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House KYA and House Setara War


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"Sire. The House Picara is under attack by Pirates. Ix and Tleilaxu have raised prices 500% and cut off most trade. The Guild is talking with House Jones. Our Bene Gesserit allies have urged us to declare nuetrality considering we currently have peace with just about everyone but the Guild. Our own weapons are still being mass produced," said a young aide quickly.

"I rarely dealt with Ix anyhow, the Tleilaxu...well I'll miss the sligs. House Picara under attack is regrettable. The Guild/Jones situation is troubling. Now I need my rest. Goodbye," I leave after saying those words.

I walk outside the Palace again through the woods and reflect on all that is happening. I fear for the fate of the universe. That is when I decide what to do. I glance at the moon cresting above the mountains and smile. Now I walk back in the Palace to the communications room. I send a message to Mr. Jones," In exchange for nuetrality I will not reveal the The Sanitarium virus's cure to everyone. My people are vaccinated against it by the way. Hope to have you respond that I may remain nuetral."

I breath heavily...and look up at the stars wondering if they will all be swept from the sky by a Tide of Chaos and a Storm of War.

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Spice trash huh? i ask the general

Yes sir they have gone on stirke saying they will not colect trash from anyone in warfare.

any thing else????

yes planet picara has bene infected by the a bio engenered viris..

bio warfare. that brakes evre rule in the great convention.

tell all houses that the pirate fleet is useing bio warfare.this should interest them. also find out if any house has the cure for this thing

yes sir he said.

double are defense on setera.

put up more ion cannons half faceing down half faceing up.if they apear to be mass producing any thing besides food and such. fire at them. not civilian death understood.

yes sir. says the genral and walks off.

Nothing else happend for the next two hours.i was reading a book i had recently found wene the general ran in.

sir they fired at are ion cannons over the setera.


yes sir we took out three of 9 of there production basses. one seemed to a tec sight sir. both were completly destoryed. he gave me a tape off the battle i watched it. they fired at to deploing ion cannions one up one down.boom one expolded instantly the other was turning and it was hit dot destoryed but it fell and burned up in the atmosphere . the other ion cannons locked on to basees. zooming and zooming closer. you could see the fait glimer of a shild then then the ion cannon fired. the shild held for 30 seconds then colapsed the 20 heavy las guns on each of the sats came to life and fired they hit building after build causing the hole place to catch on fire then a few small explostions then 5 or 6 big ones causing the fleeing men to be instatly killed by large explotions in the base. five minits after the ion cannos both basses were complety destoryed.


Send three legions of the elite cadree to back up our base.

i hope this was just a misuderstanding i said to myself.

i also want more ships patorling planet damisha i dont want to be breathing any damn poions. yes sir he said.

and..... before i could say any thing else three explosiots acourd over planet.

then two more.

a other captin ran in and said. a guild raid. a small one 3 ships 2 destored 1 dameged severly but it was able to escape. he contineud we lost two unmanded scout ships.

DAM THE GUILD. i said to my self.

you contack the pirites. i ask the genreral.

not yet sir.

well hury it up i say

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(Ja Ja Ja Jones, your e-mail is worse than Ordos Aim,Ja Ja Ja ;D)

(Nunquam Moidib)

-Sir, our fleet reached the pirate fleet location, but there was only a handful of ships, and they were destroyed,

-Sir the main pirate fleet is attacking us

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"Idiots," I said, "those ships are not meant for direct conflict."

"Sorry, sir." said Johnson.

"Whatever, this will make way for our new replacement ships that have been implemented with Tleilaxuan technology. Our original fleet was already outdated anyways, evidently proven by its quick destruction by the Picaran fleet. Johnson, go to Tleilaxu immediately, and give me an update on our new secret fleet."

"They will not be completed for sometime, sir."

"Doesn't matter, just go."

As Johnson left, a hologram appeared on the mainframe. It was the Setaran emperor.

" In exchange for nuetrality I will not reveal the The Sanitarium virus's cure to everyone. My people are vaccinated against it by the way. Hope to have you respond that I may remain nuetral."

Excellent, I said to myself. I respond quickly and clearly to Ordos45's proposal.

"Yes, I accept your non-aggression pact, in exchange for not disclosing the cure for the sanitarium virus."

Excellent, I said to myself again, now Picara will suffer eternal euphoric lethargy. No industry, no production, no military, except for their fleet in orbit.

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-Sir our agent at Setarn Home Planet has send us the cure for the pirate virus.

