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House KYA and House Setara War


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I look out my window as the air defense paltforms swivel overhead. Their presence reassures me of my dominance of the planet when suddenly they roar to life shooting light against the darkness. Suddenly an explosion blooms overhead and debris rains down on the forest beside my castle.

"What just happened," I screech.

"House KYA has broken the Great Convention and launched an assualt, it was a lasgun equipped kamikaze plane. We are activating all defenses now and putting the military on alert. The forms have not been obeyed my lord," came quickly out of the mouth of a young officer who had entered when I was occupied with the explsion.

"Ready our forces to defend against any assault," I say confidently," and send a message to the Landsraad requesting assistance since the forms were broken."

I watched as the officer ran out of the rrom to carry out my will.

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Exatreides watches one screen from one of the cloaked spy satlits hidden over the Setara.

Dam. i say as one my 5 plane blows up.

One of the others starts shooting a nearby vilige.

No i say shoot only at millitary instalations we are here to free the people not kill them.

Yes sir. one of our piolets says. the piolts makes a sharp left tun towerds there base. las gun bursts passing around them. they make passis over the base blowing up buildings and turits till the base in a smoldering wreck.

Great i say to my self thats there main counterstike base.

Letenit i say. tell our agents on setra to being operation switch sides. and start the felsh vats.

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"Fires," I ask.

"Yes," says the officer behind me," one of our bases and a village."

"Attacking civilians," I cry in outrage," shoot down the other four planes.

I watch as the air defense platforms roar to life again. Four explosions occur in rapid succession and the debris falls onto Ex's agents. they are all gruesomely decapitated. I watch as the shields shimmer up on bases within my view and then as my own castle shield shimmers into existance. Now the most horrible part begins.

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Sir six of our agents are dead. a lutenit syas.

Dam. do we have enough left? i ask

yes sir.

our the clokaed no ships prepared? i ask

yes sir.

"deploy the cloked ion cannons over there atmosphere. fire only at there basses. wene the base shileds are down fire the ion cannons. but they uncloke wene firing so all was try to have one cover another.the ioncannons defenive system can take out anything that gets to close. take out there nuke satiltes. i dont want any of our trops killed. , ". I order

yes sir. the lutenit respods and walkes off

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"No ships," I laugh aloud,"you're sure that this guy has no ships?"

"Yes my lord," says the officer seriously.

"Tell me if we invert the frequencies which allow him to be cloaked would it, in the Holtzman theory, work," I ask, having brushed up on it.

"It should in theory work my lord," said the officer with a tinge of excitement in his voice.

"Have our sattelites sent the pulse of inverted frequencies on all frequencies at once so there will be no frequency to hide on," I say cracking a smile," and then shoot the enemy out of my sky."

As the pulse washed over the planet hundreds of no ships and ion cannons (his entire fleet, real not holo, that was secret from the guild) appeared like phantoms in the night. Almost as soon as they appeared they began to explode as teams of ornithopters came up from the forest floor and from behind the mountains and began to fire missiles into Ex's forces. In five minutes his space/air forces were just flaming debris. Losses among my own forces were great though, more than half the ornis sent to destroy the fleet.

I continued to stare out my window in disgust at such cowardice.

"Inform the Guild about Mr. Ex Atreides secret fleet will you. Keep the pulse running continuously, I want no enemies making it in without my knowledge. Scan all human life on the planet, if its human and doesn't have a bio chip...execute it," I say coldly yet with reluctance.

"Yes my lord," says the officer as he scrambles out of the room.

I continue to gaze out at my lovely Setara Prime, not realizing that hundreds will be executed because of my last orders.

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Report. I order the lutenit

Sir they apear to be looking for the spys. but they dont seem to know we installed dummy chips. the lutenit respoded.

good. so the only way they can find them is to blow up evre other person on the planet. right?

yes sir. the lutenit respoded.

how are they doing? i ask. minor revolts are already staring. major ones are brwing out side the capital.

the fleet?

The holo fleet is gone. and 80% of the real fleet is gone two.

another soldier rushed it.

Sir the guild have bene notified.

Dam. i wa hoping this war would be bye now. how many troops do we have now?? with the flesh fat around 20 milion. prepare the noship cariers make sure that there cloking freqwincy changes coonstinly. i dont want more dead men. send more ornis i want thhose basses gone.

yes sir. the lutenit runs off

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"Revolts are brewing and most of our sats are damaged," I say fuidly," launch more satelites and gather the revolting citizens. It is time for a demonstration."

