (the entire cabinet of Georgia, not the state Georgia, was forced to quit by the president), and i think the IRA will take the chance to restart their activities again. ??? ??? ??? i think the world's gonna be in a mess in the next 50 years. steve hawkings is right...we gotta start colonizing space soon.
  11. yep that was the real me. i was at school and forgot my password.
  12. awesome tactic with the "death hand", w/o knowing where the enemy is within the fog of war. u have to listen carefully... save before you launch a death hand missile...if you dont hear a building blow up, load and try again. (there is a difference between a sound of a death hand exploding and the sound of it exploding and taking out buildings at the same time.
  13. My partner and I was digging back at one of our caves. "WOAH! I think I found something." It seems Asfat, which was my friend's name, had discovered some sort of black gooey substance while trying to dig. "I think it is some sort of hydrocarbon - petroleum in essence!" I said.
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