-Excellent, begin production inmediatly.

-Yes Sir.

5 hours later the entire planet is vaccinated.

-We must reconstruct some of our installations.

-Sir our fleet has arrived, the pirate fleet run away(acojones)as soon as our arrived.

-Mmm this is very suspicious, stay on alert.

-Yes sir

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what u cant just get the vaccine. ordos45 has to give it to you.

however, if your agent did steal it, i call on house setaras to declare war on house picara for this act of espionage.

in addition, you cant manufacture the cure en masse even if you do have the cure, considering everyone on your home planet burlador has been infected by it, thus they are all lying on the couch, chuckling every 2 to 3 seconds.

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1. Yes i can my agent obtain it

2. Call Setara if you want, you have no evidence of espionage, i can say that i developed for myself

3. If the virus was so fast the vaccine is as fast as the virus, with only 1 factory cured, a geometrical progression begins.

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ok thats totally messed up. first of all, EVERYONE on your planet is infected, there is no way you can "produce" the vaccine so fast, especially with everyone all giggling and chuckling and lethargic at whereever that may be. second of all, it is quite obvious you stole the vaccine. sanitarium plague is new, there is no way you would've expect it was coming. also, how can you even make a vaccine when EVERYONE on your planet, that includes SCIENTISTS ( loud and clear ), is infected. no scientists, no vaccine. oh by the way, you need a cure, not a vaccine. it is too late for a vaccine isnt it?

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(Sorry Alex, you're all infected. No vaccine for you)

"Withdraw all our people near Picaran territory. And find out who on our Planet fired on the KYA sats," I say wearily," and when you find them...kill them quietly."

"Yes my lord," says the Officer with determination.

"Send a message to KYA that we do not know who fired on them from this planet yet but will dispose of them, that's all for the message. Next up restore our production facilities."

"Yes Sire."

"Leave me."

He left and I looked toward the full moon remembering what a seer told me," When the moon is full you will be nuetral until the Guild comes for you. They will attempt to destroy you and may succeed in the end."

About 3 minutes later a Guild vessel Appeared over Setara prime with its shields on. I laugh silently as one of my one man kamikaze craft fires a las blast into it and they both explode. I regret the loss of that pilot but at least the people of my planet were still safe.

"Sir," said an officer rushing in," The Guild vessel has been destroyed and we have also found and killed the Pirates here that shot at the KYA sats."

"Good, now leave," I say.

He runs off and I walk out of the palace to the nearby woods and go through them. After an hour I reach a lake. I look out over it and the moonlight dancing over it like a caressing touch. I wade in, in my shorts and feel the tides pulling back and forth almost alive in their movements. I look up at the moon and wonder what secrets it may hold.

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"Dam Picaran treachery," I said, "but it seems my attempts in trying to create galatic chaos in order to boost my business operations have caused some unwanted side effects."

"So why did you do it? Why did you attack Kaitain and slay Shaddam IV?" asked Johnson.

"As pirates, we are also mercenaries. When there is peace, weaponry sales go down, and we lose business."

"Right, right. I understand."

"So, how are our fleet building operations in Ix?"

"Good, 35% of them have been completed."

"Man, a long way to go. Isn't it?"

"I guess so, sire."

"Anyways, we must deal with the Guild, I must uncover their goals in their aggressions. Gotta see what is in it for them."

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I just wanted to say that this thread has been awesome, and when we finished this galatic conflict it'd be cool to have something else like this in a different atmosphere and scenario, such as surviving in a post-nuke u.s. or stranded on a designated trash planet.

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"Sir, how would you like us to deal with the uprising of the Space Trash Haulers?" asked Newman, my substitute advisor as Johnson is currently in Ix as of now.

"We don't really have to deal with them at all, do we? Most of our soldiers are in scattered pirate flotillas, and they hardly produce any trash."

"I am saying this in a point of view that we should utilize this uprising..."

"Interesting. This uprising will result in one of two things: Planetary pollution/wasting or space pollution. So much trash in space it might even disrupt space travel. I think you are onto something Newman. Dispatch a message to the union of space trash haulers, tell them I would like to make a deal with them."

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I havent said, kids, that i manufacture the cure en masse on MY PLANET, i do it in my UNDERGROUND factories on MY MOON and send to MY PLANET, i have scientists, engineers etc, on MY FLEET and MY MOON (for me a cure, and a vaccine is the same). and i havent requested your permission Ordos45.