"Yes sir," says the young officer.

I watch the flares of sats being put in orbit and then watch as several no ships carrying flesh vats appear, their cloak compromised. Trails of light spew forth from my air defense platforms and soon flaming wreckage is all that remains of the exposed ships. I see the revolters marching up to the roof and turn on the holo address system planetwide after I reach the top.

"Citizens of Setara Prime, some of you have chosen to revolt. I could turn those of you who have done so into slaves or kill them with the bio chips but something more visual is needed, which is hy I am using the planetary address holo system," I say looking downtrodden," these sheep have strayed and now they must be punished."

I wave a hand and the revolters are burned to death with flamethrowers, the sight and sound of this going out to the entire planet.

"Now who wishes to disobey me," I say over the system after the revolters I rounded up are dead, and then I turn off the system.

As for my bases, they are still safe under their shield canopies. Ornis won't do much against shields.

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What! how many troop cariers? I ask

3 sir they were cought between loops by new satilties launch. the Captin responds.

how many troops land? i asked him

1,753,213. there landing near the third largest city. 98% wish to change sides. He responded.

good are all are troops trained in takeing out there bio chips with out kiling them. yes sir. Ordos 45 killed many of the revolters. this just made the populace hate him more.

good. we will soon free these people. how far is the nearist military base?

there is one of there secret research and develpment 150 miles away. The captin responded.

prepare more troop ships. this time send no ship jaming craft. to jam there satilites from trageting our ships or the ground. also jam there recon satilites if we can make them blind the war will end soon. jam evre freqwincy you can.

now we just see if training them in freman stelth was worth it. if they are found tell tell them to fight. also prepare some no-ship crushers as soon those sats are down destroy these major bases. i pointed at a near bye globe ordos 45s homeworld.

Yes sir. and the guild have cut us off sir. He responded

The unverse will soon change i added. the guild will soon become obsolite. tell the lanserad this. promis them that if they help us we will give them no ship tecnolegy.

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As the first strike of House Klobbersaurus, Duke Shunk commands that 56 Kamikaze Thopters be flown in.

There was a six hour wait until they got there, but the armada of fanatic pilots arrived.

The flak exploding in the air was ovewhelming, there was a black cloud of shrapnel falling from the sky, bloodying the infantry fighting below. Only 15 out of the 56 thopters made it out of the flak cloud, but 13 hit their marks. The power was down and their shields were down, but the battle was far from over.

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"Have lost many men, but they have lost more," moaned Duke Shunk, trying to console himself after the not-so-succesful airstrike.

He had underestimated the air defense and only knocked out 8 of 14 powerstations. They could easily get their shields back online so they only have a 2-3 hour window to attack the bases wtih infantry and cavalry.

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The Duke looks down on the raging battle from a guild apacecraft, "The Setaran soldiers are fighting like madmen! We and our allies have destroyed some civillian buildings and it seems to have provoked some heavy reenforcements. Even the civilians are donning armor and firing guns!"

"Well, Sir. We have but a few options of attack. We could bring in the artillery, such as the Klobbersaurus Device, Rolling Thunder and Frostilicus, our tank with the freeze gun. This option will dent our wallets a quite a bit."

"Damn that Spacing Guild!"

"We still have 3 troop carriers left full of the High Guard" said General Thron, "they are the best we have with us, other than youre high guard."

"We cant move in more men to Setara Prime, it will leave Klobbersauri Secundus vulnerable to enemy fire, we can only use the men we have here and maybe two leigions of our men on K2." yelled Duke Shunk. "Before we do anything drastic, lets set up some rail guns and send in some of our secret weapon."

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16 small pods fell from the Guild ship. They plummeted like meteors until slowed by their suspensors. The pods landed on the ground with a large thud. 10 of the 16 pods split open to reveal large guns. These were the rail guns. They are capable of firing up to 20 miles distance but had limited use in a situation like this, they had little ammo and even less back up. As the other two houses grappled for the city, the Klobbersaurans spent time building their power.

