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House KYA and House Setara War


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"Sire, apparently we have receive a message from the leader of the elders of the spacing guild, Fedaykin-Sandwalker, what would you like us to do?" said Newman.

"Hmm...interesting...Newman, dispatch a message of peace and prosperity, and tell the spacing guild I would like to establish cordial relations with them."

The spacing guild, man I would definitely not want to mess with them.

- Gotta set some things straight, sorry Fedakyin, but it looks like ur gonna have to get medival -

Okay, Alex, first of all, the only reason why Ex is supposedly "INSANE" is because everyone isn't really fond of your spectacular accomplishments, which are actually as impossible as they can get. You can't cure an entire planet of people in 5 hours. Its more complicated than a "geometric pattern." Your supposed cure is different from the virus, which spreads by air. Your cure would have to be applied by a physician of some sort to each individual, separately. Yeah, 5 hours might do it, for a 100 people sure. Also, again you stole the VACCINE. Let me say again, VACCINE. There's a difference between a CURE and a VACCINE. As Ordos45 has repeatedly stated, you stole the VACCINE, not the cure. In addition to this, you said if you didn't steal it, you could've develop the cure yourself. Yeah sure that's possible, but not in freaking 5 hours, even if you had underground facilities. The virus spreads by air, and it was a surprise attack. Why would the underground facilities shut it self off if the underground staff did not expect a biological attack? Obviously they would not. Thus, the virus would've spread to the underground as wll. Ex, Ordos45, and the rest here would have found it reasonable if you instead went down to orbit to collect samples of the virus then found a cure in your fleet later. That is a lot more reasonable in 5 hours. Supposedly, according to the story so far, it's been about 4 weeks now, and I still haven't finished my new fleet yet. If I was like you, I would've said something bullshit like "yeah...I have some secret nanotech machines, I can build 100000 ships in 5 hours."

Second of all, the thing about the mirror image, that was an IDEA (thanks ex for clearing that up). Didn't I admit my fleet was destroyed by yours? Maybe you should check again, might be helpful. I don't have to explain jack to you, because my fleet was destroyed.

Last but not least, I think you know what Ex is trying to say, so STOP bitching about his typos. "diccionario" is enough for me to figure it out what you were trying to say. Stop calling us "kids" while ur bitching about petty things.

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(Hmm...Sabes I'm pretty sure has to do with battle, conflict, war, etc. Oh and I'm sorry for all the confusion btw...it seems I mentioned a cure and a vaccine so...I guess the arguement is at least partially my fault, darn typos.)

I look at the trembling Officer in front of me. He is quaking with fear for some unknown reason. I raise an eyebrow before speaking.

"Do you know why I called you here," I ask him quietly.

"Noo--oo my lord," he stammers but quickly stops.

"As you know we and the Sisterhood are nuetral...however I think we need a treaty with the Guild before we can be truly nuetral. I'm sending you to Junction to meet with the Guild Elders. There is a risk of being blown out of the sky, but it is worth it. In gaurentee for peace with the Guild offer them the technology to make No Ships. And approach Junction with your shields, cloak, and weapons offline," I say.

"Yes my lord," says the Officer confidently.

An hour later his No Ship folded space and appeared above Junction without weapons, cloak, or shields on.

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OK, OK. i surrender, do as you like.

(Ordos45 reply)

," In exchange for nuetrality I will not reveal the The Sanitarium virus's cure to everyone. My people are vaccinated against it by the way. Hope to have you respond that I may remain nuetral."

(was cure jones, CURE)

Do you know what "diccionario" means???? What???.

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It apears that house Stera and the pirits are discousing a peace trety with the guild. Said one of my generals.

We are not ready for peace with the guild. we must keep the guild out of this. prepare a few no-ships send them to the place of the meeting tell them power there weapons up but not to fire. send a message to the guild saying that we wont fire we just object to this meeting. and that if they fire on us we will return fire.I said.

yes sir. he said and walked out of the room.

i looked out of my window as i watch the 7 no-ships lift off then fold space.

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To the leader of the elders of the spacing guild -

"I think my identity as obvious to you. This message is to prevent any misunderstandings that I fear will result as I am afraid that my peace offering is too brief. I am very interested to establish cordial relations with the spacing guild, and I think both of us, the spacing guild and the established coalition of pirates and smugglers can profit and prosper from this."

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Alright Alex, I guess all of this was a giantic misunderstanding. I thought Ordos45 had said a vaccine, but you thought he had a cure. Lets see what happenes in the future

Also, speak English. Do you get a kick out of seeing people making mistakes in trying to understand and perceive a language that they obviously don't understand? Because if you do, that's sad, I'm sorry.

I still don't believe its 5 hours to cure the whole planet, more like 5 months.

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I look out over the surrounding countryside. This place should not be destroyed in war, that is why I strive to be nuetral. I turn to the Fremen behind me.

"You think I'm water fat don't you," I ask him.


"Don't mind that, you control Dune now. i would like to send a spice recovery force to harvest spice."

"NO! It is our planet and you may not have free spice mining there. You will pay us for your spice like everyone else."

"Very well."

I signal a guard with a faint nod of the head and the fremen is escorted back to the ship where he will be taken back to Dune. I listen as my Mentat Quatrain comes in.

"Quatrain. What are the chances our artificial spice creation will be creative," I ask him.

"Only 0.9%."

"Leave me."

He did leave. So I stared back out among the countryside.

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good FOR YOU!!!!!! NOW BACK TO THE WAR. my fleet is at the guild thing lets go lets get typing. this is getting broing i have to go home and use a 56k(shudder) so lets fight this war. some of my ships were at the guld conference.reamber???? how do you guys react????

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