Do you anderstand now???

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that your becomeing insane yes. and that me and my people must stop you. from this point on your house and my hosue ARE AT WAR!!!!!!!!!!


The leader of house picara has gone insane i say to a nearby captin we must destroy him before he destoryes us. prepare 12 of are best noship war craft were going to strike first.

yes sir. he said enthutheasticly.

general Sharpie waked in three or 4 minits later.

We must stike here and here i said pointing at a nearby globe of picaras planet. the 46 power genteraters here and there baseses here. i said pointing at the globe.

we atack here becouse the majority of there fleet is on the othere side of the planet. we hit here and come back to base.i continued.

Yes sir. said general sharpie and walked off.

i watched as each no-ship vanished from are space. waitng the 6 hours for them to arive was dificult. but finly they came. all 12 made it.

Good. i say to myself.

Captin Bilyard walked in.

Report i asked him.

We came, we saw, we blew it strait to hell . There basses were cought complety off gaurd. we only expiredinced minor resistance.

And there fleet??? I ask.

the majority of there fleet be here withen the hour.

Charge to the ion cannons also i want evre ship we have up there fighting. move all civialns to the deepest mineswe have.

yes sir. He says and walkes off

i watch one off my moniters from over the planet. all my ships are over planet andmy ion cannons charged.

There feet emerged from foldspace. what apeared to be most of there fleet.

fire evrethign we have. I screem thrue an intercom.Also tell are asosits to launch operation donald duck.

My ion cannon sats were the first to fire with the rest of my fleet boxing them in.

the sats fire nocking out there shilds. then fireing las guns 4 of there ships down. more of there ships fired takinging down more sats. there fleet cought of garud be the welcome party. Are fleet fires evrething they have at his ships most of the ships (72)burst instanty into flames. The rest (61) returned fire. both sides were taking hevy losses. but his side grew in desperatrion. if there weapons were nocked out they would try to ram one of are ships. one even lauched a stone burner at the planet. it landed in one of the poles. with us taking a 45% casitly rate and him a 85% the reaming 21 of his ships went home. YOUR REAL SHIPS ALEX AND DONT START TALKING ABOUT A SECRET FLEET HIDDEN IN THE SUN OR SOMETIHNG.

prepare are elite cadre troop ships. and the remaning fleet ships. we shall fight along side are asosits. 3 hours later with are fleet ready at the rondivo point. all we need is the word from are asosits.

and about that idea ho about fighting the rushens after they take over the world???? we would all contorl a small group of resistance memberes. and try to meet each other so we could lauch an atack on some city. or try to get a time michine and go back and stop them??

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riiiigghhtt alex. this is exactly why klobbersaurus quit, we could make ourselves as powerful as we want. i might as well say you DIDNT destroy my pirate fleet, yet, you only destroyed a mirror image of my fleet created by an ixian projector. but, im not gonna say that, instead, i admitted my fleet was destroyed by your fleet, cuz im not a cheap scumbag.

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"Johnson, how is our fleet-building going?" I asked.

"Moderately good, the fleet is 47% completed." Johnson replied.

"I guess that is okay..."

An hour later, Newman comes along with awesome news.

"A majority of the Picaran fleet has been smashed by a surprise strike commensed by House KYA."

"Phew, now we don't have to worry about being hunted down right now. But why would KYA do such a thing...very interesting..."

"Yes, sire. We are at a someone fragile point right now, considering our original fleet was annihilated, and the rest of them are scattered in various areas of the universe conducting petty pirating."

"Right, right. Hey Newman, I have mission for you." I hand him an envelope...

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(Alex a cure is something that destroys the disease after it infects you. A vaccine is just a preventive measure which keeps you from being infected in the first place.)

I look out the window and up at the moon still full in the sky. As I stand looking at it there are lasgun emplacements and missile launchers being added to it and a new defense tested out...it will hopefully be the first planetary shield. Now I just listen to the night sounds of Setara Prime and go to bed.

(Alex your spies can steal the shield under development if they want to, I'm just nuetral its not like I'd respond)

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"Johnson, how is the fleet-building going?" I asked.

"It is now at 70%, sire." replied Johnson as a hologram.

DAM. Too freaking slow. I said to myself.

"We actually have a secret project going, sire, and this explains why the slowness."

"It's already been 2 weeks Johnson, I thought the Ixian constructors were ultra-fast. Your secret project better be good."

"It is, sire. I am betting my 20-year service to you on it."