The other six pods were filled with the Klobbersauran secret weapon. The pods split to reveal a fanmetal dome. And what was in it was quickly pouring out of the gate and charging the long walk to battle. There were 100 trained Fortiraptors, the main predatory animal of K2(Klobbersauri Sucundus)much like the Velociraptors of the Earthling Cretacious period, but larger and trained to kill anything that doesnt smell Klobbersauran. The 'Raptors were covered in kevlar and fanmetal armor. The Raptors were charging into the fray at 30 mph. Most were killed by machinegun and lasgun fire. Only 35 or so remained to kill the infantry. Gruesomely disemboweling and decapitating the enemy, they threw the soldiers around like rag dolls as bullets ricocheted of of the armor of the Raptors, they took out 150 of the enemy soldiers before they were picked off my lasguns.

Luckily, the raptor assault distracted their attention from their men getting picked off by rail guns.

After only a few hours of being on the planets surface, the railguns and troop housings that landed earlier were destroyed by a troop of enemy infantry and artillery. things were getting desperate.

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I was looking out of one of the many palice windows watching no-ships leave for Klobbersauri Sucundus.

wene one of my secratarts wakied in with a folder marked classified.

The city was 40% ours. the klobbersauri were starting construction of a firebase out side of the city. Our jamming worked our ships flew in undetected.

I orderd one of my genrals in.

how many ion cannons can we deploy in say about 2 hours? i asked

10 to 11. sir. he responded.

good. our troops need soport we are taking a 25% casuity rate. i handed him the report .he looked over the stats.

most enemy troops contol the northern part of the city. they apear to be gaurding there main sulpy line. he added.

I flipped thrue more of the pages.i found something shocking at best from one our spies it seems that incase the planet was invaded in conqurd the have three steps in destroing it. One is atomics from space wich we had alread taken over. atomics on there nearby moon ready to deniate and fall on the planet. and three atomics located near the core of the planet. there was only one way to detenate the core ones by special ixian remort that the spy also aprehended. and the ones on the moon we could have a tec team there to disable it.

i fliiped thure more pages it turns out that the Klobbersauri had tekn out some power plants. 8 of 14 the report states.many of there baseshilds were down.

Genral. atack these basses i pointed on one of my nearbye globes. this will cut off there suply line. use the elite polits this time.

yes. sir. he responded and walked off. i looked over more papers ranging from the rapter atack in the city to mining reports. wene the secratary walked in agine this time with a tape. i put it in it.

our elite piolets flew towerds the ememy base aa zooming past them. they tartgeted the vehilcs and sturture. phhhh phhhh they fired. boom the base was a smoldering wreck. then the video switched over to the city. with there suply line cut off and there men being picked off by snipers and raptors. they feld into one sky scraper whare they were holding there ground. taking out any one they could see. ne of our ornis flw over the buildings whare it was it with mobile aa it fell right on the building taking out the top floor so they cant fly out the Klobbersauri forces and ours have suronded it.

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"How much," I ask wearily.

"Most of the capital city, 8 out of 14 power stations, a good deal of our infantry, and many bases are lost my lord," said the quivering officer.

"Evacuate, get our own secret fleet ready and withdraw all our forces from the planet. Pack in as many supplies as possible as well. We're going to find a new planet," I said," now hurry."

"Yes my lord."

Within the next 3 days my forces packed into our own no ships, down to the last viechle and soldier. 90% of our supplies were packed aboard more no ships. And from my flagship I watched the planet dwindle far behind as my fleet withdrew invisibly. Then I pressed the button.

The planets moons were redirected by atomic blasts and fell into the planet as the core and mantle were shattered by underground atomics. Soon the planet and all enemies and civilians on it are just a memory and an asteroid field. Then my fleet, my entire fleet except for one ship jumped to foldspace to search for a new home far away from the Empire. The remaining vessel jumped to the House KYA homeworld and dove for orbit. It is full of stoneburners set to go off and burn the entire planet and leave no life as soon as the ship is hit by so much as a feather let alone a lasgun blast, if the wind even blows to hard it will explode. If the ship explodes under a barrage the planet goes goodbye, if the ship and weapons are being disabled they go off and the planet will go goodbye.

Good luck Klob and Ex. Anything you do to that ship will be useless because as soon as you do it your planet will be destroyed.

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What!!!!!! i say.

A ememy no ship is aproching the planet colision course. are sensers say its full of stone burners.

Quick get evreone underground to the deapest mines we have.

Conteact are allie. what happend to his planet did the holograms work?????

yes sir we belive that the the massive ix holograms of the planet worked. as soon as his ship left orbit. we truned them on. we jamed his radar so all he could see was the hologram.

good. is it posibul to bring in a no ship under it and let it fall in to the hold. then with suspensers hold it so it feels like its still falling. then fold space to a planet and let it detonate?????

