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House KYA and House Setara War

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"Dam. Treacherous Solicia!" I cried out, "How badly are we damaged?"

"We have suffered moderate damage. A number of our living frigates and destroyers have been destroyed. Some of the living cruisers are severely damaged. However, the living flagships and warships have only suffered minor damage."

"Ok. Here's the plan. We will stay in hyperspace until the living warships regenerate. Let the living warships heal themselves. I estimate that will take about 7 hours."

"Yes, sire."

"Also Johnson, dispatch a message to House Acriku. I accept their proposal of alliance. Tell them I will hand over 25% of Tleilaxu holdings, as requested. In addition, dispatch a message to the other half of our bio fleet in Tleilaxu. Tell them to mass-produce fast-speed bio-frigates. Although our fleet is large enough to take on two major fleets, we must increase our size due to increased hostilities."

"Sire, we already have 5 squadrons of bio-frigates."

"Ok, here's what I want you to do......."

"Yes, sire."

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From The Elders of the Spacing Guild to all the Houses

We (the Spacing Guild) have postponed the Arrakis Summit due to the assaniation attempt on the life of one of our Guild Navigator's. A formal investigation is under way. As for the War Declaration on House Jones the Guild is to be considered [glow=red,2,300]netrual[/glow] at the present time until farthur notice is given. Any House that wishes to speak to the Guild on this matter may do so by using the private message option at the bottom of each members profile here at FED2K.

Elders of the Spacing Guildguild_L.gif

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"Newman, now I would like you to complete phase 2, and proceed w/ phase 3. Prepare the fleet of living frigates on Tleilaxu..."

"Yes, sire."

This plan will indeed work. The aggressors will never know what will hit them...

"In addition, put the other 50% of our living warship fleet on full alert. Wait...actually, send half of that 50% to this secret destination..."

"Will do, sir."

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(Woah woah woah! I am only helping you House Jones, not allying with you - this way I don't have to say I allied with you and can still help you but without all the legalities.)

"Attention all Major and Minor Houses, I am Acriku. As I have been told, the word of me helping out House Jones has spread. This is not an alliance! It is in my nature to help the one House that is outnumbered or in the defensive position. Do none of you remember I tried to help House Setara? I am technically neutral, but I help who I can and who I want. Thank you, and farewell.", I announced over all the frequencies.

"Officer, give House Jones an extra 20% of our fleet to make sure of their safety. Also, put up main and secondary defense systems, I do not want anyone going to and from this planet. This is Code Red, you know want to do.", I ordered.

"Yes, sir!", the officer said.

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Aid! i orderd

One walked in

Yes my lord what can i do for you?

Tell house setera to give us his fleet or we will denonate the nukes. as soon as he gives us his fleet toss them into the sun.  also prepare are freman legions for a atack. Mr. Jones  Keeps building his defenses over telexu while ix is being less garuded every day. send the freman all of them(130,000) To ix have them blow up evrething belonging to mr.jones there.8)

yes my lord. the aid responded and walked off

The aid returned  8 hours later with news.

What is it i asked?

My lord The freman easily took ix blowing up evrething that belonged to mr.jones

Casiltiyes i asked?

light he responed.


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(Yes trh5000, i lost a lot of frigates and destroyers as they were engulfed in the nuclear blast. many others were damaged as well. but, all i have to is just wait, because like you and me, living things heal itself eventually...)

"Sire, you must surrender!!! House KYA has devastated Ix! Only the underground sealed R&D facilities remain! And they only consist 5% of total Ix R&D!" reported a lieutanant.

"Doesn't matter. We already have all we need from Ix. Isn't that right, Newman," I said.

"Indeed sire. Phase 3 of our plan is already underway," replied Newman.

"Lieutanant, have our living ships regenerated?" I asked.

"Almost sire. Many of our cruisers are still self-generating, but every other ship, except the pack of frigates and destroyers that were destroyed, are fine, sire," replied the lieutanant.

"Excellent, lieutanant. Newman, complete phase 3 and begin phase 4. Now the houses will see what will happen when they mess with the richest pirate in the universe...."


8 hours later...

The secret plan will now be revealed, considering its too late for all of you to stop it muhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahaahahahaa...Ahem, anyways...


Phase 1: Create a horde of living frigates, capable of transporting 100 humans and/or humanoids of similar size.

Phase 2: Load the living frigates with either 50 face dancers each, or 50 tanks of Sanitarium Plague version 2.0. However, several living frigates will carry a special cargo as well as some facedancers. In addition, begin developing a secret device on Ix.

Phase 3: The horde of living frigates will be divided into 2 groups: 1st group will be consisted of the living frigates that are accompanied w/ the special device as well as some facedancers. They will utilize the cloaking technologies on the living frigates, and penetrate any form of defense. Then, they will deploy the secret device developed from Ix before it was destroyed: Planetary Jamming Systems ( Phase 2 was completed before Ix was destroyed. )

2nd group will carry the tanks of the Sanitarium plague ver. 2.0 to the Picaran homeworld. Again, with chameleon-like genes, the living frigates will enter undetected. As soon as they land, they will re-unleash the Sanitarium plague, except this time, its upgraded and totally altered.

Phase 4: That's coming up...

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3 hours later...

"Sire, phase 3 has been completed!"

"Excellent. House Picara will be stunted by their new pestilence on their homeworld, and by using the planetary jamming device, KYA no longer has remote control over the nukes in the core of Setara Prime! Begin Phase 4 immediately!"

"Yes, sir."

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(Wow Ex, you blew up almost the entire planet of Ix) ;D

I walk through the blood covered halls of my Palace on Setara Prime...dozens of my guards and over a a dozen assassins lying dead throughout the palace.  I activate a message terminal to send out a message to all houses.

"To whichever House sent these assassins *cough* K.....Y..A *cough* including a *cough* Fre...men *cough* I will find a way to get revenge."  I turn off the terminal and look out the window watching uncloaked No Ships lift off from the spaceport...1/4 of my fleet, evacuating a good deal of civilians, military personel, viechles, and supplies.  They are going to find an uninhabited planet on which to settle in case this one should fall to a cowardly nuclear/atomic assault by a certain *cough* KYA *cough* house.  They also carry a new innovation...a foldspace disrupter.  When activated it will prevent a foldspace jump to within a 5 system diameter.  It may be one of the gratest defensive developments of our time and the Ixians didn't invent it for once!  ;)

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"Sire, its time to commense phase 4!"


We finally emerge from our hyperspace hideout and appear in front of Setara.

"UNCLOAK AND FIRE!" I commanded.

The living warship horde began firing acid spores, bio-parasites, and ion cannons ( thanks for the tech ex, u gave them to me when we were allies ) at the nukes orbiting the Setara moon.

"Setaras is free! I announce to the Setaran emperor: Return and claim ur planet. You must take ur revenge now against KYA!"


The face dancers have wiped out the last of the KYA on Setara. Now we have bigger fish to fry.

"Newman, relocate Moidib's ships that he gave to us to Tleilaxu. Also, reroute the 25% of our fleet back to Tleilaxu as well."

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I stroll through the Palace hoping that Jones remembered the jamming device because I'd hate to be blown up by my own nukes.  The halls are still covered in blood and I open a chennel to the orbitting KYA Fleet.

"Withdraw your fleet immediately or it seems it will face imminent destruction.   This is a warning not a threat."

I gaze out across Setara Prime smiling that my world may finally be free.

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"Sire, we have rerouted the ships from their secret destination. 50% our fleet is now at Tleilaxu."

"Give me a report on Picara."

"Sanitarium Plague 2.0 is virtually the same as 1.0. However, it has a different viral structure, thus the cure for 1.0 will not work for 2.0. The virus will have the same effect as 1.0 however. This virus will again disable the Picaran economy and workforce for a while."


"Sire, House KYA is challenging us to a galactic duel on AIM ( sounds pretty cool huh ). He wants all of our fleet and all of their fleet on Tleilaxu!"

"Good sportsmanship, I respect that. Tell them I'll think about it."

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(hahahahahhahah while i distracted ex on AIM about the galactic duel, i put all of the labs and lab staff of tleilaxu into hyperspace, as well as all of the lab equipment, innovations, inventions, hahahahah! oh, that includes living warship tech blueprints, sorry)

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-Sir our intelligence service reports, that the Kya has destroyed Ix, Jones has attacked Setara Prime, to obtain his helps against us.

-But wasnt the Setaran emperor on his palace at Setara Prime? Or has Jones becomes Insane?

-We dont know sir

-We have a report that jones has developed the sanitarium plague 2.0, and he probably launch it against us.

-That is not a surprise, he wants destroy burlador again, Is the emergency problem ready?

-Yes sir

-And our little surprise for jones?

-Yes Sir

-Excelent, it must be in Burlador now. Status of the fleet?

-Arriving Setara Prime, Solacian reinforcements arrived.

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(why would ordos be stuck on setaras? also, i didnt attack setara, i freed setara)

"Newman, give me a report of our fleets."

"50% of a biofleet is orbiting Setara Prime, the other 50% is guarding Tleilaxu. Moidib's reinforcements are also on Tleilaxu. The Setaran fleet is nearby Setara, obviously."

"Excellent. Put ALL of our ships in cloak, and wait for any political announcements made by the other houses."

"Will do, sire. Anything else?"

"No. Continue."

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adamksky activate the ods

activated sir and the grls fully online and charged

good now have the lunar base do full lock down


excellent now since the emp satilittes are not able to destroy much have them turn back into debris(there camo and an object orbiting a planet or moon is a satelite)(asteriods)

will be done in 20 mins


sir ODS satellites opened


sir power connecteers made


sir shields activated


personal shielding done

power at full now activatind plasma cannon and plasma reciever(it recieves lots of power for long uses)


good now mr. jones' bio ships cant land  here and so the plague can strike but he cant land

(jones the plan was secret or not if so none of this happened[my set up]

{exsept this}])

adamsky have cima's fleet join with alex

and lets get to the secret base and refuel arm and armor the ships.

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