"Oh, excellent then. I look forward to seeing this secret project of yours..."

I think to myself, I will make allies by creating a common enemy, that which shall be House Picara.

"Newman, send out a message to GNN. I wish to eliminate the price barrier on Ixian and Tleilaxuan goods, and yet still lower the price by 50% to all except House Picara. Also, triple security on Ix and Tleilaxu."

"Yes, sire."

It is a truly a good thing us pirates have no homes, no designated realm. We are the bedouins of space.

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*watching from a the flagship the Albion trh5000(or kerrek to his men) laughs littly to himself as he sees a battle scarred planet* "sir shall we hold off the full set up of O.D.S" "no Adamsky, no we must ensure our peoples protection and plus I want all 7 of our Pasadena class dreadnoughts to have thereornithopters equpt with rentry shields now."

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"Sir general Cima is here to see you." DAMN HER! What does she want? I thought she was stillback at Solace!" "Lord Kerrek what is up with this war. hmmm." "it was some revolt/invasion but it soon gained more houses attention. So for our planets safty the spade fleet is here to eradicate all threats."*Cima leaves* "LAUNCH ALL ORNITHOPTERS! I want our troops there too! and get burning online now." "sir all ornis launched and the mechs are launched too." "good, and now we wait."

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the enemy fleets have benn with drawed sir.

tell cima and her fleet to hunt down moidibs fleet and try to set up a peace talk so we have an ally in this.

what did he say?

he wants us to send our space mechs and ships back


because our sensors where wrong.


yeah the enemy isn't here they left. oh.

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Secret Meeting within the Spacing Guild

Message for Caldron(TSGN)this of the utmost importance.

We have need to weight our options with this chaos within the Imperium. With the death of Emperor Shaddam the Imperium is in a state of anarchy. House Jones is responsible for that attack on the Planet Kaitain. House Jones also has offered us an alternative to melenge they have sent samples of this subtance to us through one of our reps. House Jones is also involed with the Bene Tleilax and Ixian for 51% of their stocks making them owners of there productions. We will have to discuss or re-negotiate our previous contracts made with the former owners. Send word to House Jones that we wish to speak with them.

House Setara....House Setara we have no treaty with them as with any of the Houses but House Sietara has made an interesting "ally". This matter concerns us to the utmost so therefore we will need to be extra cautious in dealing with them. The bio-eng. virus used on House Picara, the Setaraans have knowledge of the cure.

House Picara..... They are now ruled by Duke Alejandro II. House Picara has been infected with a bio-eng. virus originating from House Jones. The Burlador planet has been quarantined along with most of their solor system.

These are the most pressing matters at hand. House Jones will be contacted as will the Houses in this report. Also we want the Fremen contacted we will need their assitance. We wish for this to happen as soon as this report is made known.

Elders of the Spacing Guild

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Let me understand:

Exatreides, you said that im INSANE because i dont want be destroyed by a virus and because i have a secret base on the moon, as i think i will be insane if before the attack of House Jones i said: "Ohhhh what lovely virus, i like it, please send me another one, it so nice be destroyed by an infectious disease", this is an example of insane mind, but i only want to survive, that is not insane. (Declare war without any reason, as you have done is really INSANE.)

MR Jones, explain me how a mirror image can be destroyed by a laser, if is only an image,the laser pass trough it without any damage, but i desroyed 50 of your fleet something dificult to do with a mirror image.

Ordos45, i know the difference of a vaccine and cure, but you have The Sanitarium virus's cure, so once cured i can develop a vaccine.

PD: When you have finished of destroy my planet, tell me, so i could say that: "The destroyed planet was only "a mirror image" (like your fleet, jones) because my department of Espionage, Sabotage, Coinage and Pottage has modified the foldspace control panel of you all and send tour fleets to the system of my exgirlfriend, for a little revenge".

So, to prevent this, let me reconstruct my planet quietly, without any invasion, virus, war, nukes......


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he never said his fleet was a holagram. he said that he would not lie like you and make up some crap about this and that. I Declared war becouse you sounded like a jack ass and atack seemed like the way to shut you up. let me make this simple for you

Cure. "a resteration to a sound or healthy condition."

Vacine." Any inoculable immunizing preperation containing bactera or viruses so treated as to give immunity from specific diseases when injected into the subjsct.

KEY WORD BEING "PREPERATION". now preperation means

Preperation: "To make ready".

ok?? not to cure but to make ready. a cure restores it. ok???

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