Yes sir i think it will work. he said

make it happen.

i watched from my veiwscreen with my genrals as the no ship positionded it self under it then slowy let it fall in it.then wosh the no ship vanished. it had done it!!!!!!

Yes we all screemed!!!!!!!!!!!!

we had saved are planet and freed billions from opresion it was a good day.

contack are allies tell them this and that we need to find the rest of his fleet.

yes sir. said one of the genrals and walked off.

Nice try ordos 45. tsk tsk tsk now we come for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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"I am Brignok Acriku of House Acriku. House Acriku is technically superior from reasons classified. I am announcing my House as neutral, but favorable to the defensive House, which is House Setara. I am allowing that House to come to my Home Planet: Brasa. That house will be ruler of one of my best continents but will not be allowed to recruit or kill civilians.", I said to all frequencies.

"Now we wait for their approval.", I said.

"Yes, sire.", said an officer.

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(ok MoiDib one thing. My ships were already in fold space. You can't fire at ships inside foldspace. I was nowhere near your home planet anyhow so I think you just posted a worthless post. As for Ex, I had those atomics planted in the core of my planet before you arrived so my planet did break apart from their explosions, which I mentioned, even if the moons missed. So now I'm out in foldspace out of all of your reaches, which I also mentioned considering I said that my ships jumped to foldspace and never mentioned them coming out. Btw does everyone on the forum have a fleet in defiance of the Guild? Oh and on to the war.)

"Don't take us out of foldspace soon, let us just cruise farther and farther into it. I have always wondered what is out there in deep space," I said absently, noting that I could not move my finger which pressed the button.

"Sir that is suicidal," said the almost screaming officer.

"Do it," I said, to weary to sound cold.

"Yes my lord."

He left and went to a bug shielded room where several officers waited.

"We must revolt or we will all die of his incompetence," said Officer1 who is the officer who just came in.

"We must take a vote," said Officer2.

"All those in favor of revolting raise your hand," said Officer1.

Every officed but Officer7 raised their hands.

"We can't do thi---" Officer 7 started and then was cut off when he looked down at the knife in his chest and fell over dead.

"Then its settled," said Officer1 coldy,"we revolt in one hour and turn over our leader to the Padishah Emperor."

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I flipped thrue more of the pages.i found something shocking at best from one our spies it seems that incase the planet was invaded in conqurd the have three steps in destroing it. One is atomics from space wich we had alread taken over. atomics on there nearby moon ready to deniate and fall on the planet. and three atomics located near the core of the planet. there was only one way to detenate the core ones by special ixian remort that the spy also aprehended. and the ones on the moon we could have a tec team there to disable it.or we could simply turn the ion canons.

that is not new if you look up some you will find that.

and i think moidib over did his forces a bit. i'd watch for black holes if i wer you and for ofisers stabing you in the back

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"Sire, our spies tell us that House Picara, a seemlingly unharmful House, has obtained enormous amounts of credit and has stolen plans from all Houses - except this one of course. They are equipped enough to engage in war.", an officer said.

"Hahaha. I always knew cyborg officers of a very complex design would stop spies from infiltrating this House. As for their engagement in war, see to it that they get some of our moderately powerful, but quite powerful to them, units fall into their hands. This should be most interesting.", I said with a chuckle.

"As you command, Sire", the officer said with a devious grin.

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"Damn it's hot today, bring me my spice tonic, Android 12." said I. Android 12 comes back with not only the spice tonic, but also very intersting news. "Sire, a new galactic conflict has begun. House Setaras and the newly formed House "KYA" has disrupted the peace in the Great Convention." said Android 12. Interesting, I thought to myself, but shockingly, there was more to consider. "The Setaran homeworld has been "rescued" by KYA forces, and the Setaran emperor, Ordos45, has fled," Android 12 continued, "And KYA forces still occupy Setara." Hmm...this could be a great opportunity for me, even though I already have 10^10000 solaris racked up from my 20 year career of space piracy. I thought to myself, maybe this is a good time to emerge. My pirates are fattened and bored, maybe it is time to call them to arms once again. It is time to reinstate House Jones, Lair of Pirates. "Android 12, contact our secret cabal that now dwells in deep space, tell them that it is time to make a profit out of this so-called